El Royale, WordPress Restaurant and Cafe Theme

Of course, no description of a theme called El Royale would be complete without first taking a look at a scene from one of my favorite movies. Of course, I am talking about Pulp Fiction. You know the saying, we’re Samuel Jackson and John Travolta are talking about hamburgers in Paris France. Anyway, here it is.

Sure, that has absolutely nothing to do with this theme, but I just thought I would put it here anyway.  It’s pure joy.  Can you believe that movie is about 25 years old?  Wow.  I’m old too.

What I’ve done here, is to embed a video. If you’d like to look at some more themes where you can embed video clips right in your post, take a look at it this theme collection. It’s a great place for all of your favorite WordPress video needs.

Anyway, back to the El Royale theme. This is a restaurant and Cafe WordPress theme that Vincent and Jules would be absolutely proud of. It’s kind of funny to think of just how long ago this movie was, it came out in 1994, long before WordPress even came out. The internet was certainly a thing, but it was nowhere near as big as it is now. So, if you had asked them about WordPress themes, they would have probably shot you in the face. Or at least looked at you strange. Anyway, let’s take a look at the El Royale template.

Not bad at all. It gives a nice first impression for visitors on your website, and I think that it’s going to make you or restaurant look delicious. Just as delicious as Jack Rabbit Slims Amos & Andy milkshake. Or was it Martin and Lewis?

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