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Eames, Minimal Portfolio and Blog Theme with WooCommerce

January 23, 2020

eames left header minimalist wordpress theme

Named for Charles and Ray Eames, famous designers of minimal, modern furniture, this WordPress theme is a delightfully simple, highly professional option for blogs, eCommerce sites and portfolios.

There’s a lot to like about Eames and if you’re on the hunt for a simple, all-purpose minimal WordPress theme, maybe you want to take a deeper look at this one.  It’s got a bold, simple design with a left hand menu, sleek and modernist typography, a lot of white space for creating a daring and classy first impression and plenty more.


There are other features like columns shortcodes and the 100% mobile, responsive design that looks incredible on any size and variety of handheld electronic device. A very high percent of people are looking at your web site on a mobile device, so it is incredibly vital that you offer an experience that conforms and adjusts on the fly to meet everybody’s favorite choice of apparatus. And with your fascinating, alluring images and lots of great typography, you’ll provide a great user experience from the ground upwards.  I can not overstate the relevance of a theme that is responsive, with this level of detail in the design, this level of commitment to providing incredible support and this type of capability to extend the basic design to suit a wide range of purposes.

Want to sell products online?  How about the free and powerful WooCommerce eCommerce shopping cart?  Did I mention it’s free?  Then add extensions to increase WooCommerce’s native abilities. With WooCommerce, you can sell real goods which you have to send through the mail, as well as both digital products like apps, stock video, stock photos, eBooks and other products you only have to download. It’s possible for you to add functionality through a broad variety of WooCommerce extensions to include functionality like Affiliate marketing systems, WooSubscriptions, Amazon payments, WooBookings for setting time based sales. The quantity of functionality it is possible to add to WooCommerce is pretty astonishing.

Eames is a stylish, minimalist portfolio theme for photographers, artists and designers of all kinds too.  Imagine what your images will look like using a simple, professional WordPress theme like Eames.  Amazing!  That’s how they’ll look.  But not sure about Eames?  How about some of the other photography themes we’ve reviewed?

eames wordpress minimalist blog and portfolio theme

For fashion blogs, lifestyle bloggers and personal blogs, Eames is designed with ease of use in mind.  Highly visual, simple and clear navigation, images with great impact.  It’s all there to see.  We’ve gathered up more personal blog themes you may be interested in.  These themes are all responsive, high quality and perfect for any subject matter.  We think you’ll find something you like in that collection.

I absolutely love this image, it’s god great use of focus on the subject, I think it’s perfectly framed too.  If you want to create  portfolio, you really need a theme that makes your content look this good.

eames minimal wordpress themes

Set up shop with WooCommerce and start selling all kinds of products.  From digital downloads to tangible goods, your stuff will look incredible and since this theme’s code is so clean, it loads fast and looks great on every kind of device out there.  Responsiveness is key!

eames minimalist WooCommerce ready theme

Your portfolio will look incredible, no matter what kind of content you have.  I absolutely adore the simple, minimal and professional style this theme has.  I’m sure you’ll love it too.

eames minimalist wordpress blog theme

Have a look at the list of features this great looking theme offers:

  • Thumbnail Galleries
  • Retina Screen Ready
  • Dynamic Image Scaling
  • Left-Aligned Header Layout
  • Basic Google Fonts Integration
  • Tree Sub-Menu
  • Social Media Icons
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • HiDPI Site Logo
  • HTML/Font Site Title
  • Color Scheme Management
  • Sidebar Widget Area
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Image Captions
  • Responsive Page Layouts
  • Professional Support and Documentation

So, what do you think?  Are you thinking about learning more about Eames?  Click the link below for more information and to see Eames in action yourself.

Demo/Purchase Get Hosting

There are a total of six Made by Minimal themes currently.  Eero.  Dorsey.  Made.  Milo.  Wright. Each one may be perfect for somebody and since they’re all minimalist, they’re all sort of close together in terms of style.  Perhaps one will be a better fit for your project?

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