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Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

November 8, 2019

Restaurateurs know, it’s a very competitive business.  Every day, old restaurants close down and new ones pop up to take their place.  One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to have a wonderful website that gets a lot of information out there in a timely, professional way.

Every restaurant needs a great website. If you’re starting up a restaurant, you probably already know this, and considering how many different things you need to do and how much money needs to be spent starting your restaurant, you might not want to take the added expense of purchasing a premium theme, you may be looking for a free restaurant theme.

That’s what this list of themes is all about.

We have found some outstanding, free WordPress themes that will work perfectly to help show your potential customers what you bring to the table. Of course, these free themes are all high-quality and have everything that it takes to set up a great-looking website, you might be interested in some premium WordPress restaurant themes, in which case we have built up a collection for that. But, this selection of themes is all about freebies.

The themes in this collection are all very easy to install and easy to customize. They may lack some of the bells and whistles of truly premium themes, but they will absolutely get the job done. Somewhere down the road, if you decide that you need more features and functionality, and you can always purchase a premium theme to replace the free one that you have downloaded today. That’s one of the great things about WordPress, it’s completely flexible and allows you to achieve just about any goal that you set out to achieve. So, here is our selection of the absolute best free restaurant WordPress themes so far. We will continue to add to this collection so bookmark it and check back often to see what else we have added.


Oregon Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

This is Oregon, a free WordPress theme from Templified and I think it could give you all you need to build a wonderful restaurant website, if you’re willing to download a couple of plugins to extend the native functionality.

This is an incredibly clean, minimalist and simple WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce. All that you’re really missing is functionality for building a food menu. Fortunately, there are quite a number of excellent free options out there that can help you add that type of functionality. Restaurant press is one great option that I think might be interested in. Restaurant press has a simple and beautiful design, multiple layout options and full support for short code. Your restaurant menu can be responsive and that can give a big boost to your SEO. It even supports sale prices, multiple menu groupings and image gallery support. Like all good plug-ins, it’s translation right and it works right out of the box with WooCommerce. You can check out a little bit more information about this plug-in here.

For a little bit more elegant look to your food menu, you might also be interested in the Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin. it allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful, responsive menus for your website. The menu builder is incredibly simple to use, the customization and layout options are plentiful and you can have a restaurant menu setup in almost no time. This theme even supports a Gutenberg restaurant block to display your menu. Either of those options, along with the free Oregon WordPress theme, can get you up and running quickly.

Sometimes, you might want to add support for a recipe plugin. Sharing recipes is a great way to build traffic.  WP Tasty is a really nice looking plug-in that is incredibly functional and looks great right out of the box.  If you want a purpose built recipe plugin that has every feature that you could possibly want, it’s definitely the one that I recommend the highest. it supports Pinterest integration, social media marketing, it’s user-friendly and gives you a Hands-On approach to help you design your recipes. It really is probably the best one out there, although it isn’t a free plugin.  WP Recipe Maker is another option and it’s free too!

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Sporting a premium look and quite a number of features, bargain hunters are going to love the Auberge theme.  I honestly believe they could sell this theme if they wanted too. Actually, when you dive a little deeper into the information, there is a premium version available, which only adds one extra feature.  That feature is the recipe blog plugin that comes bundled with Auberge Plus.  You can always download a free recipe plugin if you want to add recipes, so I don’t necessarily think it’s a requirement to purchase the Auberge Plus license.

This theme offers a large header area that allows you to showcase one large image to give your homepage a really modern design. Social media buttons are integrated at the top and that plug-in is included with your download, you won’t have to add on any additional plugins to connect with your audience. It’s always good to have plugins like that included, you never know what is going to conflict with something else. So, Auberge gives you perfect social media integration right out of the box. You also get a blog that is provided and it has several different post formats to add some variety to your pages. A block is great for helping to boost SEO and keep your customers informed of any specials or news that you have to share.

Auberge supports the beaver builder page builder plugin, that allows beginners and advanced users to develop great lengths pages and it’s all possible thanks to the drag-and-drop power of beaver builder. You can add food menus using the jetpack plugin, another completely free and powerful plug-in that I highly recommend for WordPress installations. As I mentioned, the plus version includes a recipes Post to type, though I don’t feel like that is completely necessary. there are several different free options available at and I think that you will find that any of those can help you add great looking recipes if that is something that you want to offer on your site.

They’ve set this demo up to be a coffee shop site, which is pretty interesting.  Maybe I’ll put together a collection of free coffee shop themes in the future?  For now, here’s a collection of premium WordPress coffee shop themes.  We’ve found some really nice ones, maybe some that will be useful to you?

