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Kentha, Music and Podcasting WordPress Theme

April 6, 2021
Kentha Music WordPress Theme

Kentha is a really exciting theme for building podcasting websites. This template is primarily aimed at musicians, though it has some very specialized functionality that make it solid for podcasting sites as well. One of these features is an automatic, nonstop music player. This allows creative artists to play podcasts the continue working even as the user navigates around the site. The possibilities are really on one at a time.

A couple dozen pre-made designs are included and other helpful tools like a drag-and-drop playlist Creator, a music spectrum analyzer and lots of short codes are also provided. If you want to add full screen video backgrounds, that’s absolutely possible as well. You got three different menu designs, mobile first design architecture and the podcast and live sets section lets people browse through any track you have uploaded to your website or to any of the most popular audio hosting sites. for musicians who want to integrate a podcasting feature on their site, this is a really bold and exciting addition to this collection.

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