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Hailey, Classic and Fashionable WordPress WooCommerce Theme

June 6, 2019

This classic WordPress theme is called Hailey.

At least the theme developer calls it a classic, I’m not entirely sure that theme can become Classic on the first or second day that it is been released, but that’s where we’re at right now. I will say this, Hailey does have a classic design, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the theme itself is classic. Designed for fashion stores, jewelry stores and a home essentials, whatever that might be, this is an online store that uses WooCommerce to allow you to establish a fantastic web presents.

WooCommerce is the most popular solution for building online shop, it can help produce a clean and professional, feminine style look no matter what you’re selling, from home decor to Fashion, furniture and jewelry, kitchen gadgets, and anything else you could possibly imagine. This theme allows you to blend a professional and classy blog with your eCommerce shop, and the result is really mind-boggling. Is it though? Is it really mind-boggling? Actually, no it’s not to be perfectly honest.

Here’s one example of the home page.

Hailey, WordPress Classy, Classic WooCommerce Theme

Here’s another, styled for jewelry stores.

Hailey, WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Jewelry

And one more, this time it’s for home essentials.

Hailey, WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Jewelry

Honestly, I’m not seeing a huge difference in those designs.  Just because you put a new image in there doesn’t mean it’s a different design, you know?  Oh well, that’s fine.

I think that this theme is simply okay, there is absolutely nothing special about it and I think that it is probably doomed to the growing list of forgotten WordPress themes that simply don’t get downloaded very often. I have a very difficult I’m recommending themes like that, since it’s tough to tell whether the developer will continue to work on improving the theme, adding new features and supporting it the way that they should. To be honest, there are far too many great WooCommerce themes out there that I would look to before this particular theme.  If you’d like to see some better WooCommerce themes than Hailey, you’ll want to take a look at our collection.  It’s all the WordPress themes you could eat.

Looking at the theme Developers web page on envato, they have sold approximately 12000 copies of their WordPress themes so far, but their overall rating is just over four. If Haley is any thing like there other themes, it’s not going to be particularly well rated or well-liked. In fact, they only have one theme that rates over 4 stars. That’s not a great sign, and I think I’m going to hold off on recommending this template until it bruised to be a little bit better than I assume that it is.

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