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Clean Slide, Beautiful WordPress vCard Theme for Professional Websites

October 18, 2019
Clean Slide Responsive Vcard Template

WordPress vCard themes need to be responsive, CleanSlide knows that and the results are impressive on any device.

Clean Slide is a simple WordPress resumé website with flexible design, tons of widgets and even more features that can help craft a site that perfectly frames your work history.  As far as resumé templates go, this is among the simplest, most straightforward and well designed themes on the market.  And you want to talk about a clean WordPress theme, I guess it’s aptly named, right?  Maybe that’s why they put ‘clean’ into the name, huh?  I’d guess that has a lot to do with it.

AccuraThemes, the developer of Clean Slide, describes it like this.

Clean Slide Responsive vCard WordPress Theme is designed for personal and also for Company/Business use. You have a dual option which can act an individual website or your company’s website.  Clean Slide can be used to introduce yourself or your Company, your services and your work to future clients through clean slide web pages. Apart from the options to change the background and the foreground, in this template there are 12 different vibrant colors to choose from.  This has typical descriptive pages like about us, about me, Services, Resumes, portfolio slide with build-in prettyPhoto, contact page with working php contact form.

Originally brought to ThemeForest as a simple HTML theme, Clean Slide is almost as popular as a WordPress theme.  Multiple home page versions, company or personal profile templates, sliders, contact forms, prefined color schemes, the customizations and endless and the flexibility is incredible.  There are over a dozen patterns for tiled backgrounds and over 50 card patterns too.  Frankly, that kind of ting may be a bit dated, so your mileage may vary as to whether that matters for your website.  You’ve got a responsive theme, great support and more so even though this theme has been around a while, it’s still a really relevant WordPress theme.

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