Greenfarm, WordPress Organic Store and eCommerce Theme

This theme is called Greenfarm, it’s all about fresh produce and fresh features, it’s got a nice looking design that’s as crisp as a carrot, an earthy set of robust features and it’s like a potato…okay, it’s not like a potato at all.

I’ve been seeing more and more organic styled WordPress themes, or green or themes, it’s really sweeping the WordPress universe. I can see why, so many people these days are concentrating on farm-to-table products and living with a smaller carbon footprint. You know, all WordPress themes generally have the same carbon footprint, so it really doesn’t matter which one you select. That said, a theme that is styled with green living in mind could be a better choice, since there’s less adaptation that needs to be done to make a website that proclaims itself to be green and organic.  This theme also works great for organic food blog websites or lifestyle blogs where green living is a focal point.

Here’s a look at one of these organic e-commerce themes, GreenFarm.

I think that overall the same is a really nice design. It’s got for pre-made and unique homepage Demo’s, each appealing to people who want to shop for the freshest organic produce around. I can really see this tablet working great for a food Collective or Co-op, a farmers market or for a roadside produce stand. There’s a dragon drop page builder included, extensive theme options panels and GreenFarm installs with just a single click. This team is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will look amazing on all sorts of devices and browsers. With the built-in blog module, even keep in touch with your customers and build new ones. Well, you can’t build new ones, but you can grow your business. Sort of like a vegetable.  Except not at all.

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