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LaParis, Portfolio and WooCommerce WordPress Shop

January 17, 2019

LaParis is a creative, responsive portfolio theme that adds a lot to the mix, making it one of the best creative themes I’ve seen in quite some time.  This theme was developed by TVLGAIO, a real veteran on the WordPress scene with over 32k downloads and counting.  I’m guessing LaParis will definitely help add to that total and push them up over 33k in the immediate future.  (It’s already been downloaded a handful of times the first couple days on the market).

This is their description of the theme, based on the original review of their Big Commerce theme version of this template.

Every man wants a Parisian girl and every woman in the world wants to be one of those girls. You know why? Because, these girls, the Parisian, they are simply too attractive, without trying. And, please, be introduced to our new simple creative WooCommerce theme – LaParis!

Look at this gorgeous WooCommerce template. It is a simple, yet, elegance beauty which stands out in the wide range of online store solutions. Unless your customers are planning a trip to Paris, just for shopping, they’ll find your online fashion shop, in this LaParis WooCommerce theme, so tempting enough to be engaged and get to buy some things.

Where else you are going to find a Homepage with full of inspiration, from slideshow, featured categories and built-in blog. LaParis is not only offering a normal e-commerce solution for your fashion business, it’s also providing you a chance to exhibit your selective goods like a fashion show, online. Besides that, the featured-rich WooCommerce theme is going to drive more traffic to your website with its keys marketing functionalities. You rest assure this is the ecommerce solution that helps market your online stores and sales.

With WooCommerce theme LaParis, you don’t have to spend too much effort to manage your online shop to become a powerful player in the market. It’s easy and fast which is important for the customer shopping experience. You have all the functions and support to start an online business right away. It is great that you do not have to be a master on coding skills to sell clothes and accessories. But still, some html and css skills are not wasted if you have. The theme is SEO friendly and flexible, make it customized as you wish.

Please remember it’s essential to decorate your shop and organize products nicely. A bright background is to place your items on focus.. While well-structured product page will make sure targeted products are well-displayed. With WooCommerce LaParis, you’ve got it all. This theme cannot go wrong for any fashion shop, accessories store, beauty and cosmetics stored.

With a bunch of great looking minimalist styles to choose from the LaParis theme is really opitimized for user experience.  Fifteen helpful, minimalist styles are going to have your store online in 5 minutes.

That’s right.

That’s all the time it takes to create a great looking, simple and clean online store.  Pretty amazing.  It’s like we live in the future.

Okay, here’s the first look at this theme.  Looks great, really, attractive and well designed. Full screen images, wide menus at the top.  Looks like there’s not going to be an overly abundant menu option with this theme, but you may not need it.

Another look at the front page, slightly different style.

I really like the bottom navigation, you don’t see that every day. Now, it’s not pinned down there, when yous scroll down, the navigation moves to the top.  I still love it though.

Hey, here’s something to consider, this is the LaParis WordPress version but this theme has already been created in several different formats, Big Commerce, Open Cart, Magento, Shopify and Presta Shop.  Pretty cool, right?

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