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Invetex, WordPress Financial Industry Business Theme

January 23, 2020

invetex.themerex.net-Invetex – Corporate Theme – Just another WordPress site

Invetex is a WordPress theme that originated as a tool for the investment community, tax accountants, and financial advisors that has become so adaptable that any type of business can profit from the increased presence, competitive edge, and versatility the theme provides.

Contact is the most important aspect in keeping clients and attracting new clients. Invetex allows you to maintain contact 24 hours a day seven days a week. The theme supports multiple languages so that your business expands to include the world. The theme automatically and seamlessly adapts to the screen size and differences in resolution so you never lose a potential client.

The beauty of a one page theme that is totally and automatically search engine optimized puts your landing page or promotional page out front and on the top of search lists. The idea is to promote the basics of what you do so well that new clients cannot resist seeking further information from the huge variety of tabs that can be added to the page.

The format and style are designed for people that want to do business quickly and efficiently. The benefit to a business owner is a tacit expression of your consideration of your client’s time in providing the easiest and fastest path to what you client wants and wants to do. Respect does sell.

The theme is completely adaptable to the graphics that you have or to a huge library of graphics that you can import and use. Customized fonts let you make your initial contact conform to your knowledge of the clients that you want to attract and to your business model. Swipe technology and fast video retrieval let you present a concise and accurate picture of your abilities and talents.

The theme takes your clients and potential clients to the details that they want to know with widgets and short codes that are easy to manipulate and can be placed where they guarantee a response. Connections to social media and blogs are instantaneous.

Your design time decreases with Invetex. Layout, import of graphics, font choice, and all connectivity are controlled through an easy to use drag and drop model. The design makes changes in the page fast. All changes flow thorough all of the connected social media, ads, and blogs seamlessly and effortlessly.

The first impression that you make on a client is the most important. Invetex gives you the edge in making a totally professional impression that stands out in your client’s mind above and beyond your competition. The theme is made for business that means business.

Invetex is easy to use, easy to design with, connects you with all your media, is totally user friendly, and sells for you. Total support comes with the theme.

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