How to Create a Movie Review Website Using WordPress

If you want to learn how to create a movie review website using WordPress, this is the only place to be.

Do you have a passion for films? Have you ever wondered what it would take to share your views of movies with world? If you would like to create a website to review movies, this guide can help walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

If you have a unique to take, you can build a huge audience by creating an attractive and helpful portal for sharing movie reviews. there are plenty of websites out there, but if you have a unique take and a strong voice, there’s always room for more websites featuring movie or TV show reviews.

In this article, we’ll highlight everything it takes to create a movie review website from the ground up.

It all starts at the very beginning, so let’s save the actual Web design concepts for later. The first thing you are going to need is a domain.

Well it would be entirely possible to create a movie review website using a platform like Medium, or Squarespace, you’ll never have full control over your website if you choose a platform like that. It’s far better to have a self-hosted WordPress website so that you can control every little aspect of your site. This control won’t cost you much extra money, but it can be well worth it in the long run. So, you are certainly going to need your own domain to get started.

If your website gets too popular, there’s nothing that says those platforms can’t throttle your website speed, making it sluggish and hurting performance in the long run. So, if you’re creating a website, you most likely will need your own hosting.

And that brings us to the second part of the equation. You’ll also need hosting. Even a relatively cheap host like Bluehost can give you a lot of helpful tools to get your movie review website off the ground. In fact, one of the things Bluehost offers is a free domain with your hosting account. So, you can knock two birds out with one stone if you choose a web host like Bluehost.

Your hosting account is where all of your files will live. It’s where your WordPress installation exist, all of the images, code and all that goes with having a modern website. For just a few dollars a month, you can have a cheap, shared hosting plan that works perfectly well for growing a movie revealing business. Of course, down the road you may wish to expand to more advanced hosting and that will cost you a little bit more money, but that’s a good problem. If your traffic is really blowing up, better hosting is a really solid option.

How to Create a Movie Review Website Using WordPress

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Let’s pick a WordPress theme that has all of the features you could possibly need to create a movie review site.


Extra Drag & Drop Magazine WordPress Theme

Extra is an outstanding all-around theme for magazine websites and personal blogs. With the built-in reviews feature, you can turn extra into a powerful movie revealing platform with star and numerical ratings. extra is based on the Divi Page builder theme and that gives it a lot of flexibility for design and layout. If you’ve been looking for solutions to allow you to craft the movie reviewing website, extra provides all the tools you would need to make it happen.

This highly adaptable, incredibly flexible movie reviewing WordPress the theme is perfect for beginning and expert bloggers alike. Whether you have no experience at all or years working on WordPress websites, you’re going to get some fantastic results that look absolutely amazing.

So, if your goal is crafting a movie review website, Extra is the type of review magazine I could really pay big dividends for you. And you really can’t miss with the huge and growing online community that’s always there to assist you if you run into issues while setting up your site. That can be a definite benefit for beginners and for more advanced users at the same time.

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Vodi, Videos WordPress Theme for Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Streaming, Reviews & Entertainment Websites

Vodi is a video WordPress theme for movies and television shows. Theme has a built-in or reviews system that makes it an ideal candidate for crafting a film and video review website. It’s super simple to use, it brings fast page load times and outstanding display on all devices thanks to the responsive design. (You can see some more video WordPress themes here.)

This theme adds a little something to the mix in terms of video. If you’re creating a movie review website, you may want to add movie trailers or video clips to your reviews. This can be a really great value to add to your movie review website and thanks to the plug-in called MAS Videos, you’ll have that core functionality with this template. this plug-in allows you to create and manage movies, videos and television shows.

Along with the core features of WordPress, you can use this phone plug-in to create great-looking video blogs, YouTube style video websites for streaming video sites like Amazon prime, Netflix or Hulu.

Thanks to full Gutenberg support, you’ll have a lot of homepage flexibility as well as flexibility for any inner page. Five different demo styles are provided in each of these give you a really outstanding starting point to building the nice looking movie review website.

Vodi is a complete solution for creating amazing movie review magazines and blogs.

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Zeen Horror, WordPress Theme for Movie Reviews

Zeen is a next generation magazine WordPress theme with solid performance, loads of features and a beautiful reviews system to allow you to review film and video. This theme helps to power your creativity, it allows you to craft a beautiful, smooth operating magazine, blog, newspaper or reviews site. 

With full WooCommerce support, you can even create an online shop for any niche. This theme has several clearly built, well-designed blog templates that can definitely help to elevate your content. it has a really strong blend of text and images that build upon one another to really deliver a great look, modern style and outstanding user experience. The performance is unmatched, this is among the fastest loading WordPress themes I we’ve ever seen.

There’s a page builder included, that gives you lots of flexibility for creating new layouts and the front end theme options panel it is a strong way to create unique pages, really customize your website and to deliver a user experience that is unmatched. so, consider this one of the better options for crafting a movie reviews website.

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Showcase, Movie Reviews WordPress Themes

Showcase is a responsive WordPress grid and masonry blog theme that is a really strong showcase for any sort of product, and the built in reviews system is a powerful way to put your stamp on your content with high-quality reviews of films and videos. this is theme is great for showcasing affiliate products as well, they will stick to the concept of movie and film reviews. some of the features that are included, your users can actually submit their own video reviews through the front end. You can allow this app and whether users are logged in or not. there’s a theme options page where users can customize settings, there are customizable post submission messages and a whole lot more. But, for building a movie review community, this is a theme that has what it takes to make the job happen and to make it happen was tremendous amounts of these.

Showcase is a responsive WordPress theme that will keep you to the high-quality standards of presenting your product. The built in reviews system is a powerful way to put your stamp on your content, with great movies or videos and high quality reviews from professionals in the industry.

Review the latest and greatest movies and videos with an easy to use, handsome WordPress theme that offers a review system built in. Showcase is a responsive WordPress grid and masonry blog theme that looks great on any device from your phone to your laptop screen.

The aesthetic of this theme will blow you away – it’s modern, gorgeous design is perfect for movie blogs or video reviews. The sublime spacing makes all sorts of content easy to read without sacrificing sophistication or solid aesthetics so whether you’re talking about film or promoting one of your own products in a stunning way – this is what you need!

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