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Stylish and clean, packed with features but absolutely free. That’s a lot to ask from a WordPress theme, but that’s exactly what this one delivers. This is a wonderful template for high-end restaurants, do I think that even casual or fast casual restaurants could do well with it. This theme features of very modern look with plenty of white space to help set off your content. The header area includes all of the pertinent contact information that you want to add, including spaces for social networking. keeping folks in the loop is very important these days and so many people turn to their social networks to learn more and to share information about your website and your restaurant. This theme offers a custom logo so that you can begin the process of branding your website. The resulting look is absolutely clean and minimalist, it’s perfectly responsive and looks great on all devices as well. I think that the food menus in particular look outstanding, you can even insert images if you want to and add prices to every menu item. All of that is thanks to the Jetpack plugin for free set of tools that I find to be indispensable when setting up a WordPress website.

There are several other features that make this theme of particularly solid one for restaurants, especially considering that it is free after all. one of those features, the events section. The evenings section works very similarly to a blog where you can design an individual page for each event that unites to hold. Details for the event can be shown in a feed on the homepage. It’s really keeps everybody in the loop when you have a special, a special event or something else that you want to share with the widest audience possible. his theme gives you also a wonderful looking portfolio, also integrated with the jetpack plugin. You can use it to showcase pictures from the restaurant, photos of prior events. If you use your restaurant as a wedding venue, perhaps you could add some great-looking images to show what the space might look like? Of course, all of that is up to you. The sky’s the limit with this theme and it’s so customizable, I think that it can be a really great solution for creating a free restaurant website.  Check out some WordPress wedding planner themes in this collection.

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This one is actually named, it’s called bistro. This is a very colorful theme and it’s great for image heavy websites. entire theme is perfectly responsive and that means folks can take your website on the go, thanks to the completely responsive design. I guess that’s what I just said, isn’t it? Anyway, with this thing, you get a live customizer to see real-time at its and modifications. It’s a real time-saver and it can help you avoid critical mistakes with your website. Bistro is ready for translation as well, you can use any language you want to to create an amazing, free website to promote your rest. This is another theme that uses a prominent header to showcase the most important images and give people a really wonderful introduction to your website.

The entire theme is parallax as well, and attention-getting technique that doesn’t wonderful job of presenting a blend of text and images. Bistro also gives you places to add buttons and text, directing people to the most important pages. In my opinion, is there any blog posts and of course, your food menu, are going to be places that you will want to link to a lot. After you scroll down a little bit further, you’ll begin to see some of the parallax backgrounds. These are highly adaptable and beautiful presentations for your content. different areas serve different purposes and one of them is a primer to explain everything having to do with your restaurant. There’s another for food specials, you can add pictures and pricing tables. why not put your menu on the homepage? That’s absolutely possible and you can add testimonials from past customers. A great review can go a long way to helping to build trust in your restaurant and that’s one of the most critical things that any website I can do. Best of all, it’s completely free.

For more parallax WordPress themes, try our full collection.

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Brasserie is a fully responsive, highly customizable free WordPress restaurant a female with a great-looking full with laugh. If you need WooCommerce to sell products, Brasserie is a great choice. with it, you can add a custom logo, customize your header areas, add social media links and featured content. That’s just the beginning of what this theme offers, you should really take a deeper look into it to see the variety of ways this theme can make your life a little bit easier.

If you need a theme that gives you a ton of functionality for your online store, this one is a wonderful choice. I think that the bold, solid and powerful design is all about imagery, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling digital products or physical goods, t-shirts or coffee cups, recipes or something else entirely like cookbooks? Whatever it is that you want to sell, you can make it happen with the Brasserie theme and WooCommerce. Building an online presence that people are going to remember is very important and your choice of a stylish, free restaurant theme can go a long way to making that happen.

One thing that I think is awfully important, some restaurant themes overlook this, prominently placed contact information. In my opinion, contact information should be at the very top in the header. Some theme developers miss that. Brasserie includes it and allows folks a quick way to get in touch with your restaurant, to book reservations, to give you a call to see about bring your venue for a large party or something else. Cramming as much content onto the page as you possibly can is often a good way to help people find exactly what they want and Brasserie does that. Considering the fact that this thing is absolutely free, it’s got an impressive array of options and it’s highly customizable as well.

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This is EaterStop.  Premium quality, but a low, low price.  Actually, it’s completely free!  Helping build a visually appealing restaurant website is the absolute focus of this theme. The visual appeal of your sight is incredibly important, particularly for restaurants. Everyone wants to see big, colorful and beautiful images that are striking and mouth watering. This theme pulls that off with style. You get a full-screen slider on the homepage to showcase gorgeous pictures of your delicious dishes. No matter what type of food your restaurant serves up, your products are going to look amazing thanks to this full with slider. Your homepage also gives you a great place to display daily special menus. For any restaurant that who wants to build an audience online, this is a critical feature.

