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April 6, 2021
Graphic Design Portfolio Themes

Today, let’s highlight some of the best graphic design portfolio WordPress themes available today. These themes make it really simple for a graphic designer, whether you’re a freelancer looking for new clients or maybe a long-term gig, or if you have a graphic design company, the themes in this collection represents a really outstanding options for creating a portfolio that will get your business attention.

The themes in this collection are all highly adaptable, user-friendly and they help to make your graphic design portfolio look fantastic. The themes in this collection also provide multiple portfolio designs that can give you a lot of different ways to present your content. There are often many premade designs from which you can choose, that will give you a lot of beautiful ways to present that winning portfolio to help grow your business and bring in new clients.

If you’ve been searching for that perfect graphic design portfolio template, check out this collection and I’m pretty sure you’ll find some really outstanding stuff that can help make your projects look their best.


Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

Divi is one of the most highly functional WordPress themes that any graphic design or creator could possibly want. This theme packs so much functionality under the hood, you might think that it would be particularly expensive. However, it’s been the tool of choice to help many graphic designers strengthen their portfolio at a relatively inexpensive price point. You’ll be able to create a tidy, smooth user experience that people are definitely going to react to.

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Doex Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Doex Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Doex is completely responsive WordPress theme with lots of support for the types of features that graphic designers need to highlight the creative content in a way that reaches the widest audience possible. This theme has a lot of flexibility to it that makes a great for designers, photographers, illustrators and even video producers. So, if you are a graphic designer or a motion graphic designer, this theme can provide a really solid homepage with ample features, loads of flexibility, multiple premade homepages and inner pages and a powerful theme options panel to help give you lots of different ways to customize your website and have it looking great with in just a few clicks.

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Portfolio Pinterest – Bryson

Portfolio Pinterest – Bryson

Bryson is a clear, crisp and concise WordPress theme for design firms and portfolios. There is actually quite a bit that you can achieve with this template, it’s not just about design agencies, freelance people, Illustrators or portfolio artists, it also works as an e-commerce shop, thanks to WooCommerce integration. If you want to create a beautiful new illustration or design portfolio, Bryson has everything needed for any designer who wants to make a great impact. This is a captivating and stylish theme that is easy to use and easy to customize. No coding knowledge is required to get a really great look for your site.

Let’s have a look at the homepage to see what is possible with Bryson. Actually, I misspoke a bit, I said home page, but there are quite a number of different homepages provided with this theme. It looks like there are at least nine different demo styles that you get to choose from. You got a main home page, which is what you were looking at in the image below. There is the pinterest-style for folio as well as an agency home page. You got another style for Design Studios and an illustrator portfolio. The interactive showcase is another neat option. Finally, you get it portfolio Carousel style and a Blog homepage. That wasn’t finally, finally.  Actually finally, there is also a shop on page, using the power of WooCommerce to allow you to sell goods and services around the world.

Check it out. If you’d like to see some more WordPress design themes, check out powerful collection. You might also make some use of our portfolio themes collection. Both of those collections are packed with cool stuff that will inspire you.  So, that’s it for today, we’ll be back soon with more outstanding WordPress themes.

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Artist's Portfolio WordPress Theme

Your Way is a graphic designer’s dream come true. This powerful and highly adaptable theme has a lot going for it and it all starts with just how much research the developer did it into crafting this template. They have made sure they taken a really deep look at what graphic designers need to build an outstanding portfolio and to blend a great looking blog into the mix. The result is a really beautiful website that user-friendly and one that gives you complete control over how you present your content. This theme doesn’t overpower your work, it accentuates it, leading to really outstanding, easily consumable project pages, blog posts and even e-commerce, should you choose to go that direction.

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Tumli Elegant and Ornate Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Tumli is a WordPress theme with a substantial set of features, loads of functionality and a beautiful style that can definitely help your graphic design portfolio blossom. If you want to set the stage for the widest audience possible to enjoy your content and what you have created, this template presents a muscular homepage that can satisfy even the most finicky webmaster.

