Kids WordPress Themes

In this collection, we aim to shed a little bit of light on the absolute best WordPress themes for kids. Using WordPress and any of the pre-made designs in this collection, you’ll have a great child-focused site up and running quickly. Things just got a whole lot easier.

Every one of the themes in this collection has a very kid-friendly appearance and style. Your visitors will know right off the bat the intended audience is, children and their parents. If you’re building a website for a preschool, kindergarten, daycare center or you want to promote your babysitting business, every one of the themes in this collection does some really outstanding work to help you achieve your goals. You’ll have a great-looking, professional and kid-friendly website in no time. Some of these themes are ideal for online shops for kid’s products. Most of the themes in this collection fully support the most popular eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, which is super-simple to use and it’s packed with features.

With all of these themes, you’ll get a really strong set of customization tools and many of them include support for popular page building tools to give you drag-and-drop layout control. You’ll have your choice of colors, fonts and all of the other little settings that make your website special.

Kids WordPress Themes

In this collection, we hope you will see plenty of different examples of high-quality, kid-friendly seems that can work for any child-focused website.

Monstroid 2 – GeniKid

GeniKid WordPress Theme for Early Childhood Education

Monstroid is a super-powered WordPress theme that has a few dozen different pre-made designs that are great for a wide range of purposes. Included among that is a theme skin called GeniKid. This theme design is all about preschool education and tutoring. It provides a really kid-friendly, parent-approved style that works great to help promote educational services, summer schools, after school education programs, tutoring programs, and more.

It’s all crafted on the powerful Monstroid page builder tool. This premium quality page builder is powered by Elementor. Elementor gives you drag-and-drop page building control and lots of customization options that make it a perfect choice for people who want a lots of flexibility in their website. With Monstroid and this lovely, pre-designed skin, you’ll have a beautiful childhood education site up and looking great quickly and easily, even if you’re not particularly familiar with WordPress to begin with.

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Monstroid 2 – Smart Kids

Smart Kids WordPress Childrens Education Themes

Another strong option one and using the Monstroid WordPress template is this premade design. It’s got a fun, kid friendly style and it just like all of the premade templates that come with this theme, it’s very user-friendly, powerful and easy to adapt to fit your needs. You can arrange content anywhere you want, there’s full support for WooCommerce to sell products or accept payments for services and you’ll be able to spice things up with a massive level of customization.

This theme is exclusively available through Template Monster. If you’re not familiar with this purveyor of quality WordPress themes, I think you’re in for a treat. They have thousands of different WordPress themes available and this is arguably their best overall design. With dozens of different premade styles, there’s a lot of things you can achieve with this template. And you don’t need to be a WordPress expert to make proper use of this theme. It’s really beginner friendly and accessible to the masses.

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Skole Childhood Education and Kindergarten Theme

Skole is a kindergarten WordPress theme that is the ultimate niche template for preschools kindergartens and other childhood education facilities. It works great for nursery and daycare centers, arts and crafts schools and other education related websites. It’s visually impressive, packed with features and it’s really simple to operate, even if you’ve never set up a WordPress website before. Now, let’s dive into some of the features this theme offers and the plug-ins, add-ons and extensions it supports. It’s a pretty beefy list.

This theme supports Facebook logins, it provides you with the Elementor Page Builder and the professional upgrade to that powerful page building tool. This is a WooCommerce ready theme so you can sell products or accept payments for your services for childcare websites, that can go a long way to ensuring a really smooth process for payment handling. There are custom icons provided, outstanding support and documentation, a powerful theme options panel and over a dozen HD video tutorials to help beginners out. All in all, this high-performance theme is ready for any childhood education website you want to throw at it.

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ABC Tots

ABC Tots Childcare and Daycare Center Theme

ABC Tots is a kindergarten WordPress theme that has a really stylish look about it and it’s suitable for any type of business related to children’s education or daycare. If you selected this theme for your project, you’ll be rewarded with a really user-friendly platform, lots of customization options and full support for the most popular plug-ins and add-ons to help make your website really successful.