This EaterStop theme gives you the option to display menu items with or without pictures, you can add pricing information and a bit of a description for your potential customers. Social media buttons are also prominently placed and the full width menu offers a great way to connect. this theme is a bit unique in one aspect, it allows you to display client testimonials, it’s got an image gallery and a special section to feature your cooks and chefs. There’s also a neat little feature of showcasing different milestones achieved by the restaurant in a sort of timeline. it’s really kind of hard to believe that this theme is absolutely free, it’s got all the features you could possibly want and if you need a great looking restaurant site, it’s a great place to start.

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With a gorgeous design, plenty of features and a user-friendly system for customization, it’s a bit surprising that they’re giving away the FoodHunt theme for free.

FoodHunt is a very high-quality WordPress theme that I feel like could be a premium theme if the developer chose to sell it as is. This is a high-quality solution for building an amazing restaurant website. You get prime locations for your social media buttons to help improve your connection with your readers, your custom logo can be uploaded with ease and it has a unique, attention-getting design. From the demo site, you can see that this is set up as a pizza place website, but depending on the images you download, it can work for any type of restaurant. Of course, having your own custom images is even better than the photos, but you get the idea.

having a completely modern design with modern features and plenty of flexibility, FoodHunt is one thing that I think is definitely worth taking a look at it. You get a custom menu and featured image areas for your blog, that can help make your readers come to your restaurant to try what you have to offer. The side bars are completely optional with this theme and it is also translation ready to communicate with customers in all languages. Keep the conversation flowing with threaded comments after each blog post. this is an all-around winner of a theme and the fact that it’s free is just one of the many reasons you should choose it.

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Considering the fact that Restau is a free theme for restaurants, it’s got quite a number of features and a very interesting design.

With an intimate, dark design, upscale restaurants are going to absolutely go wild for this theme. it’s sort of like getting the lights before your meal, it sets a real mood that gets people interested in the food that they are about to eat. as with many of the themes in this collection, social media is well integrated and that can help direct your customers to the most important social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter, of course, but also Instagram and Pinterest. You also get a menu up near the top of the site and you can customize that as you need to. If you want your logo to take up a relatively large chunk of the header area, this theme is a good fit. The logo size is very large by default, though that can be adjusted. You get a beautiful image gallery to add photos of your creations and with the live customizer option, you’ll instantly see changes that you make it to your site.

I’m really impressed by the built-in blog feature that this template offers. It’s very well formatted and gives you the proper balance between text and image. Custom colors are also a possibility. If you want more white space or negative space in your design, perhaps you want the websites colors and your logo colors to match up, it’s completely well within your grasp to make that happen. This theme is built with a two-column design but you can always go with a one column layout if you choose. For some restaurants, a single page format is more desired. That is absolutely possible with this theme.

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Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Café is a premium quality WordPress theme with a rock bottom price tag of absolutely nothing.  But you get a lot of functionality for that price.  Let’s dive in.

This is another theme that offers are really beautiful full screen header image with text and buttons overlaid. This is a fantastic way to introduce your restaurant site to the world. As visitors come to your site, they can scroll down and see as much content as they could possibly want. Food and drink menus, write-ups about your chef, interesting techniques, where you source your food, you get the idea. This theme is built for restaurants and cafes, but it could also work perfectly as a coffee shop theme. Check out some more coffee shop themes here.  The flexibility is there to do just about anything. I’ve seen real world examples of this theme used as a bakery template. The choice is really up to you and I think that considering the design is classic and modern, the flexibility is there to achieve pretty much anything you want.

nearly every restaurant website is going to need a few extra add-ons. Restaurant and Cafe has a reservations module that is built in. It’s nice that you don’t have to download an add-on plug in to get that functionality. when a customer comes to your website, they can set up a reservation within just a few minutes and you will get an alert via email or text message. Considering the fact that this is a free theme, that’s a really nice feature to have. The built-in menu system is beautiful as well. this is also an e-commerce theme, allowing you to sell stuff online or accept payments. I think that that could be great for selling things like gift certificates during the holiday seasons. But, of course, the choice is yours in the end. Using a high-quality WordPress theme like this one is a wonderful way to build your business up and give your customers exactly what they want.

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Restaurante is a premium quality WordPress restaurant theme that brings a low, low price tag of 0$, but it also has a ton of features that make it worth considering.  I think you’re going to love it.

