Flat WordPress Themes

Flat WordPress themes are quite a trend in web design. These clean, distraction-free templates provide a fresh place for your content to live. Your visitors and readers are going to get an outstanding user experience because flat WordPress themes, much like minimalist themes, present your posts, pages and products in a totally distraction-free environment.

A lot of people make the assumption that all flat designs are minimalist or that all minimalist designs must be flat. It’s really not the case though. Flat designs can be incredibly complicated with loads of menus and buttons and calls to action sections all over the place. There’s nothing that stops a flat theme from having all the bells and whistles a website could possibly have. Minimalism though is an entirely different design philosophy based on stripping away everything that is completely unnecessary.

But anyway, enough about that. Flat designs are certainly trending right now and I think that look is here to stay. If you’d like to create a website with a clean, refreshing flat style, this collection of themes is a really outstanding place to begin your search. These premium-quality themes are all user-friendly, they all deliver a great-looking flat design and they’re all highly customizable so you can get exactly the results you were hoping for.

So, here are the best flat WordPress themes around.


Divi, Flat Page Building WordPress Theme

Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress themes yet created. This theme has a beautiful, clean design, loads of features and it’s incredibly adaptable for any sort of purpose. Thanks to the drag-and-drop page building capability Divi provides, you’ll have total control over your website’s layout and all of the features you provide are completely under your control. The Divi page building setup is highly intuitive. With over 300 different pre-made websites, you’ll have a lot of handy templates to start with. By simply dragging and dropping content blocks where you want them and then editing them with the visually driven page building tool, you’ll have absolutely no troubles establishing a great-looking flat website to highlight any sort of content or products.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro WordPress Theme with Flat Design

Zelle Pro is an attractive, flat and fully functional WordPress the theme that’s a joy to use and a joy to experience for your readers as well. Zelle Pro powers thousands of different WordPress websites around the world. With the incredibly clean, sleek, flat design this thing provides, it’s easy to see why. It can work for almost any subject matter. with WooCommerce support, you can set up a very clean looking online shop selling any sort of product or service. There is a built-in blog and portfolio provided with your download and that can help showcase any type of service or product you might have to offer. This thing is completely responsive, you can change up the order of content on your homepage and just about every detail you see can be tweaked to perfectly fit with you are design ethic and your company brand. Sellpro is a very user-friendly theme that delivers outstanding results.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 Flat WordPress Themes

Studio 8 is a strong theme for creative agencies, web designers, photographers, filmmakers, architects and other creative professionals. With a very sleek, modern style, this agency theme helps you showcase your portfolio with fast page load times, a trendy, flat style that’s certain to get attention, clean code, responsive design and more. Thanks to WooCommerce support, you can accept online payments for goods and services and this theme can be translated into any language you choose. with the theme options panel offering a lots of advanced ways to customize your website, you should have no troubles crafting a really Dynamite looking website quickly and efficiently using the Studio 8 WordPress theme.

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Simplicity - Creative Flat Retina Theme

Simplicity is the name of this theme and simplicity is what it’s all about. This is a beautiful, flat and retina ready WordPress theme that has a distinctive Web 2.0 style design with some really cool, flat and attractive graphics. Tons of short codes are provided to give your website some really cool advantages and the fully responsive layout looks amazing on all devices. This translation ready theme can be quickly and easily translated into any language you want. There are smooth loading animations, completely customizable headers, bonus parallax pages, plenty of interactive elements like pie charts and progress bars, counters and more and six different beautiful portfolios styles are also included. Your blog, portfolio, they’re going to look fantastic using this cutting edge, flat style website.

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Extra WordPress Flat Themes

Extra is a beautiful, flat magazine and blog theme built on the DiviĀ  page building framework. Extra provides all the same tools that Divi page builder has but it has a really distinctive, highly specialized design that’s perfect for blogs and magazines. The overall style of this theme leans toward the flat and simple styles that seem to be so trendy right now. If you choose the extra WordPress theme, the pre-made design really lends itself to flat looking websites with plenty of bold features and a design that is distraction-free and ready for anything.

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The Agency

The Agency, Clean, Flat, Professional WordPress Theme

The Agency is a gorgeous WordPress theme with a very simple, sleek design. Is perfect for online marketing agencies, creative designers, web developers and other creative fields. The design here is somewhere between flat and true minimalism. It’s very simple, there’s not a lot of extra embellishments on the page and the large, clean, beautiful images really help to attract your readers attention and keep them focused on what’s most important, your content. Flat designs do this quite well and The Agency is a particularly nice example of what’s possible with flat design.

