Dating WordPress Themes

This collection of dating WordPress themes as been built to give you a lot of choices to create an outstanding, fully functioning online dating site using WordPress. WordPress is among the most popular choices for building any type of website and with some of the pre-made dating themes available, you’ll have a fully functioning dating website off the ground and running in no time.

You want to find an attractive, stylish and user-friendly website to help attract new users. The themes in his collection have powerful tools that provide all of the critical features that you are users would expect. these include detailed dating profiles, the ability to send other users private messages and to communicate through online discussion forums powered by bbPress. There are some themes in this collection that even have private chat rooms. If any theme in this collection doesn’t provide all of those tools that you need, there is a massive repository of plugins and add-ons available to help extend the functionality of WordPress and BuddyPress.

Next up, you’ll want to be able to monetize your website. thanks to the features these dating things provide, you can charge users a small fee to access certain features of your website. These can be one-time payments or recurring payments through subscription services. With an eCommerce shopping cart like WooCommerce, you’ll be able to do that and more. It’s all very simple to handle and even if you’re not a particular expert with WordPress, it’s very simple to achieve. or, you can allow your users to access every feature of your website for free and simply charged a bit of money for advertising using something like AdSense.

You probably want to be able to translate your website into any language and although the themes in this collection support WPML for translation into any language, including right-to-left languages. Creating an international dating site can greatly expand your audience. Thanks to powerful drag-and-drop page builders that are available, you can control every aspect of your website layout and design.

It used to be true that building a dating website was a real challenge but with any of the pre-made dating themes in his collection, you’ll have a real head start crafting and exciting, engaging and lucrative dating site.


Aardvark Dating WordPress Theme

Aardvark is a powerful BuddyPress ready WordPress It theme that’s perfect for building online communities, it offers e-learning capabilities, and online shop and membership levels. With this template, you can quickly and efficiently set up a dating website. several of the pre-built demos going to work perfectly for this purpose and if you need to create new designs, the page builder that is provided with your download can really help with that task. included is also a live WordPress customizer to give you access to all the changes your site needs to make it work great.

Aardvark is the complete package, with the paid memberships features, all of the community building, online courses and quizzes, the integrated blog and magazine options, it really is exactly what a dating website needs. And I think it’s really cool that these prebuilt demo designs that are included can be installed with just one click. Of course, the level of customization that’s provided can make sure your dating website looks great and has exactly the style and feel you are looking to craft. Or, maybe you simply want to use it as a more traditional BuddyPress website? It’s completely up to you

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Gwangi WordPress Dating Theme

Gwangi is a professional, multi-purpose membership, social network and BuddyPress community theme. One of the pre-made designs is set up as a dating website some critical features you’ll need to create the type of online dating portal that people are looking for. If you’re building a community, some of the functionality that is included can make the task a whole lot easier. There are advanced membership profiles, lots of different methods for communication, a slick, flat, attractive style and WooCommerce support for accepting online payments for subscription services. This is a powerful and user-friendly theme that works great on all devices, thanks to the full of responsive design.

Check out some more WooCommerce themes in the big, bold collection we compiled.

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BeTheme Powerful BuddyPress Ready Theme

BeTheme is responsive and multi-purpose BuddyPress powered WordPress theme that has a lot going for it. First of all, there’s the Elementor page builder which is included. This powerful drag-and-drop tool gives you a lot of control over any layout you can want to provide. Of course, there are over five hundred different pre-made designs, so you might not ever feel the need to delve into that aspect of web design. However, it’s always there if you need it. this is one of the most popular and most powerful BuddyPress themes out there and so, setting up a dating website should be well within your grasp.

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Sweet Date

Sweet Date Dating and Matchmaking WordPress Theme

Sweet date is an outstanding BuddyPress and bbPress theme with a powerful page builder tool, full commerce and support, membership subscription services, a fully responsive design, smart notifications, advanced profile building and more. If you’re setting up a dating website, this powerful and user-friendly template gives you a lot of different ways to make the most of your time and to create the type of environment people are going to really respond to.

