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Digital currencies are all over the place these days. Popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, the King of Cryptocurrency, are known but even people who would not consider themselves to be up on the latest trends. But there are many other digital currencies available. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and my personal favorite, DogeCoin. These cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity because they are simple to use, incredibly secure and there’s something attractive about being on the cutting edge of the new trend.

With the rise of popularity of these cryptocurrencies, news websites and blogs about digital coinage, online mining operations, initial coin offerings or ICOs and a whole lot of other related websites have sprung up seemingly overnight. If you want to get in on this growing industry, having a website that has a beautiful, effective design and one that offers enough features and functionality to make anyone happy, is something you’re certainly going to need.

there’s no need to build an entire cryptocurrency website by yourself though, there are a number of pre-made WordPress themes that can do the job at a fraction of the cost a custom-built website would run you. For any website in the cryptocurrency Mitch, you’ll find plenty of different options in this collection. All of the latest technology has been followed to create powerful, cutting-edge WordPress themes that deliver an outstanding user experience.

So, take a look at the absolute best cryptocurrency WordPress themes available today.


Tolarcek Crypto Exchange and Mining Pool WordPress Theme

Tolarcek calls itself the number one crypto WordPress theme if you’re looking to join the bitcoin or cryptocurrency industry in style. Well, I’ll is like to take a look at themes that make such bold statements with a critical eye to see if that’s accurate at all. In this case, honestly, it’s probably not exactly true.

While it has a level of popularity, it’s far from the top selling cryptocurrency WordPress theme. But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot of what you might be looking for in a crypto website. It has built in short codes or real-time charts and coin takers, an upper bar for tracking crypto prices, short codes all over the place. Basically, it is a very user-friendly WordPress theme that allows you to set up a coin it tracking website within just a few minutes. This theme provides you with one click demo installation, loads of customization options and built-in payment systems are also provided.

overall, it’s a solid theme and certainly worth considering if you’re setting up a crypto based website. However, there are many other options to follow and it’s definitely worthlook at the complete collection we have put together because there are so many different choices can make.

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Cryptic, Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

Cryptic is a crypto-currency WordPress the theme of the features 20 different pre-made home pages for IEO listings, initial exchange offering listings, basically another way to state ICO. There’s a homepage blog with a hyper-modern design that’s perfect for cryptocurrency information.

There is a crypto hosting company, several different landing pages, cryptocurrencies stats pages, blockchain designs, even a crypto couch web template. It’s all built to help give you a lot of different ways to give the world more information about cryptocurrency. One of the interesting things this theme provides is a video presentation that gives you a rundown of everything Cryptic has to offer.  I found that video to be quite useful in learning a lot more about what this theme has offer, and you might find it to be useful as well. there’s really a lot of information to cover, I’m surprised they got it done in just 2 minutes.

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Crypterio ICO and Coin News WordPress Theme

Crypterio is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme with and ICO design, dedicated places to highlight your whitelist, absolute power over theme localization, it’s smart contract ready and there is a real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate ticker included. Virtual coin widgets are also provided. For landing pages or full-blown initial coin offering websites, this powerful and attractive cryptocurrency theme is a really nice choice.

There are also pre-made designs for cryptocurrency blogs, ICO landing pages, blockchain consulting company designs, ICO directories, legal advisor websites, a beautiful cryptocurrency magazine and more. This is a very user-friendly theme pack with loads of different tools and features to make your life easier. This is cryptocurrency theme is WooCommerce ready, it works with WP Bakery page builder to give you lots of layout controls and it delivers over the professional design people are going to really enjoy.

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BitPal WordPress Cryptocurrency Themes

BitPal is a crypto-currency WordPress theme that’s perfect for currency and ICO lists. There’s a really cool ICO countdown clock, a project roadmap, crypto calculator and a currency carousel is also provided. This theme is really interesting, it has multiple pre-made designs that are perfect for both cryptocurrency or digital coin launches, there’s a website for more traditional applications, a crypto advisor design a tech blog style and a whole lot more.

This theme is great for anything related to digital coins, blockchain businesses, cryptocurrency exchanges and more. A variety of header styles are included, full WooCommerce support is provided, the attractive news and blog setup is perfect for anything high-tech and there are a variety of pre-made layouts. Other features include pie charts, crypto calculators, pricing tables, teen pop ups, animated effects and a whole lot more. This is a premium quality theme with a very reasonable price and it makes for an absolutely outstanding cryptocurrency website.

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Cryption Cryptocurrency and ICO Theme

Cryption is an ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain WordPress theme that’s been optimized for the cryptocurrency industry. It’s perfect for ICO and cryptocurrency advisors, consultants and agencies. It’s one of the most powerful cryptocurrency web templates ever built. It’s got six different styles available, each one quite flexible in terms of layout and features.

