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GRD, Landscaping and Lawn Care WordPress Theme

July 14, 2019

GRD is a WordPress theme that’s made for gardeners, landscapers, nurseries, lawn care businesses and groundskeepers.  It’s even perfect for a florist shop, agriculture and other related businesses.

GRD is a theme that was very specifically made for sectors such as the lawn care services business, groundskeeping businesses, landscapers, Gardner’s, florists, Architects and others who like to put their hands in the dirt, so to speak. I guess really Architects don’t do that, but this themes developer, SteelThemes, seems to think that architects are really going to enjoy their template. That’s up to the architects to decide, I suppose.

I was trying to figure out what GRD stands for. I mean, sure, it’s GARDEN with all of the vowels removed…and then, they took the ‘N’ off as well. GRDN, that make sense GRD, I’m not sure. Gardening, Rototilling….Daffodils?  I have no clue.

Gorp, Rain, De-Weeding?

Yeah, I don’t get it.

Here’s a look at the GRD theme though.

GRD WordPress Landscaping Services Theme

We’re still trying to create our collection of gardening and Landscaping related themes, Lawn Care themes and the like, so I really have nothing going to at this point. This is sort of a placeholder for when I do choose to link to our collection of landscaping related templates. I’m absolutely certain that this GRD is going to end up making that collection, because it is incredibly high-quality and there really aren’t that many out there in this niche. So, stay tuned for more and will be back shortly with more amazing carding tablets.

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