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If you want to create a front end uploads website that has all the functionality that YouTube has, you’ve got a big task ahead of you. However, if you have the right WordPress theme you can have a website for a very reasonable price that delivers a lot of the same features and functionality that YouTube brings.

Considering the fact that YouTube is currently the most popular social network anywhere in the world, and the second most popular website overall, people really love video. It’s definitely the number one video sharing platform by a long distance and with a properly selected WordPress theme, you can create a website the does many of the same things that YouTube can do.

All of the things that we’ve gathered up are quite similar to YouTube and their functionality. These premium-quality themes allow for front-end uploading so that only comes to your site can submit their very own videos for feeling. if some of these videos having to go viral, you’ll see your traffic and your website popularity positively exploding. Another aspect of YouTube that’s important is the interaction and commenting system. The themes we’ve gathered all have outstanding ways for people to vote and comment on different videos.

Considering the price of these themes, you’re getting a real bargain. For a fraction of the cost of a completely custom web design, you can craft an awesome video sharing platform with any of these themes and a free copy of WordPress.

So, if you’re looking for an outstanding YouTube clone WordPress theme, take a look at this election and let us know what you think.


Bimber YouTube Clone Video Submission WordPress Theme

Bimber is one of those WordPress themes that can really help elevate your content. Thanks to the outstanding design this template brings to the table, along with all of the various features it gives you, you’ll have the ability to set up a website with a lot of the same functionality as YouTube. Of course, it’s going to be pretty difficult to do everything that YouTube does, but this template has several critical features that you really can’t do without if you’re trying to set up a YouTube clone website.

Bimber allows for front-end videos submission, so visitors can submit their own video clips to include on your website. This is a really great way to help build traffic and to extend the reach of your website. The more content the better, that’s what I always say and when you allow your visitors to get in on the act, I think you’re well on your way to creating a website that can truly be called a YouTube clone.  Check out some more full featured video WordPress themes in this collection we’ve put together.

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VideoBox YouTube Clone WordPress Theme

Video Box is an incredibly simple theme to look at, but it packs a lot of outstanding features under the hood. For showing off both audio and video content, few themes offer more features and functionality than this one. This responsive and Retina ready theme is easy to install and easy to customize. It also supports WooCommerce is so you can monetize your website content, if you should decide to go that route. Of course, playing advertisements before or during your videos is probably the easiest and best way to go about monetizing a YouTube style website, so Video Box provides the ability to do just that.

So, what about making a classic YouTube clone website with this template? Well, considering the availability of front and submission, the clean video presentation and the way WordPress works with popular social media plug-ins like BuddyPress, I think it should be not too difficult to set up a website that allows for a lot of the functionality that YouTube provides. And, you can take control over the look of your website using the theme options panel. Anyway, that’s of function that YouTube certainly doesn’t provide.

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Videoly WordPress Theme for YouTube Style Websites

Videoly is a WordPress video theme that is beautifully designed and it gives you several different templates to choose from to give you a variety of homepage options. Since this theme has a lot of the same functionality that YouTube provides, it’s important to note that several of the most important aspects are covered.

So, what about this theme makes it a candidate to craft a website similar to YouTube? Well, there are a number of different factors that are very important. Videoly allows for front end submission, there is a robust commenting system and a really clean, modern design that will remind you quite a bit of YouTube. It’s incredibly simple to install and simple to customize, there are multiple different article and blog layouts, perfect responsive design and several premium plugins are also included. all in all, I think this is definitely among the absolute best candidates for crafting a YouTube style website to engage with a worldwide audience.

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VideoPro WordPress Theme for Front End Video Submission

VideoPro is one of the most robust and user-friendly video sharing platforms around. It functions like a video blog or magazine, but it also allows for front-loading. You can have live streaming videos, add membership levels, integrate BuddyPress for strong commenting and interaction between users and it’s all incredibly simple to use. all of the most popular video networks are supported. YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitch and Vimeo, just to name a few.