This is a lightweight theme that is based on bootstrap code and it’s ideal for just about any type of restaurant. This theme gives you plenty of customization options including your own custom logo. Giving your website the highest amount of visibility in search engines is critical these days and Restorante is the type of things that can really help your website rank higher in the search engines. This is a stylish, highly rated theme that a lot of people really seem to love.

Like many of the themes in this collection, it’s got a prominently placed header with text at the top that you can edit. this gives you a great way to introduce your restaurant to the world. Whether you display your daily food menu or tantalizing images about some of your most popular dishes, the choice is yours. It’s all about driving people to your brick-and-mortar location, this seemed absolutely delivers on that promise. With a perfectly responsive design, visitors who are using hand-held devices won’t feel left out in the cold. no matter what type of restaurant you have, this theme can help you build a perfect website.  Best of all, that free price!

Demo More Information Get Hosting



Restauranz is a high quality, functional, fast loading and well designed theme that’s completely free for the taking.

This WordPress theme offers a very elegant design perfect for high-end restaurants and white tablecloth establishments. This is another thing with very large head or area and a customizable menu to get people going exactly where you want them to go on your website. In a better area, you can even place buttons and a text, sort of the call-to-action to get people headed toward your menu. Of course, with this theme, as with all things in this collection, you can add more functionality to it if you download the right plugins. Some of these functions could be a reservations system or an online ordering system. These days, more and more people are expecting delivery options and integrating with any of the most popular food delivery services is completely possible. Up until this point, it’s taken up premium, custom-made designed to offer that functionality. Now, you get the option for free.

This theme offers custom logos, colors, fonts and backgrounds. It gives you a massive amount of branding possibilities. The clean, professional and well-organized design is totally responsive. That makes it look amazing on all devices. 4 restaurants, coffee shops, cafes or food blogs this template offers a lot of features that can’t be matched. Using jetpack to support a food menu is a great idea a welcome addition to the long list of features that this theme offers. so, get creative and build yourself an amazing website for absolutely nothing.

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Rosa Lite


This theme is the free version of Rosa, which you can learn more about here.  While the free version is fine for most uses, if you want a little bit of extra support and a couple other added bells and whistles, it may be worth spraying for the premium version. It’s not too expensive, it could be worth the money in the long run, considering what you got with the upgraded version.

Rosa Lite  is a real attention-getting theme. That’s thanks in large part due to the large header images and the really interesting parallax effect for your pages and posts. this theme offers plenty of white space and that can really make your menu items jump off the page. Speaking of the page, the homepage is incredibly well-organized and that makes it very simple to direct visitors to your menu page or your online booking page. With Rosa Lite, you get several different page templates that allow you to create any type of page that you can meet to show visitors exactly what your restaurant is all about. Rosa Lite is simple to customize with your own logo, colors and fonts. There are many other style settings that can be changed as well. Like all modern games, this one is responsive and that means it will look fantastic on all devices. It’s translation ready to so it doesn’t need to be exclusively used for English language speakers.

Demo Free Download Get Hosting



This theme is Yummy.  It’s more than just a name, it’s a very apt description of the style and features of this delicious WordPress dish.

The overall presentation incredibly elegant and it’s got quite a number of features that make it a perfect for restaurant tours and want to get all of their information 2 potential customers, helping them to become informed and to lure them in with your delicious dishes. With this theme, you get the header that takes up the vast majority of the page and this featured image can be used to compliment an introductory paragraph. it’s a great place to introduce visitors to what you have to offer. If you want a WordPress theme that is completely customizable and you don’t have the time or expertise to learn how to code, this theme is a great compromise. It’s incredibly simple to create a tailor made looking website, even though this theme is completely free. Another fantastic feature, yummy looks amazing on all devices, including handheld devices. folks visit you on their little devices are going to get the same great user experience that people who come to your site on desktop computers will receive. thanks to you. Port for WooCommerce, you’ll have all of the features you need to sell products and take payments online. This theme offers multiple different widgets which can help explain your menu and that can make for uninformed audience that it’s desperate to try out what you’ve cooked up.

No matter what language you used, no matter where in the world you are located, this theme offers translation tools to help you connect with your potential customers. it’s really a great idea to appeal to as many people as possible, you don’t want to lose business just because folks don’t speak your language. You get custom backgrounds, custom headers and you can upload your logo right off the bat. The feature to header image is a really nice touch. It supports high-res photos they can really lower people in. The blog has threaded comments where people can connect and discuss your articles and posts and you can reply to them to keep them in the loop about anything that is coming up in your restaurant. Considering the fact that this man is absolutely free and, it’s a wide range of features and a great style I think a lot of people are going to love.

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