Learning Management System WordPress Themes

There are a number of different learning management system plugins, or LMS plugins, available for WordPress. What these plug-ins do is allow you to craft and run online learning courses. If you like websites like Udemy, SkillShare, MasterSlass, LinkedIn Learning, PluralSight, and edX, just to name a few, then you know what we’re talking about. These online learning platforms are great for classes on just about any topic of interest.

Thanks to this array of WordPress plugins that offer the same functionality as those websites, you’ll be able to create your own online learning platform with any of these powerful learning management system plug-ins and a WordPress theme that supports them.

The collection of themes that we have put together all support at least one, but oftentimes all of the most popular learning management system plug-ins. There’s LearnDash and LifterLMS, Teachable, Tutor LMS and LearnPress, WP Courseware and Sensei. Those seem to be the most popular LMS plugins around and all of the themes in this collection fully support those plugins to give you the features and functionality you need to create an online learning center.

So, let’s take a look at the absolute best learning management system WordPress themes to allow you to set up online courses from your very own website.


Divi Learning Magagement System WordPress Theme

Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress themes created. Elegant Themes has done a fantastic job of making sure did he can do anything and do it very well. Learning management systems websites are definitely part of what Divi can do really, really well.

Any of those most popular learning Management systems plugins work perfectly with the Divi WordPress theme a. Of course, you have a lot of different ways to go and see if he doesn’t come bundled with one of them, that gives you enough flexibility to make your own decision.  For me, a couple of these LMS options stand out from the crowd, LearnDash and Sensei.

LearnDash is probably the best. It’s been used by Fortune 500 companies and universities around the world. For world class training, this plug-in is really a strong option. LearnDash has a variety of payment options, you can create multiple types of courses including tiered classes, you can give out custom certifications to your students, and set up discussion boards for students and instructors to discuss their courses. You can award course points and have prerequisites for more advanced lessons, something that not all of these learning management system plugins offer.

Another good one is Sensei, we’ll probably talk about that one a little bit more. Of course, that’s not really a WordPress plugin by itself, it’s actually a WooCommerce extension, but it has all of the same functionality. So, between those two, Divi should be perfectly set up for learning management system websites.

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El Colegio

El Colegio Education and Learning Management System WordPress Theme

El Colegio is a premium WordPress theme that’s perfect for any type of educational institution and with full support for learnpress learning management system, you can create full-fledged online learning courses quickly and efficiently.

El Colegio supports WooCommerce, allowing you to create online shops or accept payments online for digital coursework. The LearnDash plugin is a really strong way to enable online course creation. It’s probably the most popular and certainly among the most trusted LMS plugins available. It’s been used by many different companies and higher education organizations to provide user-friendly, easy to manage online learning environments.

El Colegio has a lot of adaptability to it as well. This theme provides multiple blog styles, portfolio styles, a drag and drop content composer with over 99 different custom short codes, content templates, color and font management system at a whole lot more. Overall, this is certainly a very strong candidate for any LMS website.

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LMS WordPress Learning Management System Theme

LMS is an online learning theme that is among the most popular seems of its kind. This powerful WordPress theme is one of the most trusted online learning management system themes available for WordPress. It’s ideal for e-learning, online courses, training centers and other varieties of higher education.

This theme can be easily adapted for online tutoring companies as well as online training academies. any sort of instruction that can take place over the Internet is fair game with this powerful, user-friendly theme. LMS fully supports BuddyPress to give you lots of advanced ways for students and instructors to communicate. There are built-in glass tables with attractive, easy to read course calendars.

There are class listings, enrollment forms, detailed pages for each individual class, questionnaires and quizzes to ensure students are learning what they are supposed to do, an advanced user dashboard with all the statistics needed to analyze a student’s progress. Thanks to WooCommerce, accepting online payments is never difficult. Overall, this theme supports all of the most popular LMS plugins including Sensei. There’s also a drag-and-drop page builder tool included to give you massive amounts of layout control. Looking for a powerful, highly adaptable theme for learning management system websites, LMS is the name of the game.

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Academy Online Education and Learning Management Theme

Academy is a learning management theme with extended user profiles, powerful course building features, lessons attachments and a lesson support system, a beautiful built-in media player for video courses, a powerful female options panel and full WooCommerce support.

Academy is the perfect theme for creating, sharing, and selling knowledge online. It’s more than a theme, it’s an entire learning management system. Academy makes teaching and learning online a much simpler and more straightforward process for everyone involved. Academy provides you with numerous features for crafting online courses. The extended user profiles make it simple for students and instructors to create informational pages about themselves.

There’s a built-in rating system for courses, a questionnaire system to build online quizzes and tests, users can upload and attach files, and bed self-hosted media and attract course progress from one handy control panel. thanks to WooCommerce integration, e-commerce is fully supported and the adaptability the Academy theme provides is quite a welcome sight. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with a powerful, adaptable LMS theme like Academy.

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Eduma Premium Education WordPress Theme for LMS

Eduma is a really strong learning management system WordPress theme.  The developer has created over 20 different pre-built demos and all of that hard work has paid off, this is one of the most highly rated and I lyrics respected LMS themes available. It delivers an outstanding user experience and the user interface has I really clean and professional style.