However, if you want your website to truly seem like YouTube, you’ll want to self host your videos. That’s the big challenge. Fortunately, that’s a possibility and that can do a lot to help increase the level of professionalism on your video sharing site. And despite the fact that this theme is a few years old at this point, a few other themes have been able to match the amount of functionality this template provides. So, it’s definitely among the most powerful YouTube clone options out there and definitely one worth considering.

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UberTube WordPress YouTube Style Theme

UberTube is a YouTube style video WordPress theme that gives you front end submission, user playlist, a powerful subscription system and live user notifications. A lot of that may sound familiar, assuming you’re familiar with what YouTube brings to the table. But this is your very own website in a box, it’s got a page builder, you can edit videos and there’s a customizable user back end. With the built-in discovery system, people can find new and exciting videos every time they come to your website. With your download, you’ll get six different pre-made home pages to choose from to set up your website exactly the way you want it to look. If you’re looking to deliver the exact same great experience that YouTube delivers, this template can give you a real head start to making an outstanding video sharing platform.

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SnapTube YouTube Video Clone Website Template

Snaptube is a premium video WordPress theme that allows you to embed videos or upload them to your own server. It’s a perfect video portal theme with a responsive design, advanced theme options and many different custom widgets including a page building tool that allows for complete control over your layout. With this template, you won’t have a hard-coded website, it’s completely dynamic and intuitive. The drag-and-drop page builder gives you complete layout design control, which is nice.

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Slim Video WordPress YouTube Clone Theme

Slim Video is a video community WordPress theme with infinite layouts, 55 different builder elements, WooCommerce support, custom post types and a whole lot more. This is an outstanding product for creating a website that is quite similar to YouTube in it’s functionality. That includes front end user submissions where your visitors can upload their own clips to your site. All it takes is a handful of viral videos and your traffic is going to explode. In a good way.  Haha.

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Videofly WordPress Theme with YouTube Functionality

VideoFly is an outstanding template for sharing video and showcasing amazing content from around the world. This is a premium template with premium features. There are unlimited header and footer layouts, gorgeous and stylish layouts and an overall modern design. You’ll have quite a level of adaptability for your website layout and with the front end submission capability, you can let users upload their own videos or embed video clips from established video hosting websites like YouTube or Vimeo. It’s all accessible from the user dashboard and it’s completely intuitive. You’ll also be able to add your own pre-roll ads and with the advertising manager, it’s incredibly simple to control.

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VideoTouch WordPress Theme Similar to YouTube

VideoTouch is a video sharing WordPress the theme that gives you front end video uploads, embedded videos, self hosted videos and plenty of other options. It’s totally responsive theme looks great on all devices and it’s Retina display ready too. Built on the ultra-smooth Twitter Bootstrap framework, you get a modern and interesting design that’s packed with super-powered features. With the touch layout builder, you can create any type of design you want to showcase your video properly. It’s all very intuitive and super simple to make the most of.

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VideoTube Responsive YouTube Video WordPress Theme

VideoTube is a responsive WordPress video theme that allows you to embed or upload your own videos as you see fit. You can even let users submit their own clips. You can allow these to go live automatically or hold them for review to ensure the quality is where you want it to be. With the widget-friendly advanced home page sections, you can build your home page just the way you want it. Video thumbnails are generated automatically with every video upload, the entire website is perfectly responsive and the provided page builder gives you total layout control. This theme is definitely among the best YouTube clone videos out there today.

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goWatch WordPress Video Blogging Theme

GoWatch is a video community and video sharing or pressing theme bill for video bloggers, communities and folks who love to share video clips. This theme is all about your content. It’s got 10 different for you to find layouts that help showcase video In a really professional and fun way. It’s totally responsive, there’s a YouTube video importer tool and a beautiful pagination system to help guide people through your website. This powerful template provides animated effects, image sliders, mosaic posts, featured posts and a whole lot more. If you want a sleek and elegant way to create a website just like YouTube, this template provides a really helpful assortment of tools to get the job done.

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