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Hero Video, Simple and Modern Video Theme for WordPress

October 16, 2019

ThemeTrust Hero Video Portfolio Theme

ThemeTrust.com presents a great looking theme called Hero, which is a next generation type of video portfolio theme for WordPress.  WordPress isn’t just about blogs, though that’s probably what it’s best known for.   With Hero, one of the most popular themes released by Theme Trust, you can very easily highlight your video portfolio.  Theme Trust has made Hero to be a totally responsive, WPML compatible WP theme.  You can even change up the look with a wide array of powerful and simple to utilize theme options, which extend the features and flexibility of the site as a whole.  hero offers a filterable portfolio, which is incredibly helpful too.  That means all of your site’s visitors can, with just a single click, filter portfolios by keyword, which looks as cool as it sounds.  It’s really pretty handy too for the end user.

Ultimately, the Hero WordPress theme has a nice, attractive, straightforward design, offers your readers very simple navigation, but there’s enough design style to keep your readers engaged with this professional, creative theme.

Take a look at some of the sample pages you can craft.

Hero WordPress Portfolio Demo ThemeTrust

I’ve actually personally used the Hero theme by ThemeTrust and I can honestly tell you this, it’s really easy to set up and adjust the settings.  It’s not like it’s totally packed with features, the theme is built to look roughly like the demo as shown above and that’s not going to change.  But the design is very nice and sometimes, especially for beginners, having too many choices is not a great thing.  Paralysis by analysis they call it.  Or something like that.  Anyway, too many options can overwhelm you, particularly if you’re a beginner.  What Hero does is gives you an attractive design right out of the box and lets you adjust the colors, maybe the fonts, add your logo, your images or video and you’re on your way.  Blogging is just as simple and I think it provides a solid frame for your posts, nothing too fancy, nothing too spare and minimalist.

Hero Blog template for all kinds of personal websites

I think that the Hero WordPress theme makes for a very, very good business theme and  your portfolios will look amazing if you’re looking for a simple presentation that isn’t, honestly, particularly modern.  Yep, I said it.  This theme is decidedly old-school in it’s look and feel.  And sure, while it’s a minimalist theme at heart, the basic layout is one that’s been used over and over for a wide range of websites for quite a number of years.  But that’s okay, Hero’s layout is a timeless classic layout for good reason.  The Hero WordPress theme works incredibly well to help you highlight your products, your images, your posts or whatever else you have to offer on your website.  So, I guess that’s the Hero WordPress template in a nutshell.

Okay.  Enough about Hero.  If you like it and decide to download it, let us know how your site ends up looking.  We’d love to see it in action!

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