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Huntt, WordPress Theme with Grid Layout

May 14, 2019

This theme is called Huntt shop, it was originally crafted as a simple login portfolio fan, but user demand was high to turn it into a WooCommerce ready Shop theme. It’s the same great design as Huntt, ThemesKindoms popular blog and portfolio theme, now it’s got WooCommerce support. Makes sense doesn’t it?

If you’re selling products or simply promoting your artwork, unattractive grid style for WordPress can be a real game-changer. This style of WordPress theme helps to present your content in a really attractive way that makes for a great first impression and keeps people coming back for more. Grid themes are so well-organized, it’s hard for your reader to see anything but what it is that you are bringing to the table. If you value consistency and high-quality, these WordPress themes give you a lot of benefits, particularly in the way your content is displayed on the page.

Huntt is a well-organized WordPress magazine theme that blends striking visuals with cool typography, giving you I really wonderful platform for promoting your blog posts, projects and more. This theme has an adjustable three column or four column layout, great for creating well-organized, visually interesting and dynamic web pages. This theme is responsive by Design, fluidly adjusting to the smallest to the largest display size. Huntt offers white label theme Administration, that’s ideal for theme developers who want to customize it for a client and that can really help boost your business. Translations are as simple as ever, this theme offers custom widgets, multiple support resources and even includes the Photoshop files. If you’re looking for a high-quality grid theme, this is one that I think is worth considering.

Here’s a look at the front page. Clean as a whistle, don’t you think?

Huntt, Modern, Masonry Grid Blog Theme

If you’re still looking for more WordPress theme inspiration, you can take a look at this collection of WordPress grid layout themes.

We have one of the biggest collections of WordPress grid themes anywhere on the internet, and we continue to add to it all the time. That can help to create a lot of variety in terms of what you have to choose from. We hope that in that collection, you can find something incredibly useful for your next web project.

Huntt shop allows you to choose the number columns you want, set a grid for three or four columns and that goes for both the blog and the shop set up. Each one has its own independent grid, so if you prefer your products to be and 3 columns and blocked me in four, or the other way around, it’s very easy to do that. Of course, you can always have them have the same number of columns. The choice is yours and no matter which way you choose to set it up, it’s going to look great. I really do like the typography of the blog, I think that it can help make a great first impression. Overpass mono is the font of choice here, though you can change that to any one of the 800 Google fonts, each one providing a slightly different look.

The theme’s download package comes with all the standard features that ThemesKindom templates come with, or responsive design that looks great, white label theme oh, there are easy translations into any language, you can fully integrate Google Maps and there’s a wonderful built-in contact form to keep you engaged with your readers. The short code generator and custom widgets also help to add a lot of functionality to your website. Of course, Huntt shop works perfectly with all the major plugins that help make your WordPress life easier, SEO plugins, things like that. So, if you have been looking for a great looking woocommerce WordPress theme, I think that Huntt shop could be a fine choice. If this template isn’t quite right for you, you can go browse our entire collection of woocommerce and find something that you like even better.

Huntt Shop Clean, Masonry Grid eCommerce Theme

Huntt is a grid WordPress theme that is great for portfolios. This FEMA has a lot going on, but the layout is still very well ordered, never jumbled or overly crowded. What you get is a very nice looking WordPress grid-style portfolio that is perfectly responsive so that it looks great on all devices it has beautiful single page layouts with portrait or landscape oriented images, this layout seems to have been inspired by glossy magazines, you know those slick fashion magazines or interior decoration magazines that look so great.

Huntt is one of those WordPress themes that is completely scalable, it’s perfect for or three column layouts that are fully adjustable. With easy color switch things, you can quickly transform your website to look just like you want it to look. There are multiple different awesome portfolios, tons of great standard features that put a little twist on the traditional portfolio theme. This is Devin are template is going to help you create an amazing showcase for your posts and projects. If this template is not quite right for your needs, we’ve built several collections that you might be interested in and perhaps you can find what you’re looking for there.

We’re always on the lookout for new great WordPress themes, also known as great new WordPress themes, so if you happen to run into one on the internet, we’d love to know all about it. We can’t be everywhere at once, even as hard as we try. So, we rely on your internet travels to help us find all of the best names. Or, maybe you’ve developed a WordPress theme yourself and you’re looking to promote it. Well, we are certainly interested in helping you achieve your goals of online success. So, we’d be happy to help. Let us know.


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