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Borderland Clean User Friendly Portfolio Theme

Borderland is a highly adaptable WordPress theme with a clean design that is anything but overly busy. While I wouldn’t exactly consider it a minimalist WordPress theme, it does have a clean, smooth design. At this point, you might even say that the flavor of this theme, if that’s what you would call it, is just a hint of retro style. But, I think it communicates the message and helps present any type of graphic design portfolio in a really lovely and highly engaging way.

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Leedo – Modern Colorful Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Leedo is a very clean WordPress theme that can definitely help raise the level of your graphic design portfolio presentation. This theme does a lot of things really well, it’s an interesting blend of images and text that help to string together a lot of content in a very interesting way. It’s anything but abrasive, I think your visitors are going to be very receptive to your message when you can present your content in a way that’s so straightforward and beautiful.

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Blomma – Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme

Blomma is the perfect toolkit for any creative agency or freelance graphic designer. If you’re looking for a flat WordPress theme, one that does a lot of hard work to enchant your audience, announcing your presence with authority is definitely well within your reach thanks to this powerful, adaptable portfolio theme. I suggest you take a look at the premade demo designs because there are quite a number that have a variety of different looks and subtle differences among them. So, depending on the type of content your website wants to present, you might have a lot of different options to consider.

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Adios Clean Flat Portfolio Theme with Lots of White Space

Adios is a portfolio WordPress theme for graphic designers that is the cream of the crop. You don’t need to be cautious or guarded to consider this template, it’s got a very classic design that is going to help present your work in a very interesting way. You definitely don’t want to be condemned to the world of a boring WordPress theme and this one has just enough design interest in it to make it really stand out, without being overly weird, to put it mildly.

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Nadus - Creative WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

Nadus uses a nice mix of classic web design with some interesting new touches to create a very attractive presentation for your content. This theme gives you four different homepage demo layouts and each one of them is completely responsive, an absolute pleasure to use for users on any type of device. If you want to have access to the most powerful page building tools, WP Bakery Page Builder is equal to the task. It can help you craft a website brick by brick and block by block with everything exactly in place.

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Home Hero Image – Tangle

Tangle is a vibrant, modern and stunning multipurpose WordPress theme that makes it possible to present just about any type of creative content, perfect for all sorts of graphic designers. This well groomed WordPress theme is near the top of its class in terms of its overall set of features and functionality. Six different portfolio demos are provided and each one of them is WooCommerce ready, providing a fertile ground for growing a strong, mighty oak of a business.

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Kodell, Clean Graphic Design Homepage

Kodell is simply bursting with clean, modern style and outstanding features for portfolios, whether you are a graphic designer or a member of a graphic design agency. Everything is very well arranged and this theme pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with clean, modern and flat design. If your content is highly visually engaging, having this type of presentation could make a real difference when attracting new clients or customers.

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Newman Graphic Design and Photography Theme

Newman makes it really easy for graphic designers or even motion graphic designers to set up a beautiful website without being troubled too much by a lot of confusing code or arcane knowledge that you need to seek out. What is this, some kind of a fantasy novel? I have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, this theme provides a really mellow background for your creative graphic design work. You definitely won’t be annoyed by how many premade designs there are, how many outstanding features they have squashed into this template and how much interest your potential customers are going to have when taking a look at what you’ve created.

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Doom - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

Doom may be a bit of a strange name, but it provides a really nice platform for your creative content without being cumbersome. That’s because this lightweight, fast loading WordPress theme helps your content move in ways people might not have even fancied just a few years ago. It’s really astonishing the amount of work that has gone into this theme and it’s really on the cutting edge of what’s possible when presenting a graphic design portfolio. There are multiple premade designs included that will have you cooing in delight at every page.

