Glych, Unique and Vibrant WordPress Music and Video Theme

This theme is called Glych, it’s a unique and well designed theme for musicians, bands and audio lovers of all kinds.

I think that what this theme does more than anything is gives your business a chance to make the right first impression. To really get off on the right foot, making a bold statement about the type of creativity you have to offer. Glytch maybe not a perfect name for everyone but for those who need a really stylish and different-looking, vibrant music and video WordPress theme, this could very well be the one for you. There are multiple different homepage styles, and we will outline a handful of those to give you a good idea of what the Glytch WordPress theme brings to the table in terms of design.

Here’s one of the home page styles.  Ideal for album releases, bands and tours, this design has a clean layout and makes the images and typography perfectly balanced. It’s a great way to attract a lot of attention to whatever it is that you’re doing.

Here’s another home page design.  Colorful and fun.  The typography stands out again, making it a really sharp and nicely designed home page.

And here is one of several different blog page styles.

I think that Glych is an overall nice looking theme and it’s got enough features to keep everyone happy.

If you’d like to see more themes similar to this one, themes that work great for video portfolios as well as music and musicians, check out our collection of video themes. We are aim to create the absolute best theme collections on the internet and if you find one on or website, you can be guaranteed that it is a very high-quality theme. We’ll be back soon with even more great templates so stay tuned.

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