Cryptlight, ICO Landing Page WordPress Theme

It would seem that cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are tens of thousands of different crypto coins out there and it seems like there’s hundreds of new ones that come along every day.

If you want to create a great looking website for ICO releases, agencies for cryptocurrency investments or for launching or raising funds, this outstanding template showcases a lot of different possibilities and it brings many different benefits to the table. Check out some more cryptocurrency WordPress themes in the collection of cryptocurrency templates we have collected up.

One thing that initial coin offerings need to have, a countdown timer so people know exactly when your project is going to launch. Speaking of launching projects, what about these WordPress themes for apps, startups and product launches?

And now, back to the show.

You can highlight your team, upload documentation such as white papers, terms of service, product policies, you get the drill. You can quickly and easily create a timeline and roadmap for your product launch. If you got some really interesting upcoming projects and ideas, people are definitely going to want to know about that.

You can include information about your token sale or coin sale, this is very interesting and can help increase the fear of missing out which drives many cryptocurrency investments. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s one that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, people lie a coin knowing absolutely nothing about it except that it is being hyped all over the Internet.

Speaking of being hyped, this theme puts the social media networks to good use. You’ll be able to help cross promote your projects using your favorite social media, you can quickly and easily build a brand, share information about your upcoming coin launch and get the word out there to start building a massive cryptocurrency Empire.

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