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Love Story

Love Story WordPress Dating Website Theme

Love story is the ideal WordPress theme for any dating community or virtual community, no matter what the purpose. It’s more than a theme, it’s an entire application with lots of awesome built-in features. Some of the features include membership fees and membership levels, virtual gifts, a chat client and a whole lot more. By extending the default WordPress user profiles, you can create an entirely new way to share information about yourself. there are membership fees and membership levels available, private messaging, a powerful theme options panel for high levels of customization. This is a very powerful but simple to use dating WordPress theme and I think it could be ideal for setting up smal,l medium or large dating websites.

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Seeko WordPress Dating and Match Making Community Theme

Seeko is a community and membership WordPress theme that has enhanced search options, awesome looking pages that are completely flexible and more. This is a very modern BuddyPress theme built using the latest technologies. thanks for the Elementor page builder, as well as full support for the Gutenberg page builder, you’ll have a couple of different ways to craft attractive, functional layouts. as a dating site, you can have your website up and running quickly. This theme includes a specialized dating pack.

Seeko offers completely redesigned BuddyPress pages, rtMedia and lots of other helpful plugins to boost user experience. There’s a powerful online matching system, professional search functionality and an appealing design overall. Monetization can be achieved through advertising placement or by setting membership levels and charging a fee for access to specialized features. Overall, this is one of the best looking and highest performance dating themes in this collection or any collection.

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Datebook Dating and Community WordPress Theme

DateBook is a simple, user-friendly dating WordPress theme with paid subscriptions, powerful chat and messaging features, classified advertisements, comments, reviews, friends, likes and more. It’s an entirely novel way to set up a dating website. It was made based on the experiences of real-world professional websites. Customers can request special functionality and the developer provides fast and efficient implementation of new features. The book has some native pages that are ready to go and require no skills to implement.

However, you can always create new pages thanks to full support for all the most popular page building tools. WooCommerce is supported as are your favorite payment gateways like PayPal or PayStack. Stripe, Square, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and a whole bunch more are also supported. Basically, any payment gateway is supported by this powerful, attractive and user-friendly dating WordPress theme.

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BeSocial BuddyPress Powered Dating Website

BeSocial is a BuddyPress powered social networking theme that was designed with a high level of care and attention to detail. The developer has done well to provide lots of powerful functionality and adaptability. This theme seamlessly integrates with all BuddyPress features. There are extended profiles, friend connections, private messaging, activity streams, notifications and user groups, just to name a few. they’ve really beefed up the support for WooCommerce with this template.

BeSocial supports WooCommerce fully and all of the most popular payment gateways are also fully supported. This responsive design has a powerful theme options panel, the tremendous amount of flexibility, loads of different ways that users can interact with one another and a well-designed online forum system is provided as well.

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Kleo WordPress Theme for Dating Websites

Kleo is a BuddyPress theme that has been around for quite some time, but it’s still going strong. It’s among the most popular BuddyPress themes ever created and with a, you’ll have full access to all the features that any dating website would need. There are advanced profile features, e-commerce support, and a whole lot more. This is arguably the most popular BuddyPress theme out there even today.

Kleo allows you to build any sort of community, a professional blog or even a business directory. With full e-commerce support, you can sell products or services and even have membership levels such as any typical dating site might have. Overall, this theme really provides a massive amount of tools for crafting any type of dating environment.

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Olympus WordPress BuddyPress Community Building Theme

Olympus is a BuddyPress WordPress theme that is ideal for setting up any type of social network. This is an advanced theme with advanced features. It all starts with a simple installation process and after your website is up and running, you can build an entire community with just a few clicks. This is a massive range of tools they’re perfect for dating websites. There are advanced membership levels, all of the most popular methods of communication or provided and with this template, your users can really start connecting with one another in a safe, user-friendly environment that encourages interaction. After all, that’s what I did and WordPress theme is all about.

Want to see some more minimalist themes?  Check out all the white space in these powerful, user-friendly themes.

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Lynk WordPress Directory Community and Dating Theme

Lynk is a social networking and community building WordPress theme with responsive design, full BuddyPress support and it comes complete with several pre-made demos and design facts that can help you build a community, directory, magazine, shop and a dating website quickly and easily. The installation wizard he’s a really handy tool for setting your website up fast. You can create online notifications, implement high levels of interactivity and it’s all quite simple to use, even for beginners.

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