Glamon, Barber Shop and Hair Salon WordPress Theme

Glamon is a really interesting barber shop and hair salon WordPress theme. It’s got a bold, stylish look about it, it really engages with your readers from the moment they set their eyes on your homepage. The navigation is simple and straightforward, the images are bold and attention-grabbing and the result is a fantastic web template for any sort of barber shop or hair salon. Stylists are everywhere, but not every one of them has a great-looking website. It shouldn’t be that difficult, choosing a great hair salon or Barber Shop theme is as simple as checking out our collection on the subject. If you’d like to know more, take a look at that collection and let us know what you think about it. We have found quite a number of great themes that work for any type of hair salon or barber shop.

Glamon offers several different home page styles, plenty of features and it’s all in a really easy to use package that makes it solid for beginners and veterans alike.

Let me give you a little run-down about what this team has to offer. First of all, it supports WooCommerce, the leading shopping cart Plug-In or extension for WordPress. Woocommerce makes it incredibly simple to create an online shop and to sell products, no matter where in the world you are or what type of product you are selling. Of course, when we’re talking about a hair salon or hair stylist, barber shop or something similar, you might be selling hair products, even accepting online payments. That’s a really handy feature, you can use your website to set up this type of easy to use and easy to manage system for accepting payments online. I think that your customers are really going to appreciate that type of service.

You get several different homepage styles to choose from and quite a number of pre-built inner Pages as well. The theme options panel is extensive and it allows you to control things like the colors and fonts, header and footer Styles, Design Elements, Pages come up Blog Page, team page and of course the shop page. Using wpbakery page builder to allow for the ultimate inflexibility, Glam On gives you tons of features and flexibility in equal measure.

Let’s take a look at what one of the homepages could look like if you should select this theme.o

If you’re on the hunt for more barber shop themes, we’ve got a nice selection of stuff you might enjoy.

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