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These days, sometimes folks just want some good, hearty food and they want it immediately. Fast food is big business and it’s getting bigger all the time. It makes sense too. With everyone constantly on the go, a lot of people just don’t have time to sit down for a home-cooked meal anymore. If you’ve got a fast-food restaurant, you know the challenge of searching for a great website to help promote your restaurant.  

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve got a food cart, a food stand, a food truck or a restaurant that serves fast food, having the right website can be a powerful marketing tool to make your business a delicious success.  Where I come from, food carts are all the rage, but street vendors, food trucks, mobile caterers and more can all be found around the world.  Two things they have in common are delicious food and a need for a wonderful WordPress website to get the word out about what you have cooked up.

In this collection of fast food restaurant WordPress themes, we’ve selected some of the absolute best templates to help you cook up a delicious website quickly and efficiently. The themes in this collection are all adaptable and mobile-friendly, they are easy to customize and if you run into issues, the developers offer fast and friendly support for free. So, have a look at the best fast-food WordPress themes available today.


Poco Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme

People are definitely looking for food on the go these days and if you have a fast food restaurant, having the right WordPress theme can be a really smart way to help increase awareness of your establishment and to bring new customers through the doors every day. Poco is a really strong option for crafting a high-quality fast food restaurant WordPress theme for burgers, pizza places, bakeries, fast casual restaurants, bars and even works great as a food blog website.

Poco provides four different creative homepage is provided that are ready to go right out of the box and because this theme supports the Elementor Page Builder, you’ll have no and to the amount of different layouts and designs you can create. in addition, accepting online payments using the WooCommerce shopping cart is completely supported by this powerful, attractive, contemporary and beautiful fast food WordPress theme.

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Fast Food

Fast Food WordPress Theme for Fast Food Restaurants

The appropriately-named fast-food WordPress theme was built specifically for fast food restaurants, food carts, take out restaurants and pop-up restaurant websites. It’s got a very clean and modern design that makes your food look quite appetizing. Several pre-made design examples are included for a burger restaurant, hot dog and sandwich restaurant, a pizza parlor and salad place with a built-in delivery application.

This high-performance template gives you a customizable layouts, unlimited font and color choices, the demo content is provided and with the bold visual page builder, creating any type of layout you want is very simple and straightforward. It’s got everything! WooCommerce is also supported for selling products online. This is a dynamic and bold fast food WordPress theme that could be perfect for you if you want a clean, professional presentation.

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Gloreya Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Themes

Gloreya is a fast-food WordPress theme with multiple pre-made designs. It’s a modern and contemporary restaurant themed that’s perfect for fast food and take-out joints. It’s also great for burger stands, coffee shops, pizza parlors and for vegan food restaurants. Not that very many fast food restaurants offer reservations system, but this one does. That could come in handy for some fast food restaurants, but it’s really more of a sit-down restaurant option.  Either way.

One thing that everyone can benefit from is the well-built food menu system. The WP Cafe plug-in comes included and WP Cafe allows you to set up great looking food and beverage menus. With your customers being in a big hurry, this type of clearly presented information can come in incredibly handy. Throw in 5-star support and thorough documentation and you’ve got a really solid fast food WordPress theme option.

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Don Peppe

Don Peppe Fast Food Pizza Place WordPress Theme

Don Peppe is a pizza and fast food theme that has a very contemporary design. Several pre-built home pages are included, and quite a number of attractive inner pages as well. Whether your restaurant is fast food or fast casual, this theme does a fantastic job of presenting your business in a way that’s going to make your operation look super-professional.

Using beautiful images of your food, clearly presented contact information and other important info, you’ll have put your foot in the door with every customer who comes to your website. For barbecue restaurants, hamburger places, pizzerias, any type of food truck and or food cart, this tasty template provides all the basic information and no fuss. This is theme also works with WooCommerce to allow you to sell products and accept payments online.

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GastroBar WordPress Theme for Fast Casual Restaurants

Gastrobar is a fast casual or fast food WordPress theme. It also works great for bars and pubs. If you’ve got some delicious food, you’ll want a delicious WordPress theme to match. This one does a really wonderful job of putting the appropriate spin on your content and focusing attention on your food. It’s perfect for bakeries, fast food restaurants, beer halls, bistros and more. Guests can even make online reservations with just a few clicks thanks to the OpenTable plug-in. Could that make fast food even…faster?  Who knows! 

No matter, this Gastrobar theme is easy to use, it has a powerful admin panel and a massive collection of short codes to get you started. If you’ve been searching for a fast food restaurant template and you haven’t found the right one just yet, this Gastrobar theme is certainly worth a look.

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Grill and Chow

Grill And Chow, Fast Food, Pizza, and Diner Theme

Grill and Chow is a fast food and pizza parlor WordPress theme that has quite a bit going for it. these days, it’s important to present all the information you have clearly and quickly. Grill and Chow doesn’t make your visitors search around for the information they want, it’s all clearly presented and very simple to understand. There are nine different pre-made homepage styles to help you set up shop.

You can cook up the perfect site for Mexican food, hamburgers, Italian food, pizza and calzones, desserts and sweets shops, BBQ joings or bar and grill restaurants.  There’s a beautiful website demo for candy stores, another for snack bars and there’s even a specially built design for diners. No matter what type of hash you are slinging, this professional and attractive fast food theme does a wonderful job of making your life a little bit easier. And faster.

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Pizza House

Pizza House Pizza Parlor Theme with Online Ordering

Pizza House is a modern and attractive, stylish and engaging pizzeria restaurant WordPress theme. It also works as a great setup for caterers who want to expand their horizons to offer food on the go. No matter what type of menu you have, pasta or salads, sushi or hamburgers, tacos, sandwiches or other types of fast food, this theme presents your menu in a really intriguing life.

Thanks to full WooCommerce support and the included reservations system, this works as a full-service, sit-down restaurant template as well. There is a special system setup for online food ordering that can really help to expand your business. The inclusion of WP Bakery page builder is another nice touch that allows for full control over your website’s layout and control over all the features that you provide.  

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Burger Palace

Burger Palace is a restaurant WordPress theme that is perfect for fast food. Multiple layout options are provided and all your most important information is presented clearly and cleanly. Your location, your hours of operation and your contact info is all presented upfront so your visitors can find the things they are most interested in finding. This is an industry leader in fast food restaurants, it’s licensed GPL, it’s powerful, user-friendly and customization process really couldn’t be much simpler. If you need a fast food themed and you need it right now, this one’s a really wonderful choice.

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