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CouponSeek, WordPress Deals and Discounts Theme

May 16, 2019

This CouponSeek theme is a steady and well-coordinated template. It’s a complete package, a really hard to find thing these days. For eCommerce sites, you certainly won’t be stuck in the quicksand, this theme sets up rapidly and allows you to create your own place on the internet to sell products. It’s a perfect solution. The design is anything but jumbled, it’s a really valuable tool for building an e-commerce site. If you’re simply looking to exchange your old website for a new design, this theme has what it takes to make the transition smooth and error-free.

This is the theme developer’s description of the CouponSeek theme.

CouponSeek is a trendy and modern WordPress theme created with one purpose – to be your only choice for your deal, coupons and offers site. From affiliate offers to vendor commissions, we’ve got you covered, thanks to the WC Vendors plugin. Coming with WooCommerce support, so you can take full advantage of pricing and selling your deals.

So, now, onto the visuals.  Here’s the home page design.

CouponSeek - Deals & Discounts WordPress Theme

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