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Oshine Bold Simple Full Screen Portfolio Theme

Oshine is a powerful, flexible and dynamic WordPress theme with an astonishing array of features. This theme has made itself indispensable to many webmasters who have turned to it again and again to present a really great option for creative content. The texture of this theme? Smooth. It has really exploded on the scene and shot into the stratosphere with some of the most popular prebuilt designs on the market. So, if you’re longing for a better WordPress theme, this one might be a really strong option for your graphic design portfolio.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 WordPress Theme for Creative Video Makers

Studio 8 provides a really solid platform for creative work. Now, sometimes the word solid can be used as a bit of an insult. Solid isn’t spectacular, it’s not outrageous and bold, it is the type of design that seeks to protect your hard work without overshadowing. And frequently, graphic designers want this type of design, that’s why they included it in this collection. It could be a perfect match for graphic designers whose work is particularly old and spectacular, outrageous and groundbreaking.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic One Page Landing Page Theme for WordPress

Massive Dynamic is a complete website building toolkit. This powerful WordPress theme helps you produce anything you set your mind to. That’s because it comes complete with a powerful page building tool that makes it simple to create real growth in your website and help push boundaries. The design is certainly not sloppy, it helps introduce your content in a lush environment that is elegant, beautiful, disarming and really simple to consume.

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Fortun WordPress Theme for Photographers

Fortun provides a robust set of customization options, multiple premade plans for web design and I think you’re going to love just how simple this theme is to adjust and adapt to fit your needs. This theme present your content in a splendid, sparkling way so that the ill-informed can learn more about what you have created. If you want the type of website that can present a wide variety of graphic design work in one place, I think the masonry graded layout which is pictured above is a particularly nice option.

Speaking of grid themes, why not check out the collection of grid WordPress themes we have gathered up. It’s a massive and astonishing array of portfolio, blog and e-commerce websites that use cool looking grids to achieve maximum attention.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Personal Blog and Portfolio Theme

Elegance Pro is not some feeble WordPress theme that lacks features, it’s a simple, powerful and adaptable theme that is powered by widgets and that utilizes the Genesis framework to achieve incredible results in terms of optimization and page load times. I invite you to take a look at this template with the link below where you can learn a lot more about it and see a beautiful demo that is a talented and effective presentation for creative content like graphic design portfolios. And best of all, I really love the simple, clean, minimalist style this theme present your content with.

If you want to check out some additional minimalist WordPress themes, the full collection that we have put together is a really outstanding place to find some handsome WordPress themes that could be beneficial to your creative work. Or, build a great looking online shop. It’s completely up to you.

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Ultra Modern Creative MultiConcept Portfolio Theme

Ultra is one of the most flexible themes ever crafted and it is courtesy of a theme developer named Themify. Themify does a really interesting stuff and this is their flagship product. With it, you’ll be able to invite nearly anyone to your website and they’re going to receive an outstanding user experience on every page as they check out your portfolio. The design will never interfere with that amazing user experience and thanks to the drag and drop page building tool that is supplied, you’ll have a very effective way to craft an awesome graphic design portfolio.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

Hestia Pro really makes the grade when it comes to powerful theme options, great looking premade design and the type of environment that makes graphic design portfolio really come alive. You might be surprised at how much you can achieve with a one page WordPress theme like this one. You’ll have complete control over your websites design and all of the little style features that set it apart. They’ll be no surprises when it comes to setting up your website and giving it some really custom touches to help it do the work you need to do.

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Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan Parallax WordPress Theme with Bold Typography


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Ronneby Powerful Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme


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Lester Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme


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Grand Portfolio

Grand Portfolio Clean Simple Elegant Photo Portfolio Theme


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Wright Clean Flat Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Theme


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Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro Full Screen Photography Portfolio Theme


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Cre8or Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme


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Motive WordPress One Page Theme with Portfolio Design


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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro Clean Crisp Portfolio WordPress Theme


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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress Minimal Style Portfolio Theme


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The Agency

The Agency Flat Typography Centered WordPress Theme


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Airtifact Clean Minimal Typography WordPress Theme


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