You can always add or subtract any content block you want, thanks to the WP Bakery page builder which is provided for free. WooCommerce is also supported, which gives you a fantastic option for setting up an online shop. Everything you see is completely customizable, there are interesting parallax sections, this theme has already been translated into several different languages including French, Spanish, German and Russian. with support also available in all of those languages as well as polish. This is a really international cryptocurrency theme that has a modern, stylish and corporates look that can be quite appealing around the world.

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Cryptox Cryptocurrency Platform WordPress Theme

Cryptox is a cryptocurrency WordPress theme that has several different cool features that make it great for digital currency blogs, initial coin offering events, crypto exchanges and more. It’s even perfect for selling Bitcoin mining equipment, a really up-and-coming business that can make you a lot of money.

All of the pages in this theme are completely designed for digital cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin news, ICO calendars and more traditional Advent calendars. There’s a section to present your services, a WooCommerce shop for digital miners, testimonials and a contact form is also included. Two different predefined home pages help demonstrate the variety of purposes this theme can fulfill. In addition to those two home pages, there are a large number of pre-built inner pages. Thanks to support of the most popular page building tools, you can create any type of layout you want. I recommend Elementor because it offers a really clean process for page building and I think it would work very well with this particular template, helping add new functionality to an already very powerful theme.

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Lymcoin Theme for Cryptocurrency Websites

Lymecoin is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme that has a powerful, modern and bold style. You can use it as a crypto coach website or as a more traditional financial advisor or bookkeeping site. There’s really a lot of different ways to go about building a successful online business and this theme provides a lot of different pathways to make it happen.

Several special crypto plugins are provided that were built specifically for ICO and crypto shops. Your cryptocurrency firm can promote services with ease. or, gather up money for the launch of your crypto coin. It’s very easy to sell coins, accept donations and payments for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. With the single click import feature, you can have your cryptocurrency website up and running quickly. It’s highly adaptable, easy to use and there are multiple layout pages provided to give you the website quickly that you can then adjust and adapt to fit your needs down the road.

This theme can also be used as an SaaS application WordPress theme. Perhaps you’d like to take a look at a large collection of some of the best software services WordPress themes available? If so, take a look at the collection we put together that gives you a lot of different ways to promote your software services.

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Cryptro Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Financial Theme

Cryptro is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, Bitcoin and financial technology WordPress theme that’s perfect for anyone who wants to present crypto coins, information about the most popular cryptocurrency, the latest news and helpful tools to help manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

This theme works perfectly as an ICO website with the built-in ICO countdown. Bitcoin charts and news features are included, there is a crypto-currency pricing table and a currency converter. How many DogeCoins in one Bitcoin? If you want to know, that use that handy tool. It’s got a lot of other great ways to provide information to. The admin panel is advanced, it gives you lots of control over your website’s design and that’s going to help make your life a lot easier.

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Kryplab, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Landing Page

Kryplab is a WordPress theme that is built for crafting landing pages that can help drive new business to your website and make sure your visitors get all the information they need to complete a purchase.

Thanks to the inclusion of WP Bakery page builder, new layouts are never difficult to create. You can customize any of the pre-made demo styles to give you our website at exactly the features and layout you want to offer. Even if you’re not particularly well-versed with WordPress, the process is incredibly simple. It’s possible for even a beginner to craft a very strongly out with this theme.

Another feature that can help attract attention is the inclusion of the Revolution Slider. It’s a beautiful, powerful, and seo-friendly slider option that is an attractive, appealing design that gets attention right from the very beginning.

The theme options panel is another strong suit of this template. You’ll have complete control over more than just your layout, everything from the colors and fonts, typography settings, block layout, custom logos, header, and footer designs can be controlled from this advanced see my options panel. you can install the demo data with just one click and that gets your website up and running very fast. The contact form is fully functional, helping you keep in touch with your customers. if you are ever in need of support, the developer offers fast and friendly help with any issues that might arise with your template.

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Hoverex Crypto and eCoin WordPress Theme

HoverX has a powerful, multi-purpose design that’s based in the financial blogging sector and that makes it ideal for adapting to cryptocurrency blogs. However, it’s also a solid template for crypto coaches. No matter what your end goal, this is a theme that can provide a really strong platform for your content.

Several specialized plugins are included to help your cryptocurrency business do its best possible work. A pair of different unique and vibrant of the signs are provided, advanced crypto charts, diagrams, and tables are also available. There’s a feature for accepting donations and selling tokens. another thing that is included or pre-made road maps and white papers to give you a leg up when launching a new ICO.

