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Kid Quest, WordPress Kid Friendly Theme

October 17, 2019

Made by ThemeFuse, KidQuest is a cute little childhood education theme that really works.  I love the style of this theme and I think it’s well worth considering for any children’s website.

Honestly, to be perfectly blunt, this template is a little bit dated. I think that the style is great, but it’s been around for almost half a decade which is a long time. WordPress themes seem to age like goldfish, they’re here one day and beautiful and shiny, the next day they’re floating belly-up in your tank with fin rot. I think that’s a thing that goldfish get, I really can’t recall.

Anyway, Kid Quest could be good for you if you want a playful and fun theme. To be honest, it’s really about image selection, this is basically a multi-purpose theme that has fun, kid-friendly Graphics attached to it. That’s really not what it takes to become a truly high quality kids template.

Kid Quest, WordPress Theme for Boys and Girls

Now, you may still have some questions about this template after my Brief Review, and perhaps you’re thinking with this theme isn’t ideal for your needs. Well, that’s okay, you might want to take a look at our collection of kids related themes and see if you can find anything a little bit better. There’s no shame in this template not working perfectly for you, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. So, anyway, have a look at that.  For more kids themes, check this collection out.

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