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Deerstorm never takes it’s eye off the clock, except when it’s looking at a calendar instead. Or an hourglass, Deerstorm seems to like that too.

I have no clue what Deerstorm is supposed to mean, it’s like something somebody made up because it sounds cool.  I mean, it’s two interesting words.  Deers and torm.  But together, it makes little to no sense.  That’s okay, because the design is nice.

Well, to be honest, the design is very busy.  Too busy for my taste.  It’s overly complicated, it’s crowded, there’s nothing about it that’s simple, elegant or understated.  It’s in your grill with over the top features.  That calendar may be right for some, but it’s intrusive to me, the design just isn’t good enough.

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With just 20 sales in over a year, this theme is flat out unpopular and I guess the design is a big reason why.  It’s awkward.  It’s ungainly.  It’s plug ugly.

I mean, the reviews are okay, here’s one recent review.

I was really impressed by this theme author. Very fast response time and they went above and beyond to deliver support to me. I also really love the uniqueness of this theme – it is original and that is important when you need to stand out in the crowded worldwide web.


But others deride the slow time to respond when support is needed.

The latest comment on ThemeForest seems to hint at bigger problems with the theme.

I have several major issues that need your attention, they are all on different threads in your support section but I haven’t heard anything in almost 2 weeks. Please help, I really need to get this site up.


That question got zero reply and it was 8 months ago, so I think it’s safe to say they’re never getting a response.  Final ruling, avoid this theme like the plague.

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