Greenova, Best Green Theme for Gardeners and Landscapers

Looking for the perfect one-size-fits-all theme? Well you found it. The Greenova WordPress template allows you to mix and match everything from colors, layouts, banners, menus…even your fonts. This is a full service template that will not only look great but generate interest in whatever you need it to do. With this customizable theme at your disposal I can assure that no matter what kind of business or persona you’re running it may take on, your website will come out looking fly with style plus substance!

For gardeners and landscapers, Greenova provides a fully customizable homepage layout that is ideal for small one-person operations as well as large businesses with multiple providers serving customers in a variety of different markets. There are numerous customization options available for this theme, making it suitable for both small and large businesses. The default design provided by this Greenova WordPress theme, in my opinion, does an excellent job of prickly highlighting your skills and services while remaining professional. An attractive slideshow option is available that you can customize with different photos and videos of your previous work to give people a really good idea of what your company is all about.

Greenova is the fastest way to generate a professional-looking website if you’re in need of one. You can have your tailored-to-you layout up and running within just HOURS, complete with professional headshots of team members for business cards right in your very own contact page! I’m not lying when I say it’s the easy way out.

One of the most useful features included with this template is a built-in contact form that is conveniently located right on the front page, allowing visitors to get in touch with you quickly and conveniently. Of course, because this theme is so highly customizable, you can change up exactly which elements you want to appear on your homepage whenever you want. This enables you to experiment with various options to determine which ones are the most effective, which can significantly increase the level of success your website achieves. Thanks to the WP Bakery Page Builder, a powerful visual editing system that allows you to quickly customize the look, feel, and layout of your entire website, all of this is possible.

One of the fabulous things about small businesses is that they have a ton of power in how they present themselves to customers. With Greenova, you get all the tools and customization options needed to make your website represent an established company or new venture with clarity and creativity.

However, it is not only the homepage that offers this level of customization; every single inner page offers the same level of flexibility, allowing you to create exactly the type of look and feel that you desire. In order to give people a truly in-depth look at what you’ve done in the past, you can highlight your portfolio of previous work, showcase your services, and even display case studies on your website. You can create team member sections and display testimonials using a convenient widget, and thanks to the one-click demo installation option, thorough documentation, and exceptional support, this theme is ready to use within a few minutes of purchase.

Whether you know your way around a nursery or barely know the difference between tulips and daffodils, Greenova is the WordPress theme for you. It’s customizable to suit any landscaping business – large or small!

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