Deborah, WordPress Theme for Accessible Websites

Deborah is a WordPress theme that I found to be very intriguing. Deborah is a WordPress church theme that is inclusive, has barrier lists, and is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s also a GPL-licensed WordPress theme, which is something that some people consider to be important. However, let us go a bit further into the features and functionality that this design offers you.

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The first thing you’ll notice about this website is its clean, contemporary, and flat layout. All of the information is presented in a manner that is entirely free of distractions, and the navigation is very straightforward. If you’ve been searching for a church WordPress theme, one that allows for online fundraising and works well for any kind of nonprofit organization, but particularly one that enables the broadest potential audience to appreciate your material, this is the template for you.

Regardless of where in the globe your visitors are coming from or what their requirements are for consuming your articles and pages, you can be sure that they will have complete access to every scrap of material on your website.

That’s what accessibility is all about.

This theme can be translated into any language, it is fully compatible with keyboard and screen readers, it is free of barrier lists, and the color contrast is ideal for any reader.

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