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Growsass, WordPress Software Landing Page Theme

May 21, 2019

With a Hall of Fame level bad name, a theme developer called BasicTheme has come up with, and I’m just being brutally honest here, one of the stupidest names for a WordPress theme I’ve ever heard of. Meet Growsass. That just sounds stupid to say.

Growsass?  Really?  Seriously?


Honestly, it’s not just the terrible name that’s giving me a bit of pause, this theme developer does not have a long history of theme creation. Their most popular theme, one ‘creatively’ called White, has a 4.11 rating on ThemeForest. As you may know, we don’t recommend themes that have lower than a 4.5 rating, making sure that only the best themes are included in our collections. So, if that’s any indicator of the level of quality of this developer, I can’t really see why I would recommend it. That said, I don’t yet know what is coming down the pipeline, perhaps they have stepped their game up and maybe this theme is worth downloading.It’s impossible to tell, really.  Here are some more landing page themes to check out.

Simply put, I am going to hold off all judgment until a later date.

Growsass WordPress Theme for Startup Companies

Searching for more WordPress app themes? Take a look at our collection. We have gathered up quite a number of fantastic themes for promoting applications. Some of these are landing page themes alone, some go the full nine yards to help you promote your content or your new app on multiple Pages. No matter which style you choose, you’re going to get a great-looking theme that has all the features that you need to grow your business.

These features are all about making the absolute best user experience possible. Considering the fact that I don’t believe this theme is going to be very popular, you certainly may want to take a deep look at some other tablets that are available. Finding the right theme is a critical part of building a successful business. So, don’t settle for one with a terrible name and developer with a poor track record of supporting their templates. Download one of the best themes available, one from our collection.

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