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Glider, Flat YouTube and Vimeo Video WordPress Theme

October 16, 2019


That’s your first look at Glider, a completely responsive WordPress theme for displaying video posts and multimedia content.  It’s been a year or so since I first reviewed Glider, so I figured I’d have another look at this theme to see if anything big has changed.  Well, yes, plenty has changed.  But first, let’s take a look at what the theme developer, Crumina, says about Glider.

Whether you need a large professional corporate site or a small entertaining blog, or want to create an informative magazine – our multi-functional ultra-modern Glider theme will fit all sites purposes!!! It has super stylish design that is fully responsive.

Its multiple easy to use options and features allow you to build and organize your content the way you want it to be as with our theme you have all needed tools for implementing your creative designing ideas! 7 splendid layouts will not leave anyone indifferent and you can also create your own unique layout with the help of very easy to use admin panel.

So, a full-featured multimedia theme.  But we already knew that much.  It’s good for personal blog sites, travel blogs and lifestyle sites too.  Anything where you want a professional, simple frame for your content.

Glider has a lot of bells and whistles too, it’s not just a plain, boring theme.  It uses Visual Composer and Page Builder, offers three different sliders, mega menu and even pricing tables.  That’s a lot of firepower for building a great looking video blog and eCommerce site.

There’s no kind of layout you can’t achieve.  That is to say, any layout you want *can* be achieved.  And you don’t even need to know how to code.

With over a thousand downloads and a 4.5+ rating on Theme Forest, Crumina has created a theme that’s been popular and remains popular.

I should note that Crumina has stopped adding new features to this theme, though they continue to add maintenance and security updates, but the development process is basically over for this one.  Here’s what Crumina said recently about the support question.

“Unsupported” means that we won’t add any new features to the theme in future, but we still release maintenance and security updates. The theme is unsupported for half a year already.

Well, I guess considering the fact that they’re not really updating it, there might be other options out there that will serve your purpose a little bit better.  That said, the style is still nice, the flat design is still trendy.  I’ll sort of recommend it, but not whole heartedly.

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