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January 21, 2019


If you’re on the hunt for a simple, well crafted and elegant WordPress solution to help show-off your design work, artistry or photography in a completely professional and modern, clean and daring style, Immense could be the exact WordPress theme you have been looking for.  Immense doesn’t let the site’s design overshadow your content, which is the most important part of any portfolio website.  Immense perfectly highlights it, creating a simple, modern and sleek ‘frame’ that makes your work look great, no matter what style of design or artwork you’re into, from graphic design to oil painting to photography, it’ll all look sharp with Immense. A theme like Immense can do wonders for any business, giving you a professional presentation and a highly polished and unforgettable style.  You can easily include slideshows, there are multiple gallery types, even a handful of completely custom widgets, a variety of post formats and so much more, it’ll make your head spin.

Immense is a perfect way to built a gorgeous, unforgettable portfolio with a high degree of confidence that you’ve chosen the proper theme to do the job.  Struck, Bold WordPress Fullscreen Portfolio Theme

Immense looks amazing, no matter what type of internet ready device your readers are using, which is precisely what responsive design is all about.  Immense promises a wonderful user experience for everyone and nobody gets left out, from iPhone and Android users to tablet users and, of course, those using traditional desktop or laptop computers.  GraphPaper Press has taken care to ensure that each and every one of their WordPress themes are perfectly and totally responsive, so that they each look great no matter kind of device your readers access the site with, and the screen resolution is utterly unimportant.  Everything looks incredible.

For any WordPress based website in 2016 and beyond, it’s a basic requirement to offer your readers a website with responsive design.  It’s even more important for a portfolio, since you need the site to be completely responsive, so your photographs, artwork or design work will look professional, dynamic and appealing on every device.  You get all of that with this theme.  Wright Minimalist Video Portfolio and Blog Theme

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