Foodota, Online Food Delivery WordPress Theme

Foodota is the name of this theme, and I suppose that’s as good a name as any. It’s an online food delivery and fast food restaurant WordPress theme that has some fresh, healthy features to make your website just as healthy and fresh.

With this theme, you don’t exactly get an astonishing number of prebuilt designs, there are only four of them so far. You can see the first one, the main homepage, in the thumbnail image at the top of this page.

Here’s another one, they switch things up just a bit, but it still has a lot of the same components involved. I wouldn’t say by any stretch of the imagination that this is one of the most varied fast food WordPress themes available. It’s sort of straightforward and to the point. However, in terms of the features and functionality, it’s got you covered.

FoodOTA Fast Food Ordering Theme for WordPress
FoodOTA Fast Food Ordering Theme for WordPress

And the developer has promised to add more new designs in the future. So, if you check back, or if you are viewing this theme sometime in the distant future, perhaps there are more than four prebuilt designs available? Let me know.

Perhaps in the future, they’ll have a dedicated design for more traditional restaurants. In the meantime, you can check out our restaurant themes to find dozens of different options that might fit the bill if your particular establishment is not quite so dedicated to fast food and online ordering.

Anyway, what you get with this theme? Well, one of the biggest aspects that sets this template part is not simply the fact that it uses the Elementor Page Builder, many fast food WordPress themes offer that functionality. But, and they don’t all have 25 specifically built Elementor Page Builder widgets that and even more functionality for restaurants, fast food places and for food ordering systems.

This theme is completely responsive so it looks amazing on all devices. There are two different dashboards available. One for customers and one for the restaurant itself. Customers can order online using their favorite delivery service, make payments using a variety of different payment gateways all of them powered by WooCommerce.

FoodOTA can be translated into any language and customized as much as you need to deliver an outstanding user experience. I think this template does a really strong job of offering a user-friendly way for people to build a website, for customers to shop for the food products they are looking for and for everybody to enjoy the experience.

This theme offers parallax affects, it’s search engine friendly, the code is completely valid and really well organized. There are multilevel menus, tons of documentation, outstanding support and as expected, this theme supports all the most popular WordPress add-ons and plug-ins to keep your website looking absolutely fantastic.

anyway, that’s it for this theme, I think it does do some things that might be interesting to many of you, though it doesn’t really have too many features that set it apart. I guess the online ordering system would count for that, so perhaps this is precisely what you’re looking for?

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