Herion, A WordPress Theme for the Music Industry

Not to be confused with the drug heroin, this WordPress music theme is called Herion.

Here’s a little aside this is another in a long line of really strangely named WordPress themes. I get it, ThemeForest makes you create a unique name for your template, but this one seems really strange. I mean, considering how many musicians overdose from heroin every year, naming this theme Herion as they have done, it’s a bit strange. I’m not going to say that it’s in poor taste, but it’s close to being in poor taste. It’s like having a fitness weight lifting theme called ‘Steriods’.

It’s just a little bit strange and kind of a bad look.

But, that’s not my decision to make.

That said, it is a really attractive WordPress theme. Perfect for musicians, bands, disc jockeys, session jammers, Phish Heads, Beatlemaniacs and anyone else who wants a really great-looking website for musical related content. It’s great for promoting albums and other stuff. When we take a look at a few of the homepage designs to see it for yourself but this themes style is all about.  That’s what Herion does for you.

Speaking of Phish, are their fans called Phish Heads?  I honestly don’t know.

This particular demo is actually a moving image, it’s really engaging and striking. Of course, that’s all a matter of selecting the right video clip. You got out of it what you put into it. This one is a particularly interesting little animated number that could be a part of the branding for this demo album release.

And here’s a sort of record label homepage. It’s well organized, professional and put a lot of really important information on the screen right off the bat.

This is just another version of that same record label demo. This one promoting a single album, letting you keep your most recent or freshest content on the front page, where it can do the most good.

And finally this is an album specific promotion page. I think it does a really nice job of presenting a single album in a way is really engaging and can attract attention for all the right reasons. Unlike doing heroin and destroying a hotel.

Overall, I really enjoyed the design of this theme and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big success. You get 15 different demo home pages including a great-looking one page setup, a minimalist style, one for music festivals, several for recording studios and record labels. and it’s all WooCommerce ready, allowing you to set up a fabulous online shop to sell digitally downloadable products or physical goods. Merch and stuff.

You can check out some related WordPress themes in our collection of WooCommerce themes here, or check out our music related templates. We’ve got quite a few of both and everything that we were view is high quality and ready to rock and roll, so to speak.

We’ll be back before you know it with more fabulous WordPress themes, so don’t change that dial.

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