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Ukiyo Flat WordPress Themes

Ukiyo is a portfolio theme for WordPress with a lot of awesome designs, a beautiful, flat style and loads of helpful features that make it highly adaptable and highly adjustable. This theme provides several pre-made designs and the wpbakery page builder for creating. you can choose the number of columns you display your content in, select hover effects, pick different portfolio styles and it all happens behind the scenes where you don’t have to think about it. No matter what type of portfolio you’re displaying, this outstanding looking theme provides a perfect home for your creativity.

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Soledad, Clean, Flat Theme for WordPress

Soledad is among the most powerful and most popular magazine themes ever created. With over 6,000 different home page demo styles, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that quite a number of the pre-made designs include flat styling that is perfect for just about any sort of content. Flat styles are really trending these days and by purchasing the Soledad theme, you’ll have access to hundreds of different variations that could be perfect for your website. Flat designs allow for beautiful branding, your content will be the star of the show as it always should be and there will be nothing to get in the way of your images, helping you deliver a fantastic user experience everyone’s going to love.

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Smarty, Flat WordPress Themes

Smarty is a portfolio and shop WordPress theme with a delightful, flat design. This theme is perfect for any type of professional business, portfolio or e-commerce website. This theme is powered by bootstrap and WP Bakery Page builder. With it, you can create any type of layout you want and provide a stunning, flat design that gets a lot of attention. demo content is included to get your website off the ground quickly and there are a multitude of different features to help you set up your online shop, a beautiful portfolio and blog. It’s user-friendly theme has lots of adaptability and the customization process couldn’t be much more simple.

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Cobian Flat WordPress Themes

Cobian is a flat WordPress landing page theme with totally responsive design, browser support for all of the most popular browsers, one page and multi-page styles and WP Bakery Page builder is also included to give you loads of customization options you can really make use of. There are 40 different short codes included to help you build your website. There’s a grid control system for all posts, pages and custom post types. Even if you’re not well versed with code, this seemed works perfectly because everything happened to visually. All of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins and other plugins are fully supported. With a very modern, trendy design, this is a theme is bound to get a lot of attention for your content, no matter what it’s all about.

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Reco WordPress Flat Themes

Rico is a flat WordPress magazine theme for giving away free stuff. It’s perfect for any type of magazine so, content blocking with this theme makes your posts look fantastic. Actually, you can use designs with prominently placed AdSense advertising blocks. This is another way to extend the monetization of your magazine site. Design is purely flat, this lightweight and fast loading theme provides a wonderful user experience that makes your content stand out.

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Ultra Flat Themes for WordPress

Ultra is a clean and creative WordPress theme with several pre-made designs that can give you a flat, attractive and powerful website quickly and easily. In fact, there are over 60 different pre-made demo styles included and these pre-made layouts have everything you’ll need to set up a great-looking website. Whether you are creating an online shop or portfolio, even a blog, this theme works perfectly well. The drag-and-drop page building tool that is provided also gives you lots of flexibility for your layouts. No matter what type of features you want to add, ultra is a theme that allows for massive amounts of customization and placement of any feature, anywhere you want it on any page or post.

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Doberman, Flat Theme for Viral Magazines

Doberman is a flat magazine theme for viral content and other types of online digital publications. Doberman has been specifically designed and engineered for maximum user engagement with social media. there are an infinite number of style variations at your fingertips including color and typography settings. The drag-and-drop home page builder gives you lots of flexibility for your homepage design and you can set it up exactly the way you want it. using custom content widgets means you won’t have to learn how to code to get this theme looking great. Do you live a tanning future use uat different customizer settings to help make your website totally unique. This is SEO optimized theme as a beautiful, flat design that’s definitely going to get a lot of attention from your visitors.

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Lekker Flat Design Portfolio Theme

Lekker is a really attractive portfolio WordPress theme with several pre-made designs that have similar cook flat, beautiful design styles and really unique layouts. These flat designs work perfectly for portfolios and blogs and the inner pages that come pre-designed all have the same great style. This is going to help you create a very consistent brand throughout your entire website. Well branded sites make it very easy to experience all the content you’ve created with a similar feel. I think the ultra modern look, the completely unique designs and the trendy, flat style or perfect blend for any type of creative agency, freelancer or other types of graphic design portfolios.

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