No matter what kind of online learning platform you want to offer, this highly interactive and engaging the same provides a pathway to make it happen. Thanks to bbPress and BuddyPress support, you can have high levels of interactivity for all online courses you offer. If you’re looking to create a dedicated learning portal, this inviting and highly functional theme helps students and teachers get exactly what they need to work with. there’s a variety of different ways to sell online courses.

You can use the powerful WooCommerce platform and any of five different payment gateways for selling courses. PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout and even offline payments are accepted. You can easily manage commission rates for any course, allowing you to create a site that can compete with Udemy or Coursera. Building a learning community with BuddyPress can payoff with big dividends, thanks to the level of interactivity you can create.

This Eduma theme also allows for event management and ticket sales online. The five star support and customer service that are provided give this theme a real advantage over others, you can create any type of website you want and the support that’s provided allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments and customizations that may have proven a challenge if the developer didn’t offer such strong support.

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WPLMS LMS Leaning Management Systems WordPress Themes

WPLMS is among the most popular LMS WordPress themes available. This enterprise-grade learning management system is complete with all the features of modern online education portal would need. thanks to BuddyPress and WooCommerce , you’ll have the perfect mix of social media and e-commerce websites. This template has been utilized by Fortune 500 companies and thousands of successful educational startups around the world. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for a complete package that does everything.

This solidly crafted theme is perfect for online instruction, educational training centers, in-house corporate training, coaching centers, tutors, colleges and academies, universities and schools of all sorts.

Unlike some of the themes in this collection, this template functions more like an application than an actual WordPress theme. it’s fully functional for online and offline modes, there’s enhanced user experience and user interface, it is fully optimized for mobile devices and you can even install this website template onto your desktop. That gives Learners and instructors a powerful way to teach and learn.

Several handsome-looking pre-made designs are included that give you a lot of different flexibility for course creation course layouts, quizzes, student profiles, and a lot more. One of the most important factors included are detailed sales pages. You can create and sell courses, taking full advantage of what WooCommerce brings to the table. Other education features include custom badges and certificates, free units for course previews, video learning and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

If you want a full-fledged LMS application and not just a website to play videos, this theme provides massive amounts of potential.

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iAcademy a Comprehensive Learning Management System Education Theme

The iAcademy theme is an ideal online education theme. With beautiful layouts design for showcasing a variety of courses, twelve beautiful homepage styles, full BuddyPress and bbPress support, WooCommerce shopping, this theme has loads of potential for any type of online learning platform.

iAcademy has a really clean look over all and that can definitely help add to the learning environment, keeping everything well organized and easy to find when you need it. That’s going to be a real benefit for students who want a distraction free environment to consume your content and develop more knowledge over time. With a dozen different beautiful homepages, all of the inner pages any learning management platform could want and lots of support for plug-ins, add-ons and extensions, this is a theme you can definitely grow with.

Thanks to the page building tools this theme supports, crafting a distinctive layout that is completely unique is also a possibility. For any type of LMS environment, for online learning, for tutors and full-blown education websites, presenting your courses and lessons online has never been easier. And at a very reasonable price, this theme is definitely a bargain as well.

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Studeon Education WordPress Theme

Studeon is an education center had online training courses portal for WordPress. This fresh, clean, stylish and responsive template has modern features that are ideal for any sort of online training or education class. it’s a perfect fit for any type of online school that needs professional course presentation, events management, WooCommerce support and booking features. But that’s just where this theme begins to get good.

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Eduhub WordPress Theme for Online Education Systems

Eduhub is a responsive Sensei based education WordPress theme. As a sensei theme, it offers an extension to WooCommerce that allows for online training and digital courses. Five pre-made designs are included to give you a range of design possibilities you can choose from. This theme is highly adaptable, user-friendly and it provides all the basic tools and eat eLearning website could want.

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Basil WordPress Theme for Online Learning

Basil is specifically built for cooking classes and online workshops. This modern, fresh, elegant and responsive theme is perfect for cooking schools, workshops and more. It also works as a very basic recipe sharing site, you can sell cookbooks and other products. The combination of blog and e-commerce is a powerful one and the fact that it works for any sort of learning management system is a real added bonus.

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MasterStudy LMS WordPress Education Theme

MasterStudy is a perfect learning management system WordPress theme with integration for scorm, live streaming lessons, sequentially dripped contact, it’s got a great book and points system feature, group courses, assignments, course bundles and some really attractive lesson styles. Master study is a complete LMS theme provides all the tools any digital learning platform could possibly hope to offer.

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University WordPress Theme WordPress LMS Theme

University is a perfect education, events and online courses WordPress theme. You can create online training and events, offer complete online learning courses, sell events tickets and courses, thanks to the WooCommerce support which is provided. There’s a page builder included, bbPress and BuddyPress support and 7 premade homepage styles to help you import a brand new website with just a couple of clicks.

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College Education Template Brizy Page Builder

College is an education site template that’s perfect for LMS websites. Powered by the Brizy Page builder theme, you’ll have complete control over the layout and style of your website. Thanks to Brizy, you can accept online payments, have certain courses locked behind a paywall, you’ll have completely out of control and lots of other helpful features to make your website look it’s best.

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