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June 5, 2020

The internet is a pretty special place and with new technology comes a new way to work together.  Using WordPress and one of these Intranet or Extranet templates, you can set up a shared workspace for all of your employees to be able to come together to work on all sorts of projects.  We’ve decided to highlight some pretty cool themes for creating a collaborative Intranet or Extranet website for all kinds of businesses.

But what does that mean exactly?

At its most basic, an Intranet website is a shared space where coworkers and colleagues can collaborate on projects even if they’re not in the same office, the same building or even the same continent.  These are restricted networks, private workspaces to collaborate on all kinds of projects.

An Extranet site is basically just an Intranet site with guest access, so you can allow clients or customers limited access to some of the information created on the Intranet site.

These themes are great for schools, for companies, for businesses and even for social networks and there are a lot of benefits to selecting one of these themes.

With any of the themes in this collection, you’ll have the ability to build professional development resources for your company, business or work group.  Think of stuff like presentations, training courses, training materials and more. You can post meetings and videos, sharing screens with others to have real-time meetings with other collaborators, even if you’re not in the same meeting room.  These themes are great for posting jobs, for admin and Human Resources, for collaboration and communication.

In short, they help folks work better.

So, how do you select a great Intranet or Extranet web template?  Well, if you’re here, you can peruse the listing of themes below. We’ve gathered up all of the very best themes for building an Intranet and Extranet website to give you a bunch of high quality options to choose from.  So, here they are, the absolute best Intranet and Extranet themes on the market today.


Woffice Intranet And Buddypress And Community WordPress Theme

Woffice Intranet And Buddypress And Community WordPress Theme

This theme is called Woffice. This is the most popular intranet and Extranet theme out there, with 10,000 sales, tons of features and constant updates, it’s as good as ever. Maybe even better. For 2019, woffice has been updated to be compatible with the newest versions of WordPress, 5.2 + beyond, as well as the newest version of BuddyPress 4.0. With all of its recent updates, you get a new design, new icon sets and a new framework. There’s better performance, new profile layouts and a whole lot more. Woffice is a feature-rich theme that is a powerful multi-purpose intranet and Extranet template, it’s incredibly simple to use and just as powerful as you would expect. For business and government intranet and Extranet sites, School networks or any type of Community Network, this theme has everything you need to create a fabulous shared work environment.  Check out more Buddypress themes here.

There are quite a number of different features included in the most recent version of Woffice, these are features that are very specifically built for intranet websites. For one, you get a project manager with unlimited projects, you can assign members to work on projects and give them permission to edit projects in the front end, track tasks, manage files and sync up calendars of everyone who is working on the project. You can add slack notifications from your WordPress site to your slack channels. Show people updates about new users, new tasks or new projects, for example. There’s also the member dashboard, a custom drag-and-drop dashboard for all of your users. With this dashboard, you can display any type of widget and add your own. There’s a members directory and map, showing all of your members in one place. There are unlimited amounts of custom Fields, search filters, Google Maps support and social profile links. In addition, you get the calendar and events support. There are two different premium events calendars bundles a, a total value of $120. Show full month calendars, upcoming events, allow for front-end creation and a whole lot more.

Woffice supports BuddyPress and bbPress, it allows you to build just about any type of community that you want with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging and more. You can set up forums inside your internet or Community, allowing for even more communication and discussion. WooCommerce is supported, allowing you to build online businesses or internal company stores. With one of the more recent updates, LearnDash is now supported, offering support for certificates, quizzes, reports and there’s even a front-end publisher included with that as well. Gravity forms allows you to create highly Advanced forms for your intranet site, visual composer is included for tons of different layout options.

This theme really does have a lot to offer.

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Boss 2.0

Boss . WordPress BuddyPress Intranet Theme

Boss 2.0 WordPress BuddyPress Intranet Theme

This is Boss, a WordPress bbPress and BuddyPress ready WordPress theme from BuddyBoss, one of the top developers of WordPress bbPress/BuddyPress themes and Boss 2.0 is powerful and flexible enough to work great as an intranet and extranet website.  Boss unleashes the massive power of bbPress and BuddyPress with a well designed, responsive, intuitive design that lets you take your social networking to the next level.  With Boss, you can create a fun, flexible layout with a fluid style or go more traditional with a standard type of layout.  One click in your admin panel and it’s done.  Not an expert coder?  No bid deal, Boss lets you customize all your social networking efforts with their visual customizer, giving you fantastic results.  Control widgets, logos, fonts, colors navigation and a lot more.  Boss was built to be as flexible, as powerful and as customizable as you need it to be.  Add the social learner add-on to turn your BuddyPress site into an online learning network, with great looking bbPress forums.  Multilingual support, WooCommerce and one of my favorite things, you can replicate the demo site with one click demo installation.  Get started now!  Here are some more WooCommerce themes you might like.  Check it out.

Boss may be pretty expensive, it sells for $129, but it is one of the most powerful and specifically tailored themes for both bbPress and BuddyPress, so for many, it’s probably worth it.

There are tons of great looking plugins by BuddyBoss that you can add to your site as well.  Let your users create their own user blog and create content on their own.  Posts will display in the user profiles and in their central blog.

