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June 7, 2021

Your signature is still one of the best ways anywhere to identify yourself on an official document. But what about when you’re not there to sign something in person? Well, you may find the need for an e-signature plugin. If you’re signing up for a subscription, a service or purchasing a product, that added level of security of a verifiable signature can be an important thing to have. In this modern-day, WordPress has you covered.

With one of these signature plugins, you won’t have to print out a document, sign it, scan it and then send it off to wherever it needs to go, you can simply use a secure electronic signature to do all of that work quickly and easily.

We’ve gathered up several different signature plugin for WordPress that take care of all of this electronically.

How Can I Sign Documents Online?

That’s the question we’re here to answer.

Since WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web, it’s no surprise that there are a number of e-signature plugins available. these plug-ins can help you or your clients sign documents electronically. This can be fast, professional and supremely user-friendly.

Fortunately, with such a massive community of developers, signature plugins are already out there, doing work. Since you’re here, that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We have found the absolute best e-signature plugins available, reviewing each of them and making sure the ones that aren’t good enough or not a part of this list. So, if you see it in this collection, you’re guaranteed that you’re going to get a premium quality e-signature plugin to sign documents electronically.

WP Online Contract


WordPress online contract is one of the original plugins that allows you to create, manage and save legal contracts online using WordPress. There are a lot of different tools to allow you to customize your contract with flat text files and shortcuts, reviewing different revisions of existing contracts and it gives your clients a way to view & contract online in one place. This plug-in is totally responsive and it works great for just about any WordPress theme. You’ll be able to create responsive contracts that look great on any device, send clients those contracts online and allow them to view, sign, save and print contracts from any device. It’s a one-of-a-kind plug-in that was created with your clients in mind. Professional, user-friendly and easy to adapt, this is definitely the best e-signature capable contract plugins around.

Plugins like this can be particularly helpful for WooCommerce stores where security is of the utmost importance.

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Approve me is arguably the most powerful WordPress powered document signing application that doesn’t include incredibly high costs. With this plug-in, you can build contracts, legally binding, all from the comfort of your own WordPress website. Import custom Fields, save contracts as a PDF and this plug-in is ueta and e sign compliant. You think this plug-in, you’ll be able to complete applications quicker, obtain approvals, close deals, hire new employees and execute contract faster than ever. Designed for agencies, freelancers and small business owners, this powerful e-signature plugin is user-friendly and packed with outstanding features to make it one of the absolute best available.

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NewOldStamp allows you to create branded email settings signature for every employee in just a few minutes. It’s more than an email signature generator though. This professional-quality plug-in can streamline your brand management process keeping everyone’s signature perfectly consistent throughout your entire organization. This can increase marketing and sales conversions, thanks to the clean and professional looking email signature banner. All email signatures can be managed from a single dashboard and there’s seamless integration with all the major email clients as well as mobile devices.

If you want to see some themes that might go perfectly with NewOldStamp, I’m thinking minimalist.

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WooCommerce Digital Signature


This plug-in is called WooCommerce Digital Signature. I’ve included it in this collection because it has recently been updated. It allows for users to digitally add signatures and it can transform your WooCommerce store into a court recognized at document signing application. All of that with no monthly fee use and unlimited users. It’s perfect for anybody who wants to automate the collection of signatures on terms of service agreements, waiver forms, new client contracts and a whole lot more.

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Contact Form 7 Signature Addon


Among the most popular contact form plugins is Contact Form 7. With this plug-in, you can build user-friendly and attractive contact forms so your clients can get in touch with you. Now, there is an add-on included that lets you add a new field type to contact form 7 4 handwritten signatures. These can be added to your message via a signature pad. This highly rated signature plug-in does a very nice job oftotally customizable signature fields to any contact form.

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Signature Addon for Arforms


Signature add-on for ARForms allows you to collect user signatures from your customer base. it’s easier than ever and if you already use ARForms, this is definitely the way you want to go. Signature add-ons for our forms let you integrate a signature into your forms and Fields without the end-user having to install any sort of specialized plug in. this plug-in add-on works on all major desktop and mobile browsers, so you’ll never have to worry about whether it’s going to function properly or not. It’s easy to use, it allows for touchscreen device support and this is among the highest rated signature plugin options available.

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Super Forms Signature Addon


Super forms is another signature add-on for super forms. Almost makes sense, doesn’t it? with this add-on, you can collect signatures from your customers and it could be added to a special signature field in any form. know what users will also find it simple to use because this plug-in add-on is completely responsive. With over 300 sales at a perfect rating, this is among the most popular and best signature add-ons available. If you use super forms in your day-to-day business anyway, this is certainly the only signature plug-in add-on you’ll ever want to purchase.

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Digital Signatures for NEX Forms


Digital Signatures for NEX forms is another great option. You can capture user signatures in your emails, use signatures in your ps and it’s perfect for creating legally binding contracts. for a limited. Of time, if you buy next forms, you’ll get all of the premium add-ons for free. That’s value of over $200. PayPal pro, PDF creator and export, form themes, mail store, male poet, MailChimp, get response and a whole bunch of other awesome form add-ons are included. if your business requires a lot of different tools, this could be a really sweet value.

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Electronic Signature on SwiftCloud


Swift Cloud also has an electronic signature function, this add-on is called electronic signature. It’s a back-end editor similar to WordPress but the actual electronic signature happens on the Swift cloud servers. Complete with your logo, colors, text and information. after your user signs, they are returned back to your website. It’s a really great way to keep things completely safe and secure and to ensure a great user experience. This plug-in sets up in just 10 minutes and the developer has continued to update this plug-in to ensure that it is up-to-date with the absolute most recent changes to the WordPress codex.

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Easy Digital Downloads – Order Signature


Easy Digital Downloads also provides an order signature feature. With this plug-in, you can turn your worry easy digital downloads installation into a professional signature check out page. Any back-end payment detail page can contain this signature image as can emails. this plug-in is very easy to install, setup and use. It works on all desktop browsers and even mobile devices. Compatible with easy digital downloads, if this is your choice of e-commerce website, this is probably the plug-in that you’re going to want to use.

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And, that’s that. Are there any other WordPress plugins for e-signatures? Well, these are our favorites, but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there. If you run into a great one, or you use something that is not on this list, please let us know in the comments. We would be happy to add any a signature plug-in that we can to make sure you have as many options as is humanly possible.

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