Giada – Jewelry and Watch Store

I’ve been seeing a lot of jewelry store and watch shop WordPress themes lately and I decided to review one today. It’s called Giada and it’s a really nice example of what a modern WordPress theme can do when you’re looking to build a jewelry shop online.

Before I even get started, one of the most interesting things about this template, every single one of the images featured in this template is available with your download, free of charge. Stop photography can be incredibly expensive. With this free treasure trove of awesome images, you’ll definitely be saving money if you are going to purchase stock images anyway. It can always be a nice thing to have. Eventually, you’ll probably want to find all of your own images, but I think these placeholders do a really great job of making your website look amazing right off the bat.

When crafting a jewelry shop, assuming you are set on using WordPress, WooCommerce support is an absolute must have. And this template provides all of the shopping cart pages, all of the inner pages you’ll need to share your products in a dazzling style people are going to enjoy.

Giada is completely responsive, your website is going to look unforgettable on all devices ices. It’s a really kick ass thing to have, though I think it might be a bit of overkill to even mention it. These days, all web templates that worth anything are completely responsive. After all, it’s a Google ranking factor now, so you’ve got to have it.

Giada allows you to sell gift cards and vouchers, there’s a beautiful new stylish blog template and with all of the subtle and elegant style here, you’ll be able to create a contemporary jewelry shop with ease. Everything in this template is packed to the rafters with incredible, legendary features. The design is light and bright overall and I think that does a great job of showcasing the wealth of style this template provides.

Looking for more WordPress themes for jewelry stores? Well, this is the collection you want to take a look at. We put together quite a number of awesome themes that are great for jewelry shops. And, just because Giada also has a lot of fashion designer web designs, why not take a look at that collection as well?

The developer has put together quite a bit of documentation go along with this template, there are even some video tutorials to give you a step-by-step guide to setting your new Giada WordPress theme up. Getting the results you want, that’s what it’s all about. What good is a premium quality WordPress theme if you can’t use it? Well, that’s a great question. In this case, you won’t need to find out the answer, you’ll have everything you need to make your website successful.

Giada offers a powerful admin interface for advanced customization, you don’t need to learn any WordPress code to make it work great. There’s one click demo content import and a large collection of prebuilt pages and layouts.

Overall, this is a jaw-dropping WordPress theme that is absolutely perfect for jewelry stores, watched stores and other products where the wealthy spend their money on stylish, cool stuff.

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