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Food Ordering and Delivery Plugins for WordPress

June 8, 2021

These days, more and more food delivery options are popping up all over the place. If these food delivery options are not available to you and your market, you can still offer online ordering and food delivery features on your very own website. By using any of the handy plugins included in this collection of WordPress food ordering and delivery plugins, you can add that same functionality for almost no cost.


QuickOrder WhatsApp Ordering

I’ve included this plug-in last because while it is a very powerful plug-in, it’s not just a ready to go WordPress plug-in. It’s going to take a little bit of expertise to get this one set up. You’re also going to need this plug-in, the QuickQR plug-in for contactless restaurant menu making.

But, if you have a little bit of confidence in your technical skills, it could be a really strong choice for online ordering. QuickOrder is a What’s App ordering solution that allows you to amplify your reach and inspire your audience while cutting costs and saving time all in one fell swoop. This is a PHP script that can be installed within just a few minutes. It’s perfect for this age of social distancing and online ordering using QR codes and that can be something that is really valuable for any business.

But again, this is not strictly a WordPress plug-in, you are going to need to know a little bit about how to install a PHP script to make it function properly. But, just in case you’re up for the challenge, it does represent a really outstanding opportunity.

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WooCommerce Delivery

WooCommerce Delivery Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce delivery is a plug-in that adds on to your existing installation of WooCommerce to allow for creating deliveries. no matter what it is you’re looking to deliver, including food and beverages, this plugin can be a really helpful way to add new functionality to your existing website. Customers can add delivery dates and or times during the checkout process. you’ll be able to only allow for orders during your scheduled business hours and use radius shipping with kilometers or miles indicated. You can add same-day or next-day delivery fees, allow for local pickups of online orders and limit the number of orders per date or time slot, if you need to. So, with all of those features, it can be pretty straightforward to set up a delivery service for your restaurant.

I think this plug-in could be particularly handy if you have a fast food restaurant with lots of takeout being ordered. You can check out a collection of fast food restaurant WordPress themes we recently put together.

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WooCommerce Food

WooCommerce Food Plugin for Food Delivery

WooCommerce food is a restaurant menu and food ordering system for accepting online orders at your restaurant, Cafe or food service business. This is a must have plug-in that combines beautiful food menu tools that can properly display everything you sell, with the ability to accept online orders and provide for delivery services.

This theme has a first-class design, it’s got a user-friendly interface that’s very simple to use and ten different food styles are supported. this theme has everything you could possibly want in an online ordering system and a user-friendly interface that makes it very straightforward to use, even if you have never been much of a developer in the past.

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Food Online

Food Online Premium WordPress Food Ordering Theme

Food Online is a free option for accepting food orders and offering delivery of those orders. Now, there is a premium version out there with extended features, but this works quite well as a freebie. It allows you to build a food menu online and accept payments using WooCommerce. This is a very straightforward theme if you don’t have more than 50 products on your shopping page. The free version limits you to that amount, and if you want more options, you’ll have to spring for the premium version which cost $49 for a single site license. of course, there are much cheaper versions of similar plugins out there, so you may not find it to be particularly useful for plug-in that is so expensive.

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RestroPress Complete Food Ordering System

RestoPress is another online food ordering system. This stand-alone WordPress plugin let you quickly and easily add a food ordering system to your restaurant website. You can accept both pickup and delivery orders and the user-friendly front-end and back-end interfaces allow for simple management of True food menu and delivery options. It’s all handled with short codes that can be placed anywhere you want on any page. This completely free WordPress plugin has a reporting system, a friendly admin interface where you can add your restaurant menu and there are multiple add-on options for any food item you create. For a freebie, this plug-in does the job quite well.

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WooFood, Delivery and Online Ordering System

WooCood is a lightweight, responsive online ordering and delivery system that adds on to WooCommerce. It even has a system for automatic order printing common something not all of these plug-ins manage to provide. There are quite a number of different options you can place for any food order. Sometimes, you’ll only want to allow a single choice to be made from a list, but sometimes people should be able to select a number of choices, but with a finite limit to how many of those choices can be selected.

Then again, you may want a multiple-choice options. This is perfect for a lot of different types of online ordering. there’s even a feature where you can accept or decline orders in real time. That allows you to slow down the amount of deliveries or orders being accepted if your restaurant gets slammed. I think the best feature about this is the automatic order printing system that is compatible with all thermal printers. This is a really feature-rich plug-in for accepting online orders and saving you are a lot of time is what this plug-in is all about.

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FoodBook, Online Food Ordering and Delivery Plugin

Foodbook is a really solid online food ordering system for WordPress. This plugin is an individual, WooCommerce based plugin that allows you to add very simple food ordering systems to your WordPress website. Any existing restaurant website that doesn’t offer online ordering he is really going to benefit from this plug-in. The ordering process is quite simple. There’s a live food search option and categories for filtering different menu items, you can set various roles for different team members in your restaurant, it’s got all the short codes to allow for different delivery type options, estimated delivery times, extra item feature add-on options and a whole bunch more. This is a very powerful plug-in that handles all of the food ordering and delivery details that your existing WordPress theme can’t handle.

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WP Food

WP Food Restaurant Ordering and Delivery Plugin

WP Food is a restaurant menu and food ordering system that’s a perfect plug in to add new functionality to your existing website. if your website doesn’t currently offer online ordering capabilities, this plug-in slots in perfectly to allow for online orders to be accepted. It’s very seamless and hassle-free. and that’s the case for both front-end and back-end users. The ordering process for your customers is going to be completely hassle-free. And setting up your food but you couldn’t be easier. This powerful, well designed ordering and delivery management plug-in is a perfect solution for any existing restaurant website that doesn’t yet have the capability to accept online orders.

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