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Cocco, Kid Friendly WordPress eCommerce Theme

May 28, 2019

This theme is called Cocco, it’s a cute little WordPress theme that’s all about kids clothing and products.  This theme is really cool, it’s got several different layout options, each one with a fun and kid friendly design.  Without further delay, here’s a look at this WooCommerce ready kids theme.

Cocco Children's Clothing WP Theme

Now, that’s just one of the demo styles.  Here are a couple more to showcase what this theme is capable of.  This is a big slider design, meant to attract your attention to the image and text, really helping conversion rates.

And here’s one more design, a sort of general purpose eCommerce setup with blog built in to help you build traffic to your website.

Cocco Children's WooCommerce WordPress Theme

So, there you have it, three of the six pre-made styles.  They’re really all worth considering, to be honest.  Man, considering how bad some kid’s clothing stores look, I think this one could really help you drive sales.  I mean, look at this ugly website.  Yuck!  Could you cram any more junk above the fold?  No, probably not.

The Cocco WordPress theme is a responsive theme for baby boutiques, child care centers, toy stores, maternity products and children’s clothing.  For creative and cute websites, this kid-friendly template that has as many features as you could want to have.

Cocco is translation ready, offers fast and friendly support and has plenty of helpful shortcodes to make your life easier.  This theme is highly customizable, it’s fun and kid friendly. (Parents too!  I mean, hey, they’re the ones with the credit card, right?)  If your goal is to sell products, this WooCommerce theme is a great way to set up an online shop.

Cocco has received a lot of praise since it’s release earlier in the summer of 2018, it sports a perfect 5 star rating, and it’s popularity seems to be on the rise.  Mikado themes is a really great developer and they’ve created some incredibly popular themes, including one that I recently reviewed called Overton.  All things taken into account, I think this is a reliable and user-friendly way to establish a great looking website for selling kid’s products.

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