Fab! Ultimate Material Design eCommerce Theme

Fab is not just how I would describe this template, it’s also the name!

Interested yet? Well, don’t be scared, come on in and learn more about this powerful, adaptable material design WordPress theme.

Crafted by a Power Delete developer on Theme Forest, Fab goes over the top with features, it’s filled to the brim with stunning premade designs and it all has some noteworthy qualities about it. First and foremost, this is a material design style WordPress theme.

Fab fully supports WooCommerce so setting up your own online shop is going to be a problem for the experience. And with the clean, crisp material design style, attention is going to be focused right where it belongs. Of course, that’s on your products, your blog posts and your image galleries to help promote either of those things.

What makes Fab the ultimate material design WordPress theme? Well, the developer points out some of the themes strong suits. It was specifically developed using Google’s material design specification guide. That’s a very nice start, but let’s go further. It’s also an incredibly fast loading theme. Fab couples perfectly with Google’s material design lite framework.

So, fast page load times are back on the menu.

Check out this video guide on how to install and set up your demo content. It couldn’t possibly be much simpler.

I think that video guide could go a long way to delivering the type of performance your website needs.

So, what else do you want to know about the Fab WordPress theme? What else can I say about it? Well, it costs $59, that much is sure.

Fab offers several different premade designs that can be installed and implemented quickly. As that video above showcases, it only takes about five minutes. And the shop set ups are completely ready to go right out of the box. So you want have to fiddle around with trying to make your website work, it simply works right when you install it.

The Page Press visual page builder is included with this template. You need no prior programming knowledge to drag and drop content blocks into place to arrange your website exactly like you wanted to look. so, that’s pretty cool, it’s always nice to see a page builder that isn’t Elementor or WP Bakery Page Builder. Not that those two page building tools don’t work great, they do, it’s just interesting to see something built using a different page building tool.

The developer offers outstanding support, lots of video guides that I’ve Artie mentioned a couple of times before, eight different ready-made demo designs have been included, there’s a copy of the Revolution Slider, that’s a $15 value included for free. You can translate your theme into any language, there are lots of different font options available, your website is going to deliver an outstanding user experience on all devices, no matter what size or shape, thanks to the completely responsive design this template provides.

So, if you want a well respected theme from a top flight designer, Fab might be exactly the material design WordPress theme that you have been searching for.

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