ABC Tots Is a truly exceptional theme in that it has a perfect five-star rating from everyone who has weighed in on the matter. Certainly, that’s high praise from purchasers. Although, I’m sure there are still some skeptics out there, I think this theme has proven itself to be a really outstanding option for kids related websites, primary and secondary school education and more. It offers compatibility with Facebook, WP Bakery Page Builder, WPML and more. It also includes lots of premium plug-ins for absolutely no cost.

You can add powerful sliders using the Slider Revolution plug-in, use the WP Bakery Page Builder that has been included for free to craft drag and drop layouts that look fantastic. There’s one click installation, plenty of theme options to handle things like color and font choices, it’s translation ready and you’ll be able to install the ABC Tots WordPress theme with just one click. So, getting started quickly and editing your website should not be much of a difficulty. And if you run into issues, the documentation and support the developer provides definitely can help you out of a tight spot.

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Superowly WordPress Kids Theme

Super Owly is a cute and cuddly WP theme that’s not too scary, but will fill your site with the big happy feelings of childhood! This table-free design fits any computer screen with all the custom layout options for your content. Drag and drop everything on it – from headers to galleries, sliders to menus – so you can have a killer website in next to no time. Who said birds are just fluffy?!

You might not know it yet, but you need a website for your school. WordPress themes like Super Owly will make it surprisingly easy to get one- and we’ve got design options that can fit any budget! We’re all about making life easier: you don’t even need to learn how to write code or create complicated designs when using our intuitive WP Bakery Page Builder feature. Plus, the clean design of this theme makes sure visitors take in your message without feeling overloaded with clutter.

Super Owly is ike the type of kid who goes around saying “I ike waffles” and then storms off when somebody doesn’t give up their Nutella again. He’s just this adorable bundle of energy that you can’t stop hugging, because he needs it so much – unless of course your name was Jeff, in which case you might be eaten even if you’re wearing iron clothes.

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Cocco Kids Shop and Baby Shop WordPress Theme

Cocco is a premium quality kids store and baby shop WordPress theme. It’s got a lovely set of layouts and a lot of different elements are provided to help you craft a great looking online shop in almost no time flat. Of course, WooCommerce is supported, the most popular shopping cart system for WordPress and definitely the most flexible. With this theme, there’s absolutely no type of result you can’t achieve.

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Juno Kids Toy Store WordPress eCommerce Theme

Juno is a kids toy shop and games store come to life. If that’s the type of website you are looking set up, this theme as a kid friendly style that makes it easy for adults to take part as well. It’s cute, attractive and powerful at the same time. This theme is Gutenberg compatible, you can translated into any language and the menu system is provided is very straightforward and helps guide customers through the process of their purchase.

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Kid’s Heaven

Kid Heaven Early Childhood Education Theme

Kids Heaven is a kindergarten and childhood education WordPress theme that has lots of features, functionality and people have really come to enjoy this template, it’s got a nearly perfect rating so far. It’s one of the most popular choices for setting up a daycare center or kindergarten website. This theme is BuddyPress ready so you can add a high level of interactivity for your students and their parents.

Want to see some more BuddyPress WordPress themes? You should take a look at the collection we’ve put together. There are lots of different options for BuddyPress based websites there.

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Kids Zone

Kids Zone Children WordPress Education and eCommerce Theme

Kids Zone is a childhood education and childcare website with a very powerful page building tool provided to give you hands-on control over the way your website looks. This theme was well built from the ground up and I think that’s going to pay dividends as you dive into the process of crafting a really successful daycare center or childhood education website. For creative arts, kids activities, Montessori schools and the like, this theme provides lots of cool functionality.