The inclusion of WP Bakery page builder is a welcome addition. WP Bakery page builder is among the most powerful drag-and-drop page building tools available for WordPress. It gives even complete beginners total control over web layouts and design. So, those two pre-made styles can be adapted and adjusted to no end. There is absolutely no stopping at the amount of customization you can provide to your website.

Blocking is always a very important way to gain new customers, attract traffic to your website, and share all the information you want to share. The advanced blog settings include multiple different blog styles, each one with flexible options. There are 20 different attractive post animations and a customizable blog feed to keep people informed of the latest news and information. Other features include post views, likes, and handy sharing buttons to keep your information floating around all of the most popular social media networks. There’s also a related posts section that can keep people on your website longer.

The powerful theme framework that is included gives you 750 different customizer options and the custom short-codes and widget sets that are included give powerful functionality to any post or page.

Overall, if you’re looking for a strong candidate for your next cryptocurrency website, the HoverX theme is a really strong option.

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Crypton Multipurpose Cryptocurrency and ICO Theme

Crypton is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that does really solid work as a cryptocurrency and ICO WordPress theme. It’s powerful, modern, and bold, it’s got a lot going for it that makes it a really solid option for financial advising websites, general-purpose business sites, and even eCommerce shops.

With a strong blend of online shopping, confident magazine layouts, and crypto coaching functionality, this is a theme that can do a lot of things very well. this powerful theme provides many different pre-made pages and you can select your layout with one-click installation. The developer has provided several powerful add-on plugins that helped to manage custom post types, API keys, social media profiles, and more.

It’s very important to have a website that is completely optimized for mobile devices. This theme supports all scroll sections with swipe effects, mobile-friendly sliders are also included and it’s a fully responsive and Redmond already display it looks fabulous on even the smallest handheld device. with the header and footer builder tool that is also provided, you’ll have navigation and helpful information exactly where you want it. likewise, there is a sidebar manager that does a lot of the same types of work to make your cryptocurrency website to look its best.

There is full will commerce support for selling products or services and WooCommerce is ultimately extendable, you can add new packages of tools to your WooCommerce set up to sell just about anything and to provide a lot of different features to help promote your shop.

Crypton is a strong option for anyone who needs a multi-purpose cryptocurrency theme that can feel a lot of different categories and do it well.

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Cryptico, WordPress Theme for Cruptocurrencies and Exchanges

Cryptico is an ICO and cryptocurrency landing page theme. It’s got a lot of modern features and a very modern style that gives you all the tools you need to craft a really strong website.

This is a theme that has a lot of different ways to maximize its potential. as an ICO agency or a cryptocurrency investment company, this theme provides you all the tools you’ll need to craft the gorgeous website that has clean designs and puts the most important information where it’s easily accessible. All of the latest technology has been put into place to ensure this theme remains fast loading and future-proof.

A number of elegant illustrations are included with your download make sure you can set up a website that looks exactly like any of the 12 different home page layouts that are provided. The advanced WordPress customizer gives you massive amounts of control over your website’s design and style. Parallax backgrounds are supported, there are beautiful image galleries, all browsers are supported and the documentation provided by the developer is thorough and quite helpful.

If you want to see some additional examples of what’s possible with modern squeeze page WordPress themes, check out the collection we’ve recently put together. It’s a really solid source for outstanding squeeze pages that help drive new business and help convert visitors into qualified leads.

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Numismatico Crypto WordPress Ticker Theme

Numismatico is a crypto-currency directory and listings theme. As such, is one of the best of its type. With WooCommerce integration, pricing tables, subscriptions and paid sponsorships, it offers a lot of different ways to present cryptocurrency information and make a little bit of money off of the entire process.

This theme fully incorporates WooCommerce support to allow sales of goods or services. That can be quite helpful for any cryptocurrency website. You can accept donations, sell coins, the sky’s the limit. WooCommerce is so user-friendly, even a beginner can set up a gorgeous shopping environment rapidly.

But let’s not forget what this is a theme is all about. It’s got advanced functionality for setting up your initial coin offering. It’s a simple force that process. Select the Mt listings category from your WordPress admin bar. add a listing, give it a title and a description and then select the ICO types and categories. After that, there are over fifty different custom options to highlight what separates your coin from the other digital currencies out there. You can raise money, showcase you are social media links, I like witch tokens are accepted and more.

The inclusion of WP Bakery page builder gives your website a lot of adaptability when it comes to layout. To that effect, the theme options panel gives you even more control over your web design. Modifying the look and style of your website can be accomplished even if you don’t want to touch any of the code that underlies this is FEMA.

