Cogito, Clean, Minimal, Simple WooCommerce Theme

This theme is named Cogito.

Now, I have absolutely no clue what that supposed to mean, it seems like a bit of a made-up word to me. I don’t know every word in the world but, Cogito seems to be made up, frankly.

*EDIT* In fact, cogito is a word, but it is Latin in origin. It is the principle establishing the existence of a being from the fact of its thinking or awareness, from the phrase Cogito Ergo Sum. That means, I think therefore I am.


Well, I’ve been proven wrong again. Cogito is suitable for all varieties of eCommerce sites, there are multiple layouts included for home pages, products and each of these pages gives you plenty of customization options. This is not just a WooCommerce theme, it works for creative sites, news and magazine websites, corporate pages and business promotion pages. With plenty of features and an easy to use admin panel, this five-star rated theme is certainly a high-quality template that you can get a lot of use out of.

Here’s look at the front page of Cogito.

In fact, I stand corrected again, this is actually a screencap of the promotional page, not the front. You can actually see three different examples.

Bonus time!

Clean and classic, that’s certainly how I would describe this particular Cogito WordPress theme. Sometimes though, clean is too clean and classic is too classic. That’s why we’ve selected dozens of other great simple WordPress themes that could be better suited for your needs than Cogito.  If you want to see more examples of clean, simple WooCommerce WordPress themes, we’ve built a collection that has tons of great options. In all of our collections, we do our very best to select a wide range of themes that can be perfect for many different types of products. If you’re selling electronic gadgets, that’s going to be a little bit different than selling clothing. Selling sporting goods, that’s totally different than a website where you are selling bath and beauty products. That’s why we always try to find a wide range of WordPress themes to fit all sorts of needs.  Check it out.

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