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Followme is a travel, tourism, travel booking and travel blog WordPress theme that’s just pumped on the market in July 2021. So, I thought would review this theme and see if it’s worth picking up? Since other websites are going to be all over trying to find a old version of it, I’m gonna beat them to the punch and tell you why you should actually consider purchasing this template.

There are some pretty epic destinations out there and highlighting them on your website can be a real solid way to create traffic and sustain a business. People are always looking for this type of content and people are always looking for that next great destination. Why not give it to them with a template like Followme?

First of all, you get three different well-built homepages, the same number of tours and destination pages and quite a few inner pages with really cool designs. In fact, I really like the a typography selection on the homepage itself. That font looks like it could be a real attention getter, particularly when used for short headlines. I think it could get a bit much if you’re talking about short sentences or some longer content.

But keep it short, sweet and I think it could work.

Here’s a look at the second homepage. Of course, the first homepage is thumbnail you see at the top of this page.

Followme Home Page version Number Two
Followme Home Page version Number Two

I’m not going to ruin all the secrets this template has to offer, you’ll have to take a look at the third home page design yourself.

Followme is compatible with the Elementor Page Builder, something that has become quite common these days. So, you know you’ll have the flexibility to create any type of look you want that goes far beyond those three premade homepage styles. So, you probably know all about Elementor, I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s move on.

One of the biggest features that any travel booking or travel agency website needs, a built-in booking system. Followme is perfectly integrated with the Be A, Book Everything WordPress plug-in. This is a really fast, lightweight and yet powerful booking system all in one. It allows you to create a great looking booking site, it provides a wonderful user experience for the would be world traveler, and everything is included.

It should be noted, this particular theme actually includes only the free version of the aforementioned booking plug-in. If you want all of the features, you’re going to have to spring for a handful of professional addons. The free version works just great, but there are some professional add-ons that can cost you a little bit of money.

Here’s a look at it in action. Keep in mind, this rental information page can be styled as much is you need to style it. So, you’re definitely not locked into this particular look.

BA Book Everything Travel Booking Plugin for WordPress
BA Book Everything Travel Booking Plugin for WordPress

BA, which stands for Booking Analytics, is a fast and powerful booking engine that can work for or car rentals, for hotels, for bike rentals, apartments, whatever it is that needs to be rented. It can even work for one off event rentals. So, that’s just a little bit more about that plug-in then you probably wanted to know.

anyway, back to this template and some other reasons you might want to choose it. There’s a calendar and tour price page that’s really easy to fill out and really easy for users to get the information they’re looking for. Of course, we mentioned the booking tool that’s provided. Different rentals may be sorted using a variety of criteria, that allows for advanced search options for your potential customers or renters.

Or, tourists. In this case, were talking about tourists.

You can highlight your tour plan, show a map packed with locations of interesting places you’re about to travel to, there’s a blog integrated to help share your travel winds and woes, and several other essential inner pages of also been provided.

Here’s a peek at the single blog post page. Again, a lot of this design can be edited.

Followme Blog Design Example
Followme Blog Design Example

Everything you see is completely responsive so it looks amazing on all devices, there’s one click demo import to get your website off the ground quickly, you’ll have full support for all of the most popular plug-ins and add-ons including search optimization plug-ins to help make your travel and tourism website incredibly successful.

And finally, the developer has provided ample support and documentation to help ensure your website launch is the best launch it can be. And if your rebranding your website, you can be pretty sure that everything is going to stay the same on your new, improved site.

hopefully, some of you found this review to be useful and if so, please let us know all about it in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback so you can keep creating amazing web template reviews like this one.

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