FacePress, WordPress Facebook Clone with Timeline Feature

This is a really cool theme, it’s called FacePress. Now, this theme has been around for almost six years and it hasn’t been updated since 2015, but it appears to be still going strong.  I’d be surprised if ThemeForest pulls it any time soon since it actually is really unique in terms of what it does.

***EDIT – looks like the theme is no longer being supported by Cosmothemes.  Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold some value for some folks who really don’t want to have to use BuddyPress for their community building theme, so I’ll leave this review here.  But please keep that in mind.

I don’t think there’s another theme out there like FacePress.

Consider FacePress a mashup between Facebook and WordPress, it’s got enough features and custom styles, you may forget which site you’re on for a while.  FacePress, built by CosmoThemes and available only on ThemeForest, is an innovative and attractive WordPress theme that has a lot of cool features.  Features like a timeline, grid and list view for posts, you can enable ‘user following’ to build an author page that’s a little bit different than most, there are multiple layouts and multiple skinds too.

FacePress is easy to customize, easy to create content with and it’s highly well developed, with pristine code and fantastic documentation.  You can even allow your users to submit content with front end submissions, permitting users to create video, image, audio, text and other posts from the front end.  That’s pretty cool, especially if you’re building a community around specific niche topic.

FacePress isn’t a BuddyPress theme, or at least it doesn’t claim BuddyPress compatibility, but you may never need it.  (BuddyPress themes are here.)  FacePress is so similar to Facebook, you might not know the difference.  Okay, you will know the difference, but the feature set is quite similar.  Striking, really.

There are multiple layouts available, multiple skins too.  You can create unlimited custom posts, there are custom post settings too.  A user profile page, very similar to what BuddyPress can do, but it’s all done inside the theme.  That’s unique.  FacePress even allows for front end submissions, letting registered users directly post from their profile page.  Whether it’s video, images, audio text or attachments, users can post just about anything they’d like to post.

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