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June 9, 2021
Education WordPress Themes

Today, were taking a look at the absolute best education WordPress themes available. These themes are more in demand now than ever before. More and more students are looking to learn new skills and turning to the web to find providers of this valuable information. With any of the themes in this collection, you’ll be able to craft a great looking educational hub to teach students from around the world in a variety of subjects.

We have tried our very best to include powerful, adaptable WordPress themes that work great with all of the most popular learning management system plug-ins and scheduling plug-ins. These themes provide full e-commerce support to accept online payments and most of the themes here provide multiple premade designs as well as the ability to craft any type of style you want using a powerful drag and drop page building tool.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, the themes in this collection provide a perfect roadmap to crafting a great education website to help students improve their lives through education. So, here are the absolute best education WordPress themes we have come across so far.


Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

Divi is certainly a WordPress theme that can do it all and among its many talents is as an online education portal. This theme works with all of the most popular plug-ins and add-ons for WordPress and that includes all of the most popular and most effective learning management system tools. These allow you to set up a great online education portal that is user-friendly, flexible and one that can grow as your website grows. That’s part of the power of such a scalable template like Divi and with it, you’ll be able to craft a really successful website even if you’re not particularly experienced with WordPress itself.

One of the great things about Divi as an education WordPress template is that it provides you with a number of different premade designs that can work for online education. Furthermore, no matter which your favorite learning management system plug-in is, Divi fully supports it. In fact, I have yet to find a plug-in that doesn’t perfectly dovetail in with what Divi brings to the table. With the combination of flexibility and powerful features that have been included, it’s definitely a worthy choice for any online learning environment.

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Monstroid 2 -Smart Start

Smart Start Online Education WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is a modular, multipurpose WordPress theme that is powered by the Elementor Page Builder. And, as one of the top WordPress themes of this or any year, it’s got dozens of different premade designs including several that are perfect for online education websites. The demo image above is one of these designs and what will great your visitors as they arrive on your homepage. This theme is very powerful,  clean and incredibly modern with over a thousand different premade sections and ready-made pages that you can implement with just a couple of clicks.

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Skole Childhood Education and Kindergarten Theme

Skole is a kindergarten and childhood education WordPress theme with loads of flexibility, functionality and it can definitely help grow your childhood education website. Even users with absolutely no programming skills can get a lot out of this template because it’s so user-friendly and beginner friendly. This theme is dedicated to kindergartens and preschools and I think the overall design is absolutely perfect for this type of usage.

If you want to see some more kids WordPress themes, the collection we have gathered up has a lot of different options for setting up a really wonderful childhood education website. Hopefully, you’ll find something there that you really like.

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MaxCoach WordPress Education Theme

Max Coach is a distance learning WordPress theme for online courses as well as personal coaches and other types of online education. This theme fully supports Zoom meetings for online education, it’s powered by the Elementor Page Builder for lots of different design options, there’s loads of support and documentation and even a video channel with video tutorials at your disposal when you are setting your website up. Her one-on-one true during, personal online coaching and any sort of learning environment, this powerful template provides an outstanding homepage.

If you like this theme and you want to see some additional options for life coaching websites, we built a collection that’s right up your alley.

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Monstroid 2 – Skillogica

Skillogica IT Training and Education Theme

The second design based on the Monstroid2 template is this one. It’s a very powerful theme and a very nice looking, completely built out homepage that is ready for your content. Thanks to the Elementor Page Builder, you’ll have real-time editing at your disposal that’s free, open-source and incredibly easy to use. No coding is ever required. A lot of advantages come with this theme including this drag and drop page building system, flexible levels of customization, outstanding support and documentation and full support for the most popular learning management system plug-ins.

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El Colegio

El Colegio Education and Learning Management System Word_

El Colegio is a finely crafted learning management, school and education WordPress theme that fully supports LMS plug-ins to give you an advanced way to create a great looking website for kindergartens, elementary schools, junior or senior high schools and even universities. You can create online courses with quizzes and manage everything using the Learn Press LMS plug-in. This theme is also compatible with the popular Timetable plug-in so you can use it to schedule online classes and activities.

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LMS WordPress Learning Management System Theme

LMS is the name of this theme and that really tells you a lot about what this template is all about. This is one of the number one online learning management system WordPress themes available and it’s perfect for creating a wide range of online courses. There’s a lesson management, online assessment systems, quizzes, registration, practice tests, learning modules, webinar and video hosting, course tracking and a whole lot more. This is a full service WordPress theme that is user-friendly and one with which you can grow your online education experience to new heights.

