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Furniture Shop WordPress Themes

May 11, 2021
Furniture Store WordPress Themes

For this collection, were highlighting some of the absolute best furniture store or furniture shop WordPress themes that you can buy. Whether you’re selling your furniture online, drop shipping it for a variety of different vendors, or if you have a brick-and-mortar store, we are picking out some of the absolute finest WordPress themes that help make your furniture shop, a smashing success.

The themes we’ve selected all have lots of features, flexibility and premade designs that can be installed just a couple of clicks. No matter what type of brand you have, having lots of flexibility when it comes to fonts, colors, layouts and logo design is very important. These user-friendly themes provide exactly the right type of features you’ll need to make your furniture shop look its best. And thanks to the powerful WooCommerce plug-in, it’s really simple to set up and get started.

Furniture Shop WordPress Themes

So, here are the finest furniture shop WordPress themes available today and continue to check back, we will be updating this collection regularly.


Shop Metro – Umea

Shop Metro – Umea

Umeå is styled as a furniture store WordPress theme, but there’s a whole lot more to it than just that. Sure, it’s got all the features any WooCommerce shop needs to provide and it has a really clean, modern and professional look. That gives it a distinctive minimalist style that I think works for a variety of different types of online shops. So, don’t feel like it can only be used as a furniture store. It has the potential to work for so many more products than just furniture.

Umeå if you want the type of WordPress theme that allows you to get your website off the ground incredibly quickly, this might be exactly the type of features that you’re looking for. It’s an incredibly modern template that was custom designed from the ground up to give you a really unique look for your website without the added expense of hiring a developer to create something from scratch. And because this theme is flexible, you’ll have lots of opportunities to make your website look completely different than the competition.

The developer has included lots of documentation and there are even video tutorials to go along with your download so you’ll never run into troubles setting your website up and completely customizing it to your liking. So, overall, I think this user-friendly template provides the type of flexibility and the dynamic capabilities to work for just about any type of online shop and so, I think it’s a really strong option.

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Hono Furniture – Woocommerce Theme 1

Hono Furniture, WooCommerce Powered WordPress Theme

Hono is a furniture store WordPress theme, but it promises a lot more functionality than just that. In fact, this is a multipurpose theme with a bunch of premade designs, but I think the specifically built furniture shop design is a particularly nice example of what’s possible with WordPress. Thanks to all of the flexible features this theme offers, you can use Hono for just about anything.

There are four different premade styles, each of them highlighting a different product line. There is the furniture design, another for natural and organic skincare products, one for gadgets you’ve got to have light headphones and watches, and another for jewelry stores. Of course, that’s all windowdressing, it’s really more about the design than what the images show. But, this furniture design actually works really well. I love the layout, it attracts a lot of attention at top, but it keeps the reader flowing through all of your content in a really intriguing way.

So, if you’re looking for a furniture store theme, this template gives you four different options that could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. So take a look at the demo below and about your to find that this powerful WooCommerce theme has what it takes to be a really outstanding option for any type of furniture store.

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Reeco Clean Simple Grid WooCommerce Theme

Reeco Clean Simple Grid WooCommerce Theme

Reeco is a clean, well-designed and crafty WooCommerce ready WordPress theme that looks great for a lot of different types of products, giving you plenty of flexibility to highlight our wide range of goods in a really smart way. The main design is all about furniture, though it does have the flexibility to work for any type of modern product. The clean design does make it great for mid century modern furniture, but the choice is completely up to you what you want to use this template for. It’s fully translatable into any language, there are numerous different features that are highly specialized for selling products, a theme options panel that gives you loads of control over the look and feel of your website, you can adjust the header and footer, control, navigation options, the list goes on and on.

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This collection was created on November 20th, 2020. I’m updating it for the first time on December 3rd. It’s already ranking #45 on that day for WordPress furniture store themes and #23 for Furniture Shop WordPress Themes. Dropped to #85 and 51 on May 11th. Finally updating it again.

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