Icelander, WordPress Theme for Accessibility Ready Websites

Icelander is an accessibility ready, GPL and WordPress support requirements compliant WordPress theme. The developer has spent quite a bit of time ensuring everyone, no matter what their needs are, it’s the same outstanding user experience with this template. There’s really nothing more important than your content, that’s something we have always known as creators of websites. And with the template like this, you’ll be able to make that point completely clear to every visitor comes to your website.

This is a slick, modern theme and with it, you can create a really gorgeous website right box, or spend a little bit of time to completely customize the look and features your website offers. It’s all very simple to do and even beginners can make use of this flexibility to create exactly what you want.

This theme uses the Beaver builder, if you want to go that direction, though it works perfectly fine as it is. You can set up a WooCommerce shop, it’s highly optimized for exactly that purpose. This theme is intelligent, mobile friendly, search engine optimization is provided, it’s fast loading and accessible to the widest possible range of audience members. It has passed all of the tests and it complies with all of the guidelines for every type of accessibility.

You get several different unique designs and layouts, fast real-time customizations, multilanguage support, extensibility thanks to support for nearly any plug-in, as long as that plug-in as well written. And fortunately, there are quite a number on the WordPress repository that are incredibly fast, effective and well designed for just about any type of purpose you can imagine.

As such a massive amount of developers, a large and growing community, WordPress is a fantastic place to search for great plug-ins that don’t cost a thing and provide your website with added functionality.

So, if you’re looking for a mobile friendly, readability focused and accessibility ready WordPress theme, Icelander is definitely a great choice. We do have some other accessibility ready themes, you might be interested in checking out the full package of templates we recommend. There are only a handful out there that are head and shoulders above the rest, so if you check out that collection, you’ll see a few of the other options that we recommend.

And, that’s all for now, will be back with more great themes, hopefully will be able to find some more accessibility ready themes for our next update.

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