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Grand College

Grand College LMS and Education WordPress Theme

Grand College is a perfect WordPress theme for education. There are multiple premade designs included and each one of them is highly flexible and you’ll be able to craft exactly the type of website you want from the ground up. This theme has a powerful administration panel to fine-tune your website and make sure your students are getting exactly the experience they need. This is a clean, professional and highly engaging template that is highly recommended for any type of online school.

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Eduma Premium Education WordPress Theme for LMS

Juma is one of the top selling WordPress education themes available. This theme is perfect for training centers, online courses, colleges and academies all way down to kindergartens and early childhood education. With well over 20,000 sales and counting, this powerful template gives you 20 different premade demo styles and full support for the most popular plug-ins, add-ons and extensions. These include  a powerful, professional events management plug-in, SEO optimization and beautiful, mobile friendly and responsive display on all devices.

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WPMLS Learning Collaboration Education And Elementor The_

WPLMS is a learning management system for WordPress and a beautiful education theme. This template provides ample opportunities to craft a successful online education company and even Fortune 500 companies and thousands of educational organizations from around the world have chosen this template as their choice for delivering high-quality online education. It’s all about learning and growing in a way that user-friendly and engaging. You can create courses, manage learning, create quizzes and a whole lot of other cool stuff is possible. One thing I really like is the reports and rewards or achievements feature. You can add badges, certificates, a timeline and there’s a rewards and points system included as well.

I’ve also seen this WordPress theme used as a public speakers homepage. If that’s the use that you find intriguing, maybe you want to check out the complete collection we have put together for just that subject.

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iAcademy a Comprehensive Learning Management System Education

iAcademy is an education WordPress theme that’s all about online learning. This clean and professional theme has lots of short codes provided, full BuddyPress and bbPress support, WooCommerce for selling services and accepting payments and it supports the WP Bakery Page Builder to give you lots of different layout options. 12 different homepages are provided to give you great looking starting points, everything is completely adaptable and adjustable through the admin panel and it’s a very simple theme to use even if you’re not a WordPress expert  yet.

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Studeon Education WordPress Theme

Studeon Provides an excellent place to create an online education and training portal. This template gives you multiple different homepage designs that are perfect for language centers, professional certification, tutoring services as well as professional education establishments. This theme provides premade online courses, there’s a professional events management and calendar plug-in, advanced contact forms and full WooCommerce store compatibility so you can accept payments online. Even sell merchandise, if that something that you are into.

To see support dedicated WooCommerce themes, we built a sizable collection that could be worth your time.

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Eduhub WordPress Theme for Online Education Systems

Eduhub Is a responsive WordPress theme that uses the Sensei LMS plug-in to provide a really professional learning experience for any level of student, anywhere in the world. If you need to create an educational website, this one provides all of the tools and accessories needed to make the job a whole lot easier. Five different pixel perfect demos are provided to give you a head start if you don’t want to create your own website from the ground up. Everything you see is completely mobile he friendly and ready for adaptation to fit your needs perfectly.

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College Education Template Brizy Page Builder

Brizy is the base theme behind this design, one of dozens of different great looking WordPress themes that use this base theme. This particular example shows what your website could look like as an education portal. Provided with your download are some powerful tools like a drag and drop page builder tool with modular designs that can work for just about anything. You can create courses, track education levels and even accept payments using WooCommerce.

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Basil WordPress Theme for Online Learning

Basil is a little something different. This is a WordPress theme specifically built for cooking classes and online cooking workshops. That’s something that more and more people are doing these days with less time to go out and more time staying at home, cooking for friends or family. If you want to create a modern cooking classes website, this elegant, responsive, clean and fresh theme has just the look you need to make a really appealing website.

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MasterStudy LMS WordPress Education Theme

MasterStudy is education WordPress theme with over 100 different features including Zoom meeting support, the Elementor Page Builder as well as the WP Bakery Page Builder. With your download, you can create professional online courses with advanced quizzing options, you can drip feed content over time and monetize your website and a number of different ways. You can have paid Zoom webinars and with your download, you won’t need to add any extra plug-ins because everything is included for free. This theme is BuddyPress ready for advanced interactivity and highly adaptable in terms of the style and layouts you can provide.

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University WordPress Theme WordPress LMS Theme

University is an education, events and online courses WordPress theme that has a very professional, corporate feel to it. I think that could make it great for internal training for companies whether they are small or large. University comes with a lot of modern features that any WordPress education theme would expect to have. These include a responsive design, Slider Revolution, advanced comment features, events management and course management tools as well as a built-in events calendar. It’s one of the most perfect themes for any type of educational organization website.