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Ad Sense Baby Blog WordPress Theme

AdSense is a WordPress theme that has a lot of functionality and several premade designs that might grab your attention. One of them is a dedicated baby blog design that is shown in the demo image above. Now, this theme is highly responsive, it’s set up to help earn income using AdSense and it’s a high-performance template. However, it is a bit old and is showing some signs of aging. So, it might not be the ideal choice for you, but it is little bit different than many of the themes in this collection, so I thought it was worth sharing.

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Baby Sitter WordPress Theme for Kids Daycare

Babysitter is a very interesting option if you’re looking to set up a website to help parents and babysitters connect. This theme uses the Job Board Manager plug-in, it allows for front and submissions where either parents or childcare providers can submit listings or their services and it’s very user-friendly. Now, this is a little bit different than a lot of the themes in this collection, so I thought I would included in case that’s what you’re looking for. But, if not, there are more options to come. Let’s take a look.

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Kidz Store

Kidz Store eCommerce WordPress Theme for Kids Products

Kidz Store is a niche based WordPress theme for childhood education products, clothing, toys and more. It’s got a really kid friendly design that allows you to sell digital or physical products. With multiple payment gateways, a completely widget friendly layout and full support for the most popular shopping carts including WooCommerce, this theme allows you to build a really memorable website that people are going to love.

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Kids Life

Kids Life WordPress Theme for Childhood Education

Kids Life is a children’s school WordPress theme that’s adept at handling online learning and activities. It’s great for nurseries and preschools, kindergarten websites, daycare centers and services provided by nannies. It’s really great for anything aimed at kids and making their parents feel safe. This theme is fun, it’s got a lot of built in features, you can highlight activities with it and teach courses. You can sell products or services and this theme is ultimately easy to use and develops a really user-friendly presentation for any type of product or service

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Happy Kids

Happy Kids WordPress Childrens Projects Theme

Happy Kids is a simple and clean, professional and engaging website for daycare centers and preschools, kindergartens and other kids related businesses. It comes with unlimited color schemes and multiple premade designs, though you can add your favorite page builder into the mix to create something completely different. With a responsive layout, and advanced theme options panel and more, this theme is powerful enough to work right out of the box but you can definitely use it to grow your website as you find new needs.

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Child IT WordPress Preschool and Kindergarten Theme

ChildIT may have a bit of a strange name, but this is an Elementor powered kindergarten WordPress theme that is powerful and really simple to use. This is a truly modern WordPress theme with modern features. It’s based on the bootstrap for code, it’s completely responsive, it’s WooCommerce ready and Gutenberg friendly, optimized for SEO and there’s a whole lot of other cool stuff included. There’s an online scheduling system, custom pages and a variety of image gallery layouts that are really fun.

Want to see some more modern WordPress themes? We’ve gathered up a collection that just might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Baby House

Baby House Kids School WordPress Theme

Baby House is a very simple to customize WordPress theme with a powerful admin panel, a page building tool that is equal to the task of crafting a really successful website and it it’s got unlimited color schemes to help keep things looking great. to be honest, this theme is not going to be great for everyone, it hasn’t been updated since it was released back in 2017. That, often times, is not a very good sign. But, if you feel comfortable with WordPress, it could be a decent choice.

This Baby House WordPress theme is impressive in its ability to create custom websites with administrative tools for new parents. It has not been updated since 2017 but offers some nice features, like enabling you to change the site color scheme without any issue at all. This could be a good solution if you know and trust WP or want to save time setting up your website and need something that doesn’t require ongoing modification.

This theme is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It may not garner the most interest, but it sure is sweet enough to give ya some style goals. With tons of adorable layouts and impeccable color schemes, this site has something for everyone! With an easy-to-use interface and website builder tools that can handle all your needs; this cute baby house WordPress theme is perfect for any parent with a good sense of humor. And if you loved memes before having kids? Well, get ready—this might be the one theme that will make sharing all of your precious memories more than worth it! You deserve to show off what motherhood looks like for you in 2021.

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