Numismatico is a highly adaptable, professional and socially engaged cryptocurrency WordPress theme that could come in useful for nearly anyone.

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Blokco, WordPress Theme for Cryptocurrencies

Blokco is a cryptocurrency WordPress theme that has rich, powerful features and it’s perfect for financial consulting and corporate websites, though I think it’s at its peak of strength has a cryptocurrency landing page. This theme is ready to roll right out of the box but the level of customization offered is impressive.

Included with your download are the WP Bakery page builder plugin, Revolution Slider, Isotope Galleries and the Eventer plug-in. That’s a really nice value-add of well over $100 worth of premium plugins for free. these give you a lot of different functionality that not every website can boast of. several custom elements have also been provided for WP Bakery Page Builder. These plugins all work very hard to help showcase all of this themes functions in a very simple and straightforward way. There are elements 14 members to show in either a list or grid view, services elements that show the services you offer and the theme options panel is a very strong candidate to help you create exactly the type of website you want.

If your check list includes multiple pre-made demo variations, flexible headers and the ability to sell products or services online, this is a theme certainly ticks off a lot of the boxes.

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Cryptonite WordPress Cryptocurrency Theme

Cryptonite is a blockchain and cryptocurrency is WordPress theme that has multiple pre-made designs that can work for anything in the crypto industry. Developing a meaningful web presence has never been more simple than with this powerful, clean, and modern theme.

This is a true multi-concept cryptocurrency theme with a cloud computing version, one specially designed preset for initial coin offerings, a general-purpose digital marketing site, a demo for cryptocurrency mining operations, and two specialized news websites. One with a more traditional newspaper design and the other a bit more modern news site. No matter what facet of cryptocurrency you want to accentuate, this modern, corporate style WordPress theme is a really nice style that is highly flexible and customizable after your download has been installed.

When it comes to multi-purpose cryptocurrency design, this one is among the leading candidates for one of the most flexible, high-performance cryptocurrency templates available today. It could really help to revolutionize your website and think your ICO or cryptocurrency site really take off.

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Coinster, Crypto and Mining Magazine Theme

Coinster is a mining and cryptocurrency exchange theme with a powerful page building tool included to give you a fully responsive portal for all the information you want to share. It even works perfectly with WooCommerce to allow for online shopping and sales.

Built on the powerful and flexible Unyson framework, Coinster gives you access to a lot of tools that you’ll need to set up a successful cryptocurrency website. The Unyson page builder is a really strong drag-and-drop page builder. It allows you to choose between standard widescreen layouts and a more narrow box diversion. three different color schemes are also provided, though you can adjust things like colors and fonts at your discretion in the theme options panel. This well-documented theme is perfect for Bitcoin mining, bookkeeping websites, accountants and other business sites, though why not go crazy and use it exactly as it was intended, as a solid cryptocurrency web template?

Considering the range of flexibility and options this theme gives you, it could be a really strong choice for building a successful cryptocurrency website.

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Coinmag, Crypto a Magazine and Blog Theme

Coinmag is a cryptocurrency blog and a magazine theme that has plenty of adaptable features that can extend its functionality beyond these preconceived notions.  It’s all about the digital Benjamins.

This is a theme that is all about sharing information about cryptocurrency, breaking news, the latest prices on all the most popular cryptocurrencies and it’s got some really excellent features to help make it a strong overall blog or magazine template. Built using the king composer, you’ll be able to create drag-and-drop layouts of that precisely display content in a Pixel perfect manner. With a ticker or header list, you can show all of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, IOTA, Dash, NEM, and a whole bunch more. There are a number of helpful shortcodes provided and a level of flexibility that makes this template perfect for just about anything.

Coinmag is a WordPress theme for all things cryptocurrency. It’s crafted for any company that works in the cryptocurrency industry and it’s got a beautiful, unique design that helps make your web presence known to the world.

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Cryptrex WordPress Theme for Cryptocurrency Websites

Cryptrex is a cryptocurrency and digital currency mining operation theme. It’s modern and functional, it offers a lot of different pre-made styles that can be adapted and adjusted for anything related to cryptocurrencies.

This is a versatile, modern, and highly functional theme that provides multiple variations that can get your website off the ground quickly. Thanks to cool features like full support for LearnPress, you can create an online learning website to go along with your cryptocurrency needs. People can learn all about cryptocurrency with doubtful, informational courses. WP Bakery page builder is also included to provide really strong page building possibilities. any of the pre-made demos can be installed with just one click, there are automatic updates provided, a multitude of shortcodes to add powerful functionality and a really user-friendly admin interface to keep everything looking just what you want it to.

For a full-featured cryptocurrency website, this theme brings everything you’ll need to make a big splash.

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