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Edukul Online Courses WordPress Theme

Edukul is a perfect WordPress theme for online courses and online education. This powerful and modern WordPress theme has a really great looking design, it’s completely responsive and that makes it look fantastic on all devices. Optimized for the search engine, this theme has optimized code that loads of fast and looks fantastic on all devices. Multiple premium plug-ins are provided as well to give you every tool you’ll need in your toolkit for building a great education website using WordPress.

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Tutor Pro

Tutor Pro Education WordPress

Tutor Pro is a professionally built education WordPress theme that’s easy to install, to run and to update. This theme is modern, flexible and highly customizable. With all of the optimizations the developer has provided, it loads of fast and looks fantastic on all devices. Great for tutors, educational establishments such as online colleges and universities and even private instructors or tutors. This adaptable, engaging and user-friendly theme can be exactly what you’re looking for if you need a very professional education website.

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Tabula Art Music Language School

Tabula Is an art, music and language school WordPress theme. There are quite a number of themes like this one and I think this is one of the best examples of what’s possible for these types of websites. Three different demos and 12 homepages are provided to give you some flexibility when crafting your website. You can integrate Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and your favorite search engine optimization plug-in to ensure you deliver the best possible user experience and to help you rank higher in the search engines.

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Kalvi LMS Education WordPress Template

Kalvi is an LMS education WordPress theme that is highly responsive, it’s perfect for teachers, tutors and other educational services. This theme can power any school website, any e-learning system and online learning Academy or training center. If you want to sell courses, the WooCommerce support will come in very handy and for advanced interactivity between students and teachers, BuddyPress and bbPress are also fully supported.

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Vultur Online Education WordPress Theme

Vultur is a next-generation education WordPress theme with 10 different homepages, over 60 different page templates and full support for the Learn Press LMS plug-in. It also supports WooCommerce for online shopping so you can sell online courses. Another great feature is the Teacher Profile LMS support which you don’t see in all online education themes. This theme has a modern design with powerful elements, one click installation and highly professional support to guide you through the process of crafting your education portal.

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Superwise Modern Education and Google Classroom WordPress Th

Superwise is a modern education and Google classroom WordPress theme that’s from a very dedicated developer who has crafted some of the absolute best online education themes available. This theme is aesthetically pleasing and it packs in as many features as any template on this list. Three different homepages are provided that all support Google classroom. There’s also the Google calendar, multiple premium plug-ins and 24 different school niche pages. This is an education theme for WordPress that really can pull off seemingly miracles.

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Translang Translation Services Language Courses WordPress Th

Translang is a language translation and language learning WordPress theme. I really think that’s an interesting combination and it’s something that could come in handy for you as you build out your website. If you’re looking for a place to teach students a variety of languages, this theme is definitely among the best opportunities out there.

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eLearni Online Learning Education LMS Digital Academy

eLearni is another learning and education or out MS WordPress theme that provides ample opportunities to teach courses online, to provide learning materials to students around the world and to help guide them through the process of learning a new skill. With this theme, you can provide online courses, tutorials, classes and quizzes. It’s one of the better themes for building and selling online courses and thanks to the WooCommerce support, accepting payments couldn’t possibly be much easier.

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iGuru Education Courses WordPress Theme Online Classes

iGuru is an education and online courses WordPress theme that’s perfect for helping students learn new skills in a very comfortable and user-friendly environment. This theme provides several features that are really helpful for developing a great online learning platform. These include student reviews of courses and instructors, biography sections for your online instruction crew, full WooCommerce support and support for the LearnPress LMS plug-in. With one click demo import, this theme can be installed rapidly and you’ll have lots of different ways to create a really custom look and feel for your online courses.

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LMStudy Course Learning Education LMS WooCommerce Theme

LMStudy Is a very strong option for online education that is also fully supportive of the WooCommerce shopping cart. Five different homepages are included for a maximum amount of flexibility when it comes to your homepage. Thanks to the full support for your favorite page building tools, you can create just about anything you want out of this template. WP Bakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution are provided at no extra charge. This theme has a very strong section for creating the little changes that make your website stand out.

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Academy Online Education and Learning Management Theme

Academy is a learning management theme that’s perfect for sharing and even selling your knowledge online. It’s more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete learning management system that makes learning and teaching easier for everyone involved. Unfortunately, the developer has chosen to retire support for this theme so if you purchase it, you are on your own in terms of updating and upgrading things. So, keep that in mind as you shop for the perfect WordPress theme.

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