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What is it about great photography that inspires us? When was the last time you went to a wedding and you didn’t feel the urge to take a picture of the bride and groom kissing, or of the two of them standing side by side looking really into each other’s eyes. What about those other moments, when you go to a wedding and you simply can’t get enough of the moment? Or the moment you take a picture and the picture is simply so good that you can’t help but share it with others?

Here are some of the reasons why great photography can inspire us:

Great photography gives us a window into other people’s lives. By seeing a picture, we get a snapshot of the world that person experiences everyday. This picture tells us so much about that person. We see how they feel about their day, what they’re thinking, what they love, and how they feel about others.

Great photography allows us to see the world through the eyes of someone else. We become more aware of what is important in life.

Great photography can help us express ourselves and say what we’re thinking. We get to tell our story through our pictures. When we tell our story through photos we gain so much more than when we tell it through words.

The reason we love great photography so much is that when it is done well, the story behind the picture can say so much about a person that is expressed through the image. When you see great photos you understand a lot more about the person that is in it. A picture really can tell you a story.

When you take a photo of someone, you can give them a glimpse of their life and say so much through a few seconds of capturing the moment. When you take great photos of people, it’s so much more than just snapping a picture.

All that brings us to this. Dorothea. The Dorothea WordPress theme is all about inspiration.

If you appreciate clean, contemporary, and distinctive themes, you’ll love Dorothea’s creative photography portfolio. This theme is perfect for wedding, fashion, model, cosmetics, photo studio, personal, agency, portfolio, blog, and photo gallery use.

Dorothea is well suited for responsive photography portfolio websites and mobile apps since it was built with high-end research in mind. Consequently, it looks great on tablets and smartphones. It contains page templates and layouts that have been designed to look their best in today’s responsive visual context.

We used Elementor, a very simple drag-and-drop PageBuilder for WordPress, as the foundation for this design. Your experience building your website with our theme will be as simple as possible. This WordPress theme is also responsive, you can see it on more devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as on desktop and mobile/tablet devices.

We’ll be back with more in the very near future. Stay tuned!

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