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October 16, 2019

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Instamate a beautiful portfolio theme

Graph Paper Press has created another big winner.

This theme, Instamate, is a highly flexible portfolio theme that offers unique functions like Instagram support, live customization previews so you can see typography and color choices in real time, without having to commit to saving those changes before you’re ready. Instamate promises to help you build a well designed, attractive and simple blog or portfolio that will have your readers engaged and attentive from the very beginning of their time on your website.

Instamate is a flexible portfolio theme for WordPress with optional Instagram integration support. Instamate offers live theme customization previews so you can change colors, fonts, logos, header images, image orientation, switch between a left or right sidebar, and add custom CSS and preview those changes instantly before saving.

Instamate is perfectly responsive, meaning it looks great on any device.  Why is that important?  Well, responsive designs give a better user experience than a fixed-width site, so more of your readers can access your site from devices like smart phones or iPads.  That flexibility is a key for Google’s ranking algorithm too, so you may see some SERP increases if you switch to a responsive design from a standard website.  Instamate has a live theme customizer, allowing you to change the background color, use a custom header-image and choose from one of hundreds of Google fonts to switch up the typography.  There are options for horizontal, vertical or square thumbnails, which is a pretty cool feature.  You can even integrate Instagram to help promote your photography there.  GraphPaper Press has created a real winner in this theme and it’s easy to see why it’s one of their best sellers.

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