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Cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage lately and if you have always wanted to create a cryptocurrency website of your own, maybe even launch a new coin or just share news and notes from around the world, this template gives you a really wonderful pathway forward.

In fact, I like this WooCommerce powered cryptocurrency WordPress theme so much, I added it to our full cryptocurrency themes collection. So check that out if you want to find more options forĀ  throwing your cryptocurrency hat into the virtual ring.

This template provides a very simple path to building a great looking website. You can start with the one click demo import tool to get your website off the ground and then, the process for customization is just as straightforward. One of the best things about WordPress, the massive amount of flexibility it provides when creating a post or page.

Speaking of flexibility, this theme can be translated into any language is, that includes right to left languages. It’s GDPR compliant, incredibly flexible and the design quality is top-notch.

For both experts or beginners with WordPress, or beginners to the cryptocurrency exchange market, this template provides really user-friendly, clean information that can be consumed by anyone. You can add cryptocurrency takers and statistics, live price charts, currency converters, add your own white page if you’re launching a coin. There’s really no end to what can be accomplished with this bold crypto theme.

There are designs for one-page ICO websites, you can add your blog, create a cryptocurrency coaching website, a delightful online magazine or whatever it is you want to accomplish this template provides all the tools needed.

This is a WooCommerce ready theme so setting up an online shop is absolutely no trouble whatsoever. It’s ready to go with WordPress 5.0 right out of the box and the developer has done a great job of keeping this template updated, so that should have no problem in the future.

there are definitely some plug-ins and add-ons you might want to consider if you purchase this or any other cryptocurrency WordPress theme. One of them, the Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 crypto wallet with exchange plug-in. That’s a really simple multicurrency wallet for WordPress. You can add tokens and allow users to trade them for other tokens. It’s a really cool way to earn a little income while you share your love of cryptocurrency. And it all works with both Visa or MasterCard with a slight transaction fee for every purchase.

This theme offers an admin panel video to showcase how you can install and customize your website, you can earn commissions on transactions, completely customize your design and more. The developers have gotten some rave reviews from end-users and I think this is probably why this is one of the most popular crypto currency WordPress themes ever created.

Check out the video demonstration of what all this Cryptic WordPress theme provides.

That’s all a rundown of the basics, it should give you a great idea of what is possible with this template.

So, that’s it for this review, will be back with more cryptocurrency WordPress themes and WordPress themes of all sorts in the near future.

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