BuddyBoss also allows you to reply by email.  There’s a BuddyBoss inbox, location autocomplete for BuddyPress, BuddyBoss Wall BuddyPress member types for assigning manager status to some users, BuddyBoss media, so folks can upload images, videos and organize and tag their friends.  Boss works with all these great addons and plugins and a whole lot more.

Not seeing what you like?  Well, BuddyBoss can actually develop a custom BuddyPress theme for you and they do plugin development too.  Pretty cool, right?

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Divi Intranet and Extranet Premium WP Theme

Divi Intranet and Extranet Premium WP Theme

Okay, this theme is Divi, a theme you’ve likely seen before. Divi is among the absolute top premium quality WordPress themes available today. With it, there’s absolutely nothing that you cannot do. And considering that Divi is BuddyPress ready, that means that you can set up a great-looking intranet or Extranet website using it. In fact, you can check out the instructions for how to achieve this on Elegant Themes website itself.  That page gets a little wonky, but I think it does a fine job of giving you a nice overview of how to create an intranet site.

Using Divi, you can create a really functional website for content sharing, project management and online collaboration. With all of the tools at your disposal, you should be able to get something done pretty quickly.  That tutorial is for any theme, assuming it’s BuddyPress ready, but I think Divi is a particularly solid choice for proceeding.  It’s got a ton of features and it’s really simple to use and customize.

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Micro Office

Micro Office Community Intranet and Extranet Theme

Micro Office Community Intranet and Extranet Theme

There really aren’t that many intranet or Extranet web templates for WordPress, which makes it a bit difficult to narrow it down to just one theme. I feel like we need to include all of the templates that are highly rated and micro office is certainly one of the highest rated films of its kind. This theme is built specifically for intranet and Extranet sites and it blends performance with usability, making it a great choice for helping you create a sort of shared workspace online. If your company needs an intranet or an Extranet website, if you’ve got a creative agency with a lot of people are working on projects in different areas of the world, intranet site is a fantastic solution. It allows people to collaborate no matter where they are in the world. Micro office includes a lot of features very specific to intranet sites.

There’s an awesome dashboard where you can post events, calendars, corporate crafts, is notifications and more. This theme is perfectly integrated with buddypress, allowing employees to build the highly functional Community. They can organize themselves into groups and apartments, communicate in a free and easy manner. You can even have internal polls and share results using charts and graphs. Everybody loves a chart and graph. This theme also has fully featured tools to create online courses for employees, weather they are paid courses or free. There are quizzes and tests to check how people are learning. No intranet site would be complete without file sharing capability and micro office ads that.

In addition to all of the intranet and Extranet specific features, this theme is compatible with wpbakery page builder, formerly known as visual composer, that allows you to create the type of layout that you want your side to have. Revolution slider and essential grid are included, as is support for event on, content timeline and buddypress. WP Pro quiz and responsive poll are also included, this is a fully documented, well supported theme that is Gutenberg compatible, professional and easy-to-use. This is certainly one of the better intranet themes available today.

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BuddyApp WordPress Intranet and Extranet Community Theme

BuddyApp WordPress Intranet and Extranet Community Theme

Buddy App is a fabulous theme for public communities, Extranet and intranet websites. It’s got a Creative Design and a mobile-first approach that make it ideal for people who want to collaborate on a variety of different devices. With this theme, you get full buddypress support. Of course, you’re probably going to have to have that to build any sort of online community, especially an intranet or Extranet site. Buddypress includes a lot of great features that make it ideal for Community Building. You get live notifications so that you don’t miss any messages from core team or group, there’s the live customizer to preview any changes that you made to your site, making customizations straightforward and highly visual. This theme includes Ajax of search, a side-by-side search feature for Content like posts, members and groups.

There’s live chat to allow Communication in real time, an online knowledge base to get people information they’re looking for quickly. File management allows for file sharing and you can set different levels of access depending on what type of user you’re talking about. There are a variety of many locations, high quality image Galleries and, of course, support for bbPress to allow you to set up an online form. Buddypress is really great, it allows you to run any type of social network on your WordPress installation, offering member profiles come activity streams, messaging and user groups among other things. This is a full-featured intranet and Extranet theme that could be great for just about any type of company.

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Alliance Collaborative Intranet And Extranet WordPress Theme

Alliance Collaborative Intranet And Extranet WordPress Theme

This theme is called Alliance, it’s another intranet and Extranet web template by theme Rex. They are the developers behind the micro office theme that I highlighted just a couple of themes ago. This is a modern fresh theme, a little bit different than micro office, but it offers all of the same great features and functionality. You get dashboards to post events, corporate news, notifications and calendars. Is theme is fully integrated with BuddyPress, letting you create a fully functioning Community for your employees. They can organize themselves into groups and apartments, collaborate on projects and communicate with ease. There’s file-sharing, one of the most important features of any intranet site and folks can share documents, reports or any other types of files using the buddy Drive plug-in. Four education websites, polls and quizzes are an important aspect and this theme includes support for that. I think you’re really going to like the look of this theme and documentation, support and everything else that you got and you were download

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