How to Craft a Memorable Personal Brand

If you want to create a memorable personal brand, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

A great personal brand is a memorable one. It leaves a good impression on people, and they remember it. A memorable personal brand makes you seem more professional and dynamic, which will carry through to your work. By creating a powerful personal brand, you get the opportunity to express yourself in ways that help others better understand who you are and what you want to accomplish.

But what are the best ways to create a personal brand that stands out? We’ve got some tips for you.

Start with a core you want to express.

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what it is you want to communicate as your brand. This is called branding around a core. Your message should reflect who you are and what you believe in, but must be consistent across all platforms where your personal brand is being displayed. People will form opinions of you based on first impressions, and first impressions are made through your personal brand.

Stay true to that message.

Once you’ve determined what your core is, you’ll want to stick with it when crafting your personal brand. Once you have an idea in mind for how you want to be remembered, stick with it. What you find appealing now might not seem as interesting down the road, but make sure your core values don’t change.

Stay current.

When crafting your personal brand, you’re likely to be working across multiple platforms, each of which will have different demands for how you should come across on them. You’ll want to make sure your messages match up across all of them, but don’t be afraid to add in some new information and stories over time. Your core should stay the same, but you’ll only have a chance at becoming memorable if your personal brand changes and grows just like you will.

Use consistent imagery that reinforces your core.

A simple way to create a memorable personal brand is to use imagery that reinforces your core. For example, if you’re branding around being relaxed and casual, save preppy type images for LinkedIn. On other sites where you need to project more of an executive presence, feel free to use professional looking photographs or images that are more serious in nature. You can also use colors or symbols to create a strong tie between your personal brand and the imagery you use.

Follow best practices for social media engagement.

Personal branding doesn’t stop with images. When it comes to crafting a memorable personal brand for yourself, think about how people will come across your messages in the future when they search for you on Google or stumble upon you on Twitter. Will the messages you’re sending be something they want to pass along? Or will they think poorly of you for not proofreading before hitting send? Think about your brand, and then craft social media posts that reflect that brand well.

Appeal to people’s emotions when possible .

Everyone loves a good story, and a personal brand is no different. When you share an anecdote about yourself, try to relate it back to how your core values are important to you. This way, people who come across it will see the real reasons behind why you do what you do.

Writing great copy that shows off your personality can help create a memorable personal brand for yourself. Like this article